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Medical logo design ideas and samples

We all visit doctors or pharmacists sometimes. We can be sick or just maintain our health. And maybe you noticed, how often among many and many medical services do we choose a more presentable icon and go there. So, it is an important thing for clinic or chemist's shop to have a signboard, which will interest people and will make them understand that they can only be treated here. The most common symbols for clinics are red cross (or can be another color for variety), images of doctors in a white gown, with stethoscope or syringe. It is easier to pick images when your clinic has a single direction, like eyes or heart treatment. Then you can just use different shapes of your symbol or body parts and play with colors. Drugstores like to use the Bowl of Hygeia or images of motley pills. Green, red, and blue tones are pleasing to the eye on this kind of emblem.

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