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Teaching is one of the oldest professions in history, and one of the most respected. It's a hard work to put in empty children's heads knowledge and become a second mother to them. More difficult, to do this for elders, teens, and youth are often harmful and cruel. And we think every teacher deserves a monument with no jokes. If your life goal is to teach and bring up, so look mindfully how you are going to promote yourself. Yes, you need a good logo. A primary class teacher who is searching for a job or you have your own course of some subject, better don't waste time and go create your icon right now. Different images can be put in it, beginning from books, pencils, school bags, globes and ending with happy student's faces or even your own picture in a strict costume and charming smile. However, it's your visiting card, which shows the good and kind person, who can explain intelligibly - for pupils, and the serious, cultured specialist, behind whose shoulders there is a great valuable experience - for their parents. Any character that brings the understanding of what you are learning and what information you can give is acceptable. The colors of your logo depend on the pupil's age whom you are working with; for little kids, you can take the tones of the rainbow, for more older - muted hues of blue, green, brown, etc.

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