The Psychology of Color in Logo Design


A common logo design mistake is usage of poorly compatible colors. If you ignore psychological meaning of colors, you get just another dull and insignificant logo.

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Here is a simple example. Let’s imply that your brand logo is just a dodgeball. And you are sure to imagine some ball colored bright blue and red. It may even have colorful dots. And now we color it black and add some exquisite silver details. And your logo suddenly turns into elite billiard club logo. And now we’ve added yin-yang. And it’s more suitable for a gym rather than a billiard club! Keep reading our article in order to know more about psychology of colors in logos.

Psychology and marketing interrelation

Colors logo

Actually, any person related to business is likely to have something to say here. Human emotions, which are dragged into sales of course, are a subject of psychology. It is nothing but emotions that enables us to behave irrationally and purchase something we wouldn’t otherwise. Should we always purchase things rationally, economics would have collapsed for sure. That’s why marketing is all about psychology.

A properly measured color combinations are an absolute must when a business logo is being designed. A good logo addresses our subconsciousness directly. It is a simple matter of associations. If you are dealing food, it is best to avoid unpleasant shades, which can be associated with dirt or garbage. If you are a personal coach, promising to teach how to become aggressive, a soft pink color is exactly what you should avoid. If you are creating a kid’s club don’t use those funny colors peculiar to strip club.

Different color meanings in branding

The first thing to do when choosing a color palette for a logo is to define your target group. You have probably already heard that piece of advice, but it really is important to do so. Here is another example. Let’s imply that you are running a wedding agency in the East. And you have ordered all kinds of white dresses as white symbolizes purity, tenderness and faithfulness. And you are doomed as white symbolizes death in the East. A wedding dress in East is bright red with yellow elements as they symbolize gold and wealth. So, be sure to pay special attention to color symbolism according to your customers’ cultural background.

The actual psychological meaning of business logo color depends on dominant color. Let’s analyze the rainbow. Red is the brightest, expressive and dangerous color. It’s a color of passion, war, blood and anxiety. Choose it if you are fond of revolutionary ideas. Orange is a bit softer than red. It’s not as dangerous as red but it is still quite noticeable. And yellow is the warmest in the spectrum. It symbolizes sun, warmth, wealth and gold.

Green is a cozy color too, but it is not as bright as yellow. It symbolizes constancy, serenity, and nature, just like blue color does. Blue is reserved and reliable, however, it’s much more boring than warm colors. Violet may seem choice, truly royal purple. However, should you apply it for wrong background it would also seem dull. It also holds true for monochrome shades. They just can’t be used separately. Psychological researches infographics reveals that black and white logos are much harder to remember.

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