To create your logo, go to the logo designer and follow the on-screen instructions. The logo maker will offer you variants of logos. Select one of them and edit on the next step. Don't forget to sign up, otherwise your logos will not be saved.

Favorite logos are saved in your account. If you have not already logged in, click the 'Sign In' link in the site header and enter the information you provided when registering. After that, click on the 'My Logos' link on the site header.

To download the logo, you need to select it in the favorites section and click on the 'Download' button in the right corner of the site header. Our online logo maker creates an infinite number of options for free. Pay only for logo that you like. You can see the pricing here .

You can create an infinite number of your logo for free. No designer will make such job for free. You pay only for files of logo you like. Our pricing page is here .

We have three plans. The choice depends on your goals. The first question you need to answer is whether you plan to use the logo in print (on the business card, T-shirt and so on). If so, you can use the 'Standard' or 'Business' plan. If you just need simple image of your logo, then the 'Lite' plan will be good enough. You can learn more about plans on pricing page.

We have two main formats in which we store logos: 1)PNG Format - universal raster images for use on the screen. 2) SVG format (only in the 'Standard' and 'Business' plans) - universal vector images that can be used both on the web and in print (scaled without loss of quality). You will receive your logo on different backgrounds, prepared for most use cases.

The logo usually made from two elements: icon (symbol) and a company name, typed in a specific font. We get icons from the largest icons database (thenounproject.com), which has over 3 million images. We have license from TheNounProject to get that icons and they all under Creative Common license. You can learn more about it here https://thenounproject.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/200509908-Can-I-use-icons-for-Commercial-Use-, but note that you don't need to buy separate license as we already have it. We bought license to use all the icons under Creative Common. The same applies to fonts. Turbologo allows you to get the right to use all graphics, choose from a variety of options and pay as much as 10 times less than it could cost from freelancer. Someone else can also buy the rights to use the font that you use and the exact same icon, but this does not in any way negate your right to use. Moreover, the probability of such a coincidence is tiny.

Turbologo purchased the license to use a vast base of icons. The same applies to fonts. The legal use of one icon on average costs $2, using one font average costs $20. If you created a logo with an icon and two fonts (company name + slogan), then its legal use will be around $45. This amount does not include price of the designer, of course, only the value of the rights to use the results of intellectual work. From $19 for a logo - it's cheaper than a designer like 10 times . But freelancer does not offer unlimited variants of your logo and custom changes for free.

We guarantee that after the purchase you will receive the files of the proper quality immediately after payment. Some files are made by designers manually and we send it within 24 hours after purchase. If something in the logo is not as you expected, we'll fix it manually or refund the money.

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A lot of large and small brands have already trusted Turbologo their designs. Now you can join the community and create a stunning custom logo for your business with the online logo design service. Check out what our clients say to make sure that you found the right place to help your brand grow the identity. Contact our support if you have any further questions or suggestions or if you just want to talk, we are always ready to help you.

Make a logo with Turbologo online logo creator

Make a logo with Turbologo online logo creator

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Make a Logo Make a logo with Turbologo online logo creator