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Youtube is one of the most popular platforms at the moment. To keep your channel afloat and become even more popular, you need a high-quality logo.
In Turbologo you can create a concise and professional logo design in a matter of minutes. Start right now without wasting a minute.

Make the logo design simple and concise. It should reflect the whole essence of your brand and business. To get a really good logo use 2-3 colors. If there are too many colors, the logo will look bad and overloaded.

With a unique logo your YouTube channel will become even more noticeable and will definitely stand out from the competition. Now you don't even need to look for a designer who would make you a logo. You will create it yourself in Turbologo!

Professional youtube logo designs

How to make your youtube logo

Turbologo creates a youtube logo for free. You pay only when it suits you totally. Here is how it works:

1. Type your youtube company name

First of all, input your company name, slogan and click youtube in an industry list window. A logo design must correspond to the industry it is used in, and a name is supposed to be apt and suitable. A good slogan certainly will help to memorize your brand.

2. Choose icons match for the youtube design

Secondly, choose a few icons fit for the youtube industry design from our collection. It is really not obligatory to visualize naming itself in a logo.

3. Click Get logo and choose a design

Thirdly, pay attention to choosing proper colors for youtube. Turbologo generator is capable of creating a huge variety of logos. All you would need to do is to choose one of those.

4. Complete and customize youtube design in an editor

And now, it is time to choose from youtube logo variations generated by our logo design tool. We would recommend studying all the options for your logo. You can alter fonts, icons, elements allocation, and colors to finalize your logo.

5. Download your youtube logo

Now you can download PNG or SVG format. Congrats! Now you've got a new design!

You Tube Logo Design Tips

Beauty channel

If You need a logo to represent your beauty channel on YouTube.

Your logo must be attractive enough to draw attention and make your brand synonymous with it. Here are some ways to do it. Although you don't have to use an icon or symbol in your brand logo for beauty, it can help with brand recognition. If you choose to use an icon on your channel, it must match the focus of your channel, such as skin-care or nails. The most popular icons are lipstick, scissors and combs.

An icon can be used in your YouTube logo to add your branding in a non-intrusive way. It is smaller than text-only logos. Many of the most well-known beauty YouTubers use only fonts for their logos.

Be mindful of your viewers, regardless of the font you choose for your beauty channel. You don't have to choose the most popular font, but one that is appealing to your audience and creates a positive impression for your brand. There are many colors and shades of beauty logo colors. You should choose a color palette that is appealing to your viewers, and it will depend on the personality of your YouTube channel. Some beauty channels use pink to showcase their femininity or red to show off their boldness. They also contrast it with black to show their professionalism.

Try out different color palettes to find the one that best suits your YouTube channel. You should ensure that your color palette is both easy to see and unique. It is not a good idea to copy other beauty channels' color palettes.

Lifestyle channel

Are you a lifestyle Youtuber? You are a lifestyle YouTuber if you share videos about your life, daily activities, current events, and engage with your viewers' interest in pop culture. It can be difficult to create a logo for your lifestyle video blog because your niche is so diverse. It can be difficult to create a logo for your lifestyle vlog.

Brands and YouTubers with distinctive characteristics are loved by audiences. This is why lifestyle vloggers like Casey Neistat and Colleen Ballinger have millions of followers each. People love to see their strong personalities. Their name has become synonymous with their brand because they are so popular and successful. If your channel is still growing, an icon or image can be used to communicate your personality and subject of choice. To create an icon for your channel, you need to determine the main topics (keywords) of your channel.

Popular YouTube lifestyle stars are using a text-only logo that uses a bold script font. Script fonts can be used to express your likeability and intimate nature.

Your choice of color is the final piece in your lifestyle logo puzzle. Shades of yellow are a great choice if you want to convey warmth and joy. Fiery orange is a great choice if you want to promote that energy in your logo. It is energetic but retains comfortable energy.

Comedy channel

Your audience will not see your humor, regardless of whether it's through songs, stories, or sketches. They won't be able to understand who you are and click on your videos unless they know you. Your mission is to bring joy and entertainment to all. A boring logo is not enough. This article will show you how to spice up your logo design so that it is suitable for comedy royalty. Select an icon that appeals to your target audience. Is it children, teens, or astronauts? Next, make sure that the icon's style matches your brand. You can choose to be casual, playful or serious, but you also have the option of fitting somewhere in between.

Comic sans is a great choice for comedy fonts. It's lighthearted and entertaining. You can use Helvetica serif font for a more sophisticated look. Sans-serif, which is very modern, is an option if you are looking for a personal and approachable font.

Prank/Challenges channel

It's all about having fun, making people smile, and trying the impossible. It is important to design a challenging YouTube logo that is high-energy and grabs attention. It is your goal to entertain, not to put people to sleep.

Choose a challenging logo that is closely related to the type of obstacles you face on your channel. This could be physical like climbing up mountains or artists such as creating amazing photos using low-tech cameras. Fun styles are the best when it comes to choosing fonts and colors. They make people smile and pay more attention. Use vibrant colors such as purple, orange, green and red. When choosing a font style, avoid professional-looking serif fonts and opt for a sans-serif font or script font.

Gaming channel

It's never been a better moment to be a YouTuber. E-sports are quickly gaining popularity as more people turn to PCs and consoles for entertainment. Gaming channels are a popular choice for YouTubers, as they often feature gaming heavily on their channels.

Your personal appearance or favorite games can be inspirations for the logo icon. Live streamers often show their faces while streaming, so you could use your sunglasses or hat in your logo to promote your personal branding.

It is important that your gaming font logo be easy to read. It is easy to get caught up in the trap of choosing a font that is too cool to be read. Match your font to the game genre you are playing. Bold fonts are best for action games such as first-person shooters or adventure games. A more relaxed sans-serif font is better for social or exploratory games. The same principle applies to color selections.

Your brand identity should resonate with your audience, stand out and reflect your brand.

DIY channel

How to start a DIY YouTube channel? Your logo should look polished, no matter if you are showing your viewers how to fix their cars, remodel their homes, or do easy hacks and crafts. Many of their DIY videos will require you to think outside of the box.

The logo, which is a simple but effective one, is a simple yellow bulb with a blue background. However, the combination of colors really stands out on the screen and represents their brand. Creative DIY projects and crafts.

You can also use clever imagery, such as a lightbulb, or other icons, to represent the focal point of your DIY channel. It's something we've said a lot on this page but it's worth repeating: always ensure that your font and color scheme resonates with your audience.

Travel channel

It's all about sharing the once-in-a-lifetime experiences you have while traveling the world. You don't have to be in 5-star hotels and touring popular tourist destinations. Or show people how to travel cheaply and get the best bang for their buck.

Your viewers see the world through you. Part of why they are even paying attention is because they want to see you.

The airplane is the most obvious icon you can use when designing your logo. Be careful though, as your logo might have too many travel agent vibes. Your goal is not to create a logo that sells cheap vacations or travel insurance. Your channel and personality should be reflected in your logo.

Frequently asked questions about youtube logos

Your youtube logo is needed if your business is aimed at making a nice impression. In other words, you need a quality logo to attract and hold customers. By making your youtube brand using the Turbologo logo generator, you will get a cool logo at a reasonable price.

Can I have a look at youtube logo variations for free?

Our generator offers a limitless amount of free designs in the youtube section. You pay only when you have found something to your likeness and decided to download your youtube logo in order to start using it.
Turbologo finds the right youtube icons for you automatically. And of course you're free to use your own symbols.

Why a logo maker rather than a designer for a youtube logo creation?

You would get all the files which otherwise would be given to you by a designer or designing agency. Namely, it would be PNG for social networks and SVG for sites and cards. However, our youtube logo generator offers far more profitable price-quality-ratio.

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