How to design phone logo

When designing, people tend to adopt various fashion trends and turn beauty masterpieces into a mockery. Also, fashion tendencies often are sources of boundless inspiration. One of such currents is mobile phone design, as it is the most important thing for every person nowadays. Those are cell phone companies’ logos that we can see each day, so we’ll tell you about cell phone logo design trends.

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Origins or how did it all start

It has never been a secret, that many cell phone companies were starting up as computer and electronics manufacturers. It is this fact that makes many logos look somewhat weird for modern people, especially when it comes to Asian companies where meanings are often opposed common European symbolism. However, we have got used to these cell phone logos and aren’t surprised by them any longer. And so, let us delve into their history and tell you about some popular logos.

Nokia logo

Initially, Nokia logo was quite funny – a fish head, as if it was some kind of a fishing wall trophy. It looks comically, yes, but what relation does a fish have to electronics?

Nokia old logo

It turned out to be rather simple. In the beginning, the company was manufacturing paper, and the companies’ name was derived from the Nokianvirta river, flowing near the company’s headquarters. Their logo changed many times, as Nokia has little by little moved from paper business to cell phone manufacturing. Their advert idea was simply great, just as their slogan was. Many still remember that it is Nokia that is connecting people.

The idea is simple as it is, comprehended easily, and we quickly understand the core of the company. It isn’t just dealing with soulless buttoned devices; It is actually helping people to communicate with their close ones. The picture convinces that it is Nokia that grants us warmth, love and enables us to talk to our relatives remotely. No doubt, it was a brilliant advert campaign. However, upon reaching success and becoming the market leader of that huge and full of possibilities sector, Nokia decides that it know everything about its customers. And so, the company makes another decision to ignore those slim buttonless smartphones, as they will never be popular, for it is hard to type using them. And they have bitterly miscounted. A former giant, who has gambled all the money on developing currently existing technologies instead of developing new ones, now is only a shadow of his former self. Alas, it happens even to leaders of the industry, regardless of their superb, thought-trough and proper-functioning logos. An encouraging picture simply can’t make you change your fragile smartphone to a durable and tough Nokia, can it? The idea is that all the businessmen should know the limits of a logo. Even the most touching mobile phone logo cannot and should not protect your business from a quick demise if the technology you have been using has become obsolete.

Nokia connecting people

Passing on from nostalgia to current leaders, Asia is dominating the market confidently, and one of its representatives is Xiaomi Company. We could expect the Eastern cell phone logo to resemble a hieroglyph and it actually does a bit. At the same time, we can read the letters “MI”, which are the last two letters of companies’ name. The same letters stand for Mobile Internet, simple as it is, it actually tells us everything we need to know about logo for the phone. This label can seem to be quite boring, though it looks up-to-date. However, provided that “MI” also stands for “Mission impossible” (or so they say in the company itself), the ambitions of Chinese manufacturers make it somewhat more lively.

Xiaomi logo

What other phone logos can you see on the market?

Other phone logos

Those are widely known logos of such giants as Apple, Samsung and Huawei, who were mentioned in our previous articles, of course. Most companies’ logos possess no specific features. Mostly their logo design starts and ends with the company’s name written in original type. Also, certain phone brand logos aren’t to be forgotten, for they belong to providers or mobile operator companies. Such companies, often manufacture smartphones under their own trademark. The smartphones are often manufactured by the same giants like Xiaomi, but they actually are custom-built ordered by side companies, and bearing the mobile operator’s logo too.

How to make your own phone logo and where to look for ideas?

If you are willing to create your own a logo, you might look for inspiration in free photo collections. There you can download some plausible stock images. Be sure to convert your logo into a vector image. But the best move here is to show your image to professional designers, who could provide you with a piece of advice. Regardless of logo being just a tiny picture, it is got to be done as mastered as possible.

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