How to make Sports logo that stands out from the crowd

sports logo

Whether it is a company or a sports team, the logo is an essential element of any organization’s brand identity. Thus, a sloppy logo design will give a very bad image of sports teams. As a sports association, you must pay particular attention to the quality of your logo, so that it is able to transmit and convey the team’s values ​​of your discipline.

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First steps of logo creation process

Creating sports logos always starts with an idea. At the first stage, the team must determine their strengths and come up with an identity’s important elements that reflect them to the fullest extent.

Then, yourself or a graphic designer, start sketching with pencil on a piece of paper or in a graphics program. Create a layout. Next, add more details to the rough sketch, carefully drawing them out.

Next, a suitable font is selected or drawn independently. Fonts must be combined with the logo and be in the same style. If you draw on paper, then scan the drawing onto your computer. Next you will need it in digital form to produce a well designed logo.

Use suitable symbols to create a sports logo

sport logo

The majority of associations focus on the teaching and practice of a single sporting discipline. A specialist in its field, the logo of your association service must intelligently highlight your sport in its design.

Thus, most specialized sports associations use iconographic symbols that are known to the target audience in their logos. For example, basketball team do not hesitate to base their sports logo around a football ball.

Creating the sports logos using this type of symbol is certainly not very original, but the trick nevertheless has the great advantage of being very effective, readable and understandable.

Evoke the spirit of sport in a sports team logo

sports team logo
Logo by Anastasiia

Many professional teams, on the other hand, offer the practice of different sports within the same structure. These associations then rely heavily on the strength and solidarity of their communities, which must be reflected in their logos. 

Simultaneously using several symbolic images of the sports practiced within the association proves complicated. In this case, we will seek more to evoke the sporting spirit in the logo, without representing a particular sport.

Be careful to add abstract images that are sufficiently evocative to be understood by everyone. Your logo can certainly rely on its description to convey the nature of your activities, but sufficiently evocative graphic design elements are also essential. The aim is above all to make the meaning of team logos understood at a glance.

Highlight the local aspect in the logo design

Logo by Mochammad Adil Farraszaky
Logo by Mochammad Adil Farraszaky

A sports team is a structure which operates mostly at the local level. Also, it is not uncommon for a club of this nature to count among its members the entire representatives of the same family, particularly in the field of team sport (handball, basketball, football, etc.)

Adopting a local symbol offers a lot of originality in a sports association logo and allows your members to easily identify your structure and image.

The colors of the locality, the city’s coat of arms, the flag of the region… These are all sources of inspiration which make fans stand up for it.

Be straightforward in sports logo design

Logo by Adrian Daniluk
Logo by Adrian Daniluk

The most important thing when creating the logo of a sports association is to ensure that it remains perfectly legible, clear understanding. Also, if showing originality is not a necessity here, it is imperative to achieve a design understood by everyone.

Sobriety is your best asset here, because the more sober the logo design, the more readable it is. With this idea, you can perfectly opt for a monogram logo, composed only of business name letters. Obviously, to be understood, the lettering must be embellished with other design elements that provide insight to the sporting activities of a club.

Use the image of an animal for eye-catching logo

Logo by Khisnen Pauvaday
Logo by Khisnen Pauvaday

Lion, tiger, eagle, bear… The world of sport often uses the image of an animal, generally strong and fast. This is also one of the rare sectors in which animal symbols work perfectly to shape a strong brand identity.

Felines are, for example, perfect for evoking liveliness, flexibility and speed, while horses logically lend themselves to the illustration of equestrian sports… There are numerous examples from professional teams.

Do not hesitate to associate a locality symbol with the image of the animal in the design of your sports logo. Especially since this beast can then serve as a mascot for a team.

How to create the right logo – practical tips

Sport logos

When you decide to create a sports logo design, stick to to these tips:

Create a unique idea – the graphic design itself must be different from other logos, so do not steal ideas from competitors. It will be easier for fans to recognize your team if you come up with something truly original.

Monitor the quality of images – high-resolution images can be used in t-shirt print and placed on various media.

Reflect your features and advantages – if you create a logo correctly, you can tell your target audience all the necessary information. Its icon and colors will wordlessly highlight your team’s strengths – endurance, speed, , etc.

Be inspired by successful examples – if you don’t know where to start, study the logos of famous clubs. Borrow as many ideas as possible and determine which design elements appear most often. This will help you move in the right direction for a visually appealing logo.

Don’t be afraid to experiment – an unconventional meaningful design will attract attention, facilitate brand recognition and demonstrate your creative abilities.

Requirements for most important elements

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Logo by Masum Billah ✪

To create a logo that stands out and meets all existing requirements, carefully consider each element.

  • Icons

As an icon, you can use images of shields, birds, wild animals, and sports equipment. The main thing is that it matches your sports and corporate style.

  • Colors significant impact

Coloring is done in neutral or national colors. However, you can choose any color scheme that can reflect the characteristics of your team. Also remember that each color has a certain effect on the human psyche. For example, red evokes aggression, so it is suitable for martial arts.

  • Sports logo fonts

It is acceptable to use massive and thin fonts. The writing style is selected based on the type of icon. If the picture is large, small letters and numbers will simply be inappropriate.

Creating team emblem in online logo maker

Logo by OVOZ
Logo by OVOZ

If you’re unwilling to hire professional designers and can’t come up with a clear idea of what your own logo should look like, try a sports logo maker. Turbologo is one of those services with a large database of templates. The main advantage is ease of operation. Just enter the name of the sports team, its field of activity, and the logo maker offers a list of templates from which you can pick the one you like.

This sports logo maker lets users select and customize logos that suit their needs.

  • Fast generation

In case of scarcity of creative juices the program generates numerous logos instantly, allowing users to save time and get deeper understanding of what they want.

  • Customization 

Users can alter colors, fonts, icon sizes and add their own text and images to make their one idea come into being.

  • An abundance of additional elements

The selection of icons is large, so you can find a suitable one using the search bar by entering keywords. After selecting the icons, click «View logos».

The logo maker requires you to register to view the results. Choose a preferable logo to download. If this is not the case, then you can edit the team name, change the color palette and icons, after that by clicking «Update», generate new logos.


In order to avoid mistakes when developing and creating a good sports logo, you should do market research of created sports logos and brands that are encountered in everyday life. The way to the success of your final logo should be its easy memorability and accurate reflection of the team’s key elements.

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