29 iconic MLB logos: the legacy and design of baseball’s best

30 iconic MLB logos: the legacy and design of baseball's best

Baseball, through the symbols and logos of Major League Baseball (MLB) teams, reflects more than just a sport; it embodies history and culture. These team logos are more than just marketing tools, they are part of American heritage. In this article, we’ll look at 29 captivating MLB team logos that stand out for their design and historical significance.

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Original style

Each classic Major League Baseball logo reflects the era when baseball became the national pastime. They symbolize a tribute to traditions and immutability of values.

New York Yankees: The truly timeless baseball logo, world-famous interlocking ‘NY’ logo is one of the most recognizable symbols in sports, transcending the premier professional baseball league.

New York Yankees

Los Angeles Dodgers: A distinctive baseball team logo with elegant typography and a flying ball symbolize the history and team pride.

Los Angeles Dodgers

Boston Red Sox: Another baseball logo design where classic “B” combined with the color red create an unforgettable team’s identity look.

Boston Red Sox

Chicago Cubs: The Cubs baseball team logo contains a stylized bear as a symbol of the team’s history.

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Chicago Cubs

St. Louis Cardinals: A cardinal on a branch holding a baseball bat highlights the team’s uniqueness and tradition.

st. Louis Cardinals

Retro style

Retro MLB logos evoke nostalgia with their unique fonts and designs reminiscent of the golden era of baseball.

Pittsburgh Pirates: The logo features a pirate theme with elements of vintage maps and nautical symbols. The club’s alternative emblem features a “Jolly Roger” – a skull and two crossed baseball bats – instead of a portrait of a pirate.

Detroit Tigers: Stylized tiger and gothic font nod to the early 20th century.

Detroit Tigers

Philadelphia Phillies: Vintage font and classic winged ball reflect the team’s rich history. The Phillies baseball logo depicts the well-known national symbol, the Liberty Bell. Weighing more than 2,000 pounds, this Philadelphia bell made history by ringing the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

philadelphia Phillies

Cincinnati Reds: The MLB logo captures baseball’s essence with vintage font and a rugged man w3 a baseball bat.

Atlanta Braves: The tomahawk and boulder font embody the spirit and fighting energy of the team.

Atlanta Braves

Modern-inclined logos

Modern MLB team logos evolved in innovative designs, complex graphics, and vibrant colors. They are aimed at attracting a youth audience and reflecting modern trends.

Miami Marlins: Vibrant colors and abstract shapes reflect the energy and culture of Miami.

Miami Marlins

Toronto Blue Jays: A modern baseball team logo serves as an interpretation of the chickadee with elements of Canadian symbolism.

Toronto Blue Jays

Tampa Bay Rays: Rays baseball logo design, featuring the sun, sea, and rays, represents the state of Florida.

Tampa Bay Rays

Arizona Diamondbacks: The rattlesnake image captures the spirit of the American Southwest.

Arizona Diamondbacks

Washington Nationals: Contemporary font and capitol image highlight connections to America’s capital.

Washington Nationals

Unorthodox logos

Unorthodox Logos investigates the unique and unconventional designs that stand out in the MLB. These logos are intended to defy conventions and feature one-of-a-kind components that reflect each team’s distinctive traits and local culture.

Colorado Rockies: The logo is a combination of purple and silver, symbolizing mountain peaks and snow. The main element is a stylized “C” that spans the mountain mass, reflecting the state’s geography and team spirit.

Colorado Rockies

Milwaukee Brewers: The club’s logo resembles a beer label. This was done deliberately, a nod to the history of brewing in Milwaukee. The baseball glove, formed from the letters “m” and “b”, showcases the game’s spirit and the city’s cultural heritage.

Milwaukee Brewers

San Diego Padres: The logo combines elements of the Spanish mission and a nautical theme, reflecting San Diego’s rich maritime history and distinctive architecture.

San Diego Padres

Houston Astros: The logo and team’s name are inspired by the NASA space program, as reflected in the rocket image and stylized stars. The colors orange and blue symbolize the energy and ambition of the team.

Houston Astros

Los Angeles Angels: An angel holding a baseball symbolizes the team’s aspiration for west coast baseball excellence. The red color of the logo is associated with passion and energy.

Los Angeles Angels

Minimalist design

Minimalist Design focuses on MLB logos with basic, clean lines and restricted color palettes to produce memorable and successful branding.

Chicago White Sox: White sox logo combines a black and white image with the letters “Sox” in a classic style. The simplicity of the design makes it easily recognizable and reflects the team’s conservative values.

Chicago White Sox

San Francisco Giants: The logo features a large “G” and a bridge to symbolize the iconic Golden Gate Bridge and the team’s connection to the city. The orange color makes the team stand out from others.

San Francisco Giants

Minnesota Twins: This baseball logo design captures two T’s joined together to symbolize the team’s name and its duality.

Minnesota Twins

Oakland Athletics: The Athletics iconic elephant logo features an elegant animal set against a baseball field to symbolize the team’s strength and tenacity.

Oakland Athletics

Avant-garde style

Avant-garde Style introduces innovations in MLB logos. These designs broaden the horizons of traditional sports logos with their challenging approaches.

Seattle Mariners: The abstract compass logo reflects the team’s nautical theme and connection to the sea. Mariners baseball logo design of blue and green colors symbolize a rich nature of the region.

Seattle Mariners

Baltimore Orioles: The stylized MLB logo features vibrant orange and black to make the logo prominently stand out. The bird symbolizes the team’s agility and speed.

Baltimore Orioles

Texas Rangers: The sheriff’s star and the letters “T” and “R” combine to represent the spirit of Texas and its history. The red, white and blue colors nod to the team’s American roots.

Texas Rangers

Kansas City Royals: Royals baseball logo design is represented by the modern style of the crown and “KC” letters. Blue color emphasizes elegance and dignity.

Kansas City Royals

New York Mets: The bridge and city skyline combine with a baseball theme to reflect Mets baseball team logo connection to New York City. Orange and blue colors symbolize the energy and dynamics of the city.

New York Mets


Individual MLB team logos are more than just symbols for recognition. They embody the team’s spirit, its history and cultural roots. They not only help fans identify their favorite teams, but also serve as a bridge between the past and present, preserving the rich heritage of American baseball while adapting to modern trends. For finding baseball logo ideas, visit Turbologo website. Creating personalized baseball logos in such online services is fast and convenient. 

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