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Animal logo design ideas and samples

Maybe the most powerful type of logo what you can choose for your firm is an animal logo. With just one figure of some beast or pet, you can explain the activities of your company. At least, it will set the direction. For example, security companies prefer lions and tigers, and serious corporations can use characters of sharks and bears. Anyway, if this logo does not convey the kind of activities run by the company, then it conveys a temper. Pet symbols are less popular, but they are full of variety too: cats, dogs, fish, turtles, even all kinds of parrots. If you have a creative mind, using our platform, you can make a really great symbol even with an image of a little puppy. It is not necessary to use the true colors of an animal, why not a violet rabbit, for example? More important that it will suit your emblem, and nothing else matters. The more colorful the animal you chose, the more ways for inspiration. And don't forget about the meaning of the animal; you will not create a pink bear, will you?

So go and look at many animal images on Turbologo, and believe me, you will find what you need. Make your own logo using our easy-to-use logo maker!

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