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Clothing logo design ideas and samples

In the modern world, clothing takes pride of place because of fashion. Of course, women always liked to dress, but we never had such a variety like now. There are lots of brands, expensive or cheap, for pregnant women, for lush women, for kids, and so on. Anyone everywhere can find what suits them the best. That's why it's challenging to stand out among all these clothing companies. A logo can help with that and draw attention exactly to you. First of all, your emblem needs to remind of quality and style. It's very good if you are a novice designer, and can represent to the world something pretty new. From another side, it's a very difficult situation because nobody knows about you yet. But don't worry! Make an impression that you are a famous couturier, and create the same logo! Emblem obligatorily needs to show what kind of clothing you sell; it's very important because people have to know if they will find in your store exactly what they need. Symbols can be really different, from the direct symbol like an image of the dress to indirect like an image of decolette or line, where skirt ends with pretty legs, for example. We advise using more "women" colors like pink, red, black, and yellow.

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