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Tom Diependaele

Great quality, easy to use and transparent regarding cost.
Royalty free.

All happy with it

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Alex Jessica Lima‎

Great service! Fast and worked well it is.

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Milton Naquias Rasino Gazcon

There are many options for your icon, good service. Definitely I will recommend it!

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Very easy to function. Many good alternarive icons and options.

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Casey ZH

Just bought my logo on turbologo, very happy with my logo, even they are bit expensive. Satisfied with the services as well, especially they are calm and patient, waiting for your decision, not like other companies so aggressive, very good.

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Iustina Ikert

Great looking logo in all the formats one might need. Thank you!

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Alex Shur

Very fast and effectively
Business partners approved the first proposed version of the logo. it has never been so fast. unlike working with a designer, saved a lot of time

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Yannick Merlet

Efficace rapide

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Knud Schultz

Simple and easy to follow and good ideas for your initial creation. I recommend to whoever needs a tool to create a logo or other related services. Congratulations.

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Yael Linzen

Hi I was looking for a clean simple (but good looking) logo for my own fresh new business. Found it here quite easily. I loved the various designs I was offered and of course the logo itself. Thank you guys! Linzi Concept Creative

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Great service . Thank you Elena she was very helpfull we chat almost one hour she was great and the logo? Was chipper and wanderfull.
Thank you turbologo.

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Nayla Branco

I really liked the service, the efficiency and time saving. Every message was promptly replied. Great ... totally recommend!

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Israel Naor

Good job great work and experience

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Katrin Levi

I got help before buying my logo in pricing and additional info about upgrades and extra packages. I designed my dream logo and it's already on my website. Everything is easy to use and to apply. I am happy with my personal design. It reflects me and my brand.

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Stepan Smirnov

turbologo just saved hours of my life, I highly recommend

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Solenne Brl

Very nice, easy to use. I got help through chat! I recommend

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Maher Hamdan

Very helpful and gave me a lot of ideas. Created several options before deciding

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דותן קלינגר‎

Wonderful company,
I like the way they make logos and it is very cheap, I recommend

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Jerome Romanillos

Very user-friendly. Was able to create the logo I want without hassle.

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Bun Sato

awesome service - got help through chat! recommended

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