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A personal logo is an emblem of any company or brand that is clearly different from all those options that are relevant in the market today. And although it is not easy to create a personalized logo because of the oversaturation of the sphere of rendering services and business by different companies. After all, each of them has its own logo and it would seem that the ideas for implementing a personal logo have long been exhausted, yet it is possible to create such an emblem, you only need to follow some rules.

To create a high-quality personal logo you should not use popular colors, but you should make an accent on some brand new, not too bright, but also not pale. This can be Crayola apricot color with a bright cut, Prussian blue, greenish yellow and other rare but attractive shades. You can always use text in a unique font as the main element of the logo, which will be accentuated with some elegant details.

A good option for a personalized logo is to include some basic element in the center of the logo that will symbolize about your focus. If you sell flowers, you can frame the placement of the silhouette of the bouquet in the basket in an attractive frame, add translucent stars, and do a cubic cut in an austere style and bright colors. There are many ideas and it's up to you to decide what kind of personalized logo you want.

Professional personal logo designs

How to make your personal logo

Turbologo creates a personal logo for free. You pay only when it suits you totally. Here is how it works:

1. Type your personal company name

First of all, input your company name, slogan and click personal in an industry list window. A logo design must correspond to the industry it is used in, and a name is supposed to be apt and suitable. A good slogan certainly will help to memorize your brand.

2. Choose icons match for the personal design

Secondly, choose a few icons fit for the personal industry design from our collection. It is really not obligatory to visualize naming itself in a logo.

3. Click Get logo and choose a design

Thirdly, pay attention to choosing proper colors for personal. Turbologo generator is capable of creating a huge variety of logos. All you would need to do is to choose one of those.

4. Complete and customize personal design in an editor

And now, it is time to choose from personal logo variations generated by our logo design tool. We would recommend studying all the options for your logo. You can alter fonts, icons, elements allocation, and colors to finalize your logo.

5. Download your personal logo

Now you can download PNG or SVG format. Congrats! Now you've got a new design!

Personal Logo Design Tips

A great logo communicates your values and helps people remember you. It also helps potential customers decide if your product is right. All of this is communicated through the use of color, shape, and other design elements. Learn how using personal logo creator make your logo tell the story.

Frequently asked questions about personal logos

Your personal logo is needed if your business is aimed at making a nice impression. In other words, you need a quality logo to attract and hold customers. By making your personal brand using the Turbologo logo generator, you will get a cool logo at a reasonable price.

Can I have a look at personal logo variations for free?

Our generator offers a limitless amount of free designs in the personal section. You pay only when you have found something to your likeness and decided to download your personal logo in order to start using it.
Turbologo finds the right personal icons for you automatically. And of course you're free to use your own symbols.

Why a logo maker rather than a designer for a personal logo creation?

You would get all the files which otherwise would be given to you by a designer or designing agency. Namely, it would be PNG for social networks and SVG for sites and cards. However, our personal logo generator offers far more profitable price-quality-ratio.

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