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Turbologo's Logo Maker will help find the right logo style, fonts, icons, and colors combinations for your personal or business logo. Our easy-to-use design tool will help you choose the template that you really love. Using hundred of design options you can find the best right for your company. All it takes just a few clicks and up to ten minutes.

Logo creation made easy with artificial intelligence technology

Why using our logo creator is absolutely easy? Because you need just a few simple steps to see results. Enter your company name and industry to start. Next, choose the type of logo, colors and symbols you love the most. All of these will be used as inspiration by Turbologo to create custom logo designs.

Our AI logo maker is better than a personal graphic designer

Our tool lists all the required options to create a professional logo design. What is more, you can always create not only the logo alone but also a business card, a social media kit, favicon and much more.

1. High-res files

When you proceed to purchase, you get high-resolution, ready-to-use PNG, JPEG logo file formats. Turbologo gives you high-resolution files.

2. Print-ready vector files

You can use our free logo generator to generate a custom logo for your website, printing or digital uses. Turbologo will give you vector SVG or PDF files.

3. Different color variations

Our logo maker software allows you to get logos with transparent and colored backgrounds.

4. Business card designs

Brand kit includes a variety of professional and customizable business card designs.

5. Social media kit

To build your brand on social networks, download brand assets for Facebook and Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn. Pinterest.

6. Brand guidelines

Our logo maker provides brand guidelines to help you choose the font names and colors for your brand identity.

7. After purchase changes

You can make unlimited changes to your logo when you purchase a subscription on Turbologo.

8. Full logo ownership

Our online logo generator gives you full ownership/copyright for all designs.

Some Cool Designs Made With Turbologo's Logo Maker

Even newbies spend only half an hour getting their first logo. You can browse some of those samples. Each business has its own, unique style. Just like logos created using free logo maker online have.

Thousands of Professional Logo Templates
Thousands of Professional Logo Templates
Thousands of Professional Logo Templates
Thousands of Professional Logo Templates
Thousands of Professional Logo Templates

Why Turbologo Logo Maker

Professional logo templates

A huge collection of quality logo templates and a brilliant customization tools is all you need to conduct both countless and boundless branding experiments.

Save time and money

No designer makes even basic sketches for free. Online logo maker does! Why wasting time and money designing logo through traditional means if there is software out there?

Live support

Our customer support team is available to help you with any questions you may have.

Easy-to-use editor

Enjoy a full customizable logo design. You can easily create your own unique brand by adding icons, changing fonts and colors, as well as editing layouts.

Multi-device support

Our logo maker app can be used on Desktop, Mobile and Tablet devices. Turbologo's app does not require software installations.

Unlimited Downloads

After you have paid for the logo design, you can download high-resolution files immediately. No additional payments are required for editing or re-downloading.

How to use Turbologo's logo generator

It doesn't take long time to create your logo. It's easy to design your own logo using our online software. Just follow these five steps or watch a video:

Enter Your Business Name

Enter Your Business Name

Firstly, type in name of your company, slogan and business field. It is necessary for the site to assort relevant depictions. Also, keep in mind that slogan is better be apt!

Choose Inspiration

Choose Inspiration

Secondly, choose a few premium quality depictions from a huge collection of assorted images. As we stated before, you shouldn't always reflect your company's name in a logo.

Design a Logo

Design a Logo

Thirdly, spend a couple of minutes choosing a proper background color for your brand. And don't afraid of making some stereotyped choice here. The best free logo maker will provide you with different logo variations!

Customize Your Design

Customize Your Design

It's high time to pick the option of all the provided. Even if you think it's already flawless, we strongly recommend you to browse our editor functions. Perhaps, some final lashes will endow your logo with something extra!

Download Your Logo

Download Your Logo

You can download the final result having any format you like. Here you are! You've got your design.

Logo online in Turbologo: Reviews

Online logo generator

A lot of large and small brands have already trusted Turbologo their designs. Now you can join the community and create a stunning custom logo for your business with the online logo design service. Check out what our clients say to make sure that you found the right place to help your brand grow the identity. Contact our support if you have any further questions or suggestions or if you just want to talk, we are always ready to help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Turbologo Free?

Yes, you can design your logo absolutely for free using our site. You only pay for high-resolution image downloading. You can browse some packages and choose the most appropriate one.

What's the Resolution of Logo Files Included in Each Package?

The "Lite" package provides you with 1000 pixel resolutions. "Standard" and "Business" plans include 2000 pixel resolution and a vector download option, which enables you to scale your logo to any size you need.

Will I Be Able to Save My Logos?

There is such an option of course. You can download your logo purchasing one of our packages, or you can make a free screenshot.

How do I Receive My Logo Package?

You are enabled to download your logo immediately after purchasing a package.
Our advice is to purchase "Standard" or "Business" plans, as they include professional help option, which means our staff is sure to help with any problem.
Shortly after downloading, we will provide you all the relevant data regarding your logo.

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