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Advertising logo design ideas and samples

Please, don't forget about Advertising Logo! It is not less important than your main logotype. If you create a memorable and successful emblem, other companies will take the example from you.

So, let's think about the elements that will be needed for making an emblem. The most important thing - a logo needs to mean what your company does (almost for 100 percent). Maybe some futuristic lines, or animal figures, or playing with the name, choosing only a few main letters and so on. Pay your attention to the colors - they cannot just be, they should be bright! It's your ad, so it should "get stuck" in the head after someone takes a look at it. Serious corporations can afford more calm and cold colors, but if you are introducing something interesting (maybe for children) or you are a starter, better use orange, red, and light blue tones. Don't be afraid of so-called acid colors; everyone always looks subconsciously at something bright.

We invite you to check our Turbologo collection of logotypes, find the best design and let your imagination work for you. When you're ready to design your accounting company’s logo, try our logo maker for free!

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Make a logo with Turbologo online logo creator

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