Construction logo design ideas and samples

For now, it's difficult to understand how ancient people lived before they started to build houses. Yes, in caves, we know, and happy that that time had passed. Jokes aside, construction companies were and will be very important because they give us our cozy homes. Are you in to it? Great! So, let's show people that only your corporation can build the best. But first, let's "build" your emblem. Sure, an image of a house or some of its parts transmits enough what you do, but it can be more creative. Maybe construction details will be useful? Tools, the silhouette of working men, stones, helmet, crane, even spade... As you can see, there is an expanse of imagination you only need to want! It's better if colors will match the image you chose, for example, a helmet is usually yellow, so let it remain yellow. Also, simple colors will be good, not much bright but not dark; these are green, blue, or brown.

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