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Film logo design ideas and samples

Nowadays, there are a lot of film companies all over the world, whether small or giant, and it's difficult to create a unique emblem, just as shooting something new in cinematography. As we remember, logos of corporations, which already exist, are very different. Rarely can you see that they mean exactly the movie industry; for example, Dreamwork's emblem is a boy on the moon. So it may be that type of logo, with the one you can do whatever you like. If you are afraid of doing something extraordinary, try to use simple movie symbols, maybe camera or image of a well-known producer's chair.

Colors can be different too; you can bravely play with all of them. Anyway, the logo has to be interesting and memorable, and you must necessarily check whether your emblem has been used by someone else. Otherwise, people will muddle you up with others.

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