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Escape room logo

Escape Room offline quests are RPGs that can be carried out just about
everywhere. They offer a fair amount of fun, riddles and even some performance is to be
expected. It was a major trend some time ago. And it still retains its attractiveness
nowadays. Scrutinize the following article to be in the know of how to create an
escape room logo design

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A great adventure of identical designing

Escape room logo

First of all, you need to define your target group. And what you are supposed to
choose from you might ask. Well, a majority here is a middle class from 20 to 35 years old who prefer adventuring of a different kind. So, what escape room logos can attract clients like that? We suggest you choosing something really scary. Some bones and skulls for instance imply that the room specializes in the horror genre. Some perilous characters are also a plausible solution. However, do your best not to transform a horror quest into a Halloween party. Your clients expect a horrific and bloody action, not some stylish sweets.

Escape room logo

Another target group is birthday kids. Teenagers mostly, as it could be too much for
children under 12. The best choice here is a talisman, amulet and some other kind of
ancient relic. Depict some labyrinth maps, old keys or early computing devices in our logo if you offer some riddle solving quests. And be sure to mystify it too!

You’d do well to single out corporate clients. Business owners see quest rooms as a
powerful team-building tool. And your logo should be endowed with team spirit as well.
Some schematic happy team depiction, victory symbols, or just simple handshaking will do. Another point is to depict some goals which are to be achieved by a team. It could be freedom, represented by a bird broke out from a cell. Myriad wealth, for instance, can be represented by a treasure chest. Your ultimate goal is to create an atmosphere that would attract as many clients as possible.

Branding design key factors

Escape room logos

Since all the popularity of the sphere is based on hype, it is only logical to follow
some trends too. The logo is supposed to be stylish and alluring. And your site must boast an animated version of the logo. Also, an escape room logo should be transparent as it serves the needs of uniqueness in your personal style.

Color patterns can be any except for, maybe, dull and sad ones. It’s to choose two
or three compatible, youth trend colors. And an escape room logo must suggest
entertainment as boredom is something no one will ever buy.

As for inscriptions, feel free to choose any compatible with a depiction font. Even a
bit simple Comic Sans will okay for an escape room! So, don’t be shy! A well-balanced image is key!

Escape Room logo examples

Escape room logo
Escape room logo
Escape room logo
Escape room logo
Escape room logo
Escape room logo
Escape room logo

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