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Business logo design ideas and samples

When we talk about business, we imagine strict men in black suits and with black cases in their hands. But in life, you can meet the other variants of these busy people. So, that means, when you create the emblem for your own company, you have many reasons to give a flight for a fantasy. Anyway, the main thing, from which you should start, is your activities. In what industry do you work? People should immediately see who you are. Time is money, so when somebody comes to you, he/she needs to know exactly what you can offer him; does it make sense to work with you at all?

Actually, all colors are good for this type of logo, but not more than two colors. It's better to be brief. If you work with finance, try green and brown; computers and the other technologies - blue and grey. Here, you can rely on your own tastes and choose a favorite color, but not pink, please. A beginner may not be afraid to use red color to attract attention.

When you’re ready to get down to the business of making your logo, our easy to use logo generator is here to help you.

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Make a logo with Turbologo online logo creator

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