How to make a brewery logo


A brewery is a business that can bring its owner a high, stable income. When opening it, it is important not only to consider the risks and finances, but also to think about the recognition of your brand.

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Every company in the market wants its clients to remember it among thousands of similar ones. One of the tools to achieve the goal is to create your own style. It includes following a certain color scheme, a recognizable logo. When developing a corporate image, it is necessary to take into account many nuances. This is an important tool for the promotion of the company, which will help you from the very moment of creation.

What is a logo

A logo is the corporate image of a brand. It reflects the individual style and features of the company, helps customers remember you and make you recognizable. With its help you can tell the audience about yourself, your features, increase loyalty.

The functions of a logo

  • Brand Identification. This is what the client sees when he first meets the company. A well thought-out, carefully created sign will cause the right emotions, will push to cooperation.
  • Increase of recognizability. Creation of an emblem is the first step on the way to creation of confidential relations with clients. It will increase recognizability, customer loyalty. It can be placed on third-party websites, banners and other advertising media.
  • Increase of competitiveness. Tell your customers about yourself with a simple image, emphasize the features, benefits. You can stand out among hundreds of other companies, be remembered by people.
  • First impression. We all know it can’t be done twice. A quality logo will interest the consumer, will be remembered and will help in promoting the product. The next time he sees your logo on the website, advertising banners, brochures, he will immediately remember your company.

To become a recognizable company, you should strictly follow all the nuances of doing business. Many neglect to create a corporate image. And in vain. It is what makes you unique, increases consumer confidence, and emphasizes your status. This is an important marketing tool that will help your business grow.

How to make a brewery logo

brewery logo

You can use the services of professionals to create a brewery logo. Designers will take into account your wishes, give advice. A significant disadvantage of the method is the high cost. Specialists charge quite high fees, which may be unaffordable for a small or start-up business.

A great option is to create your own image with the help of designers. With their help, you can create a unique design in a short period of time. The pluses of the method include the low cost of the service. You take care of all the work. The program can offer you a large number of images, fonts, designs. The disadvantages of the method include the fact that you will spend your time.

Illustration of the brewery logo
Logo by Nigel Hood

When creating a brewery logo, you need to consider the specifics of the business. Do an analysis of your business. For example, you are planning to open a chain of stores or a small brewery. Your drink will be designed for a wide audience or you will produce a craft product, an original. Will you produce beer or open a small pub, restaurant nearby. Take into account all the details. They should be reflected in your badge.

Do an analysis of the audience. For each type will be interesting different techniques. For example, what will interest men of advanced age, may not cause interest among students. Target solvent customers.

Be sure to reflect the level of your institution. If you expect to produce high-end beers – this should be reflected. If your brewery is going to cater to the mass market, state that the drink is available to all.

Owners often combine a concise image and lettering in the design. Such a combination enhances the effect and arouses greater interest in the consumer. Rarely are the elements used separately. The inscription, not supported by an icon, can remain unnoticed. The same applies to a simple picture.

When choosing a design for your business, try to maintain your individuality. Don’t imitate other breweries, brands. You should stand out, become recognizable, not a copy of a more popular product.

Color choice

Brewery logo: an idea
Logo by Dimitrije Mikovic

Classically for the brewery choose shades of yellow, brown, orange, black, white, etc. The color should reflect the specifics of the company. It is these variations that can remind the consumer of the foamy drink. The color scheme is overwhelmingly warm.

With color, you can reflect the specifics of the brewery. For example, a red, blue shade will add nobility, chic. Green may indicate the naturalness of the product. The golden color will give a glossy look.

The combination of colors can be any. For example, a golden, orange background and black elements.

We do not advise using more than 2-3 shades.

A lot of color will distract attention and make the emblem “cheap”. Remember, the image you create will serve the company for more than one year. Approach the selection of shades should be careful.

Choosing an icon

Brewery logo: design
Logo by Emir Kudic

The basis of the emblems for the brewery often uses classic images for the industry. Widely used beer mugs, glasses, spikelets, hops, various crowns, images of awards, etc. Drawing should reflect the specifics of the direction, its features.

Try to use simple images.

Avoid unnecessary details, layering. The simpler the logo, the easier it is to remember. Often as an emblem choose images of animals or birds. For example, an eagle, a hawk, a panther, etc. It is also possible to add a corporate sign with a figure of a person with a mug of beer.

To distinguish yourself from competitors, you can think up your own coat of arms and use it for the emblem. It is a very popular technique among beer companies.

The icon for the brewery should reflect the general style of the brand, combined with it. It should not be overloaded or copied from other companies.

Font selection

Brewery logo: beer
Logo by Jay Master

The font plays a very important role in shaping the unified image of the brewery. It completes the composition, gives it a new sound. Do not forget about the compatibility of the elements. The chosen font should be continuation of symbols of the company.

For the brewery you can use any fonts. Straight, monogrammed, italic, bold – there are no restrictions. Often in breweries you can see the old Russian script or letters stylized for antiquity. They look very effective, especially if you produce branded drinks.

When choosing a font, make sure that the lettering is readable.

All letters should be clearly visible when zooming in and out of the emblem.

Avoid options with small details. They may give the general picture a sloppy, untidy look.

Do not try to put too much text on the image. The name of the brand, the company name will be enough. You can also place a small slogan.

Read more about the choice of font in our article.


Bottles of beer: illustration

Creating a logo for a brewery requires careful attention to detail. In fact, the process is much easier than it may initially seem. It is enough to make a logo that meets the following requirements:

  • The ideal logo looks equally good on light and dark backgrounds. Also take care of the black and white version.
  • When you change the scale of the image all the details are clearly visible, no contours are lost.
  • Take into account the specifics of the enterprise – the emblem of the brewery should clearly reflect the peculiarities of the direction.
  • The logo is simple, understandable to the consumer. It is not worth choosing complex icons. The simpler it is, the easier it will be remembered by clients.
  • Preserved individuality. Do not try to follow trends, imitate competitors. You should highlight your strengths and tell the consumer about them.

Creating a corporate image, don’t rush to implement the first idea. Think of several variants, choose the best one. Analyze the market, study your competitors. Find something that will set you apart from the rest. If you can, consult with designers. They will help you choose a combination of colors, shapes.

Examples of brewery logos from Turbologo

Creating a modern logo for a company can be done quickly, easily, and without spending too much money. Logo designers are used for this purpose. A great option is Turbologo. Millions of users have already appreciated its functionality. Here you will find everything you need – icons, fonts, designs for different business areas, etc.

Brewery logo: mug
Brewery logo: vintage
Brewery logo: ears
Brewery logo: geometry
Brewery logo: glass, spikes
Brewery logo: geometric glass
Brewery logo: hops
Brewery logo: barrel
Brewery logo: mugs
Brewery logo: cone
Brewery logo: letter B
Brewery logo: creative
Brewery logo: glass, cones
Brewery logo: round


Creating a branded image of the brewery will help in the promotion of the business. You will be able to become recognizable, increase customer loyalty, and interest new consumers. This element of marketing is used for the development of all companies without exception. Creating it yourself is simple enough. Use a program or site builder Turbologo. Feel like a real designer of your own brand.

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