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In a competitive environment, personal logos contribute to better brand identity recognition. They serve as a mnemonic tool, ensuring that people instantly distinguish and recall the brand among a multitude of competitors. Each original logo carries a brand’s story, message, or set of values. By utilizing a custom logo generator, users come across an abundance of stylish solutions, whether it is an eco-friendly abstract logo or minimalist elegance. Subtle communication of a brand’s values and ethics to its target audience becomes easily accessible.

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When using the logo generator, stick to a conventional logo style

Most logotypes are usually divided into three groups: wordmark logos, graphic, or combined. The first type includes a business name, which can be a single letter, an abbreviation, a company name, or even a phrase. However, when using phrases, don’t get carried away! Remember, simple monogram logos are better remembered.

The second group includes logos with pictorial marks. Here, too, it is worth adhering to the rule: the simpler, the better. Of course, this does not mean that the image should be plain. But cluttering a logo with too many details can make scaling difficult. As for the third group, combined logos use both text and graphic images. Fortunately, the online logo generator Turbologo combines all sought-after logotypes. You can fully appreciate its extensive library of delicately made logo templates of these three groups. In addition, the site’s social media posts contain a lot of useful information about logo styles.

Tips for finding a professional logo concept

professional logo
Design by Dalius Stuoka | logo designer

A common problem with designing logos is a lack of ideas and inspiration. To avoid a creative crisis, you can look at other logos. Websites for professionals will come in handy, as new logo updates are published there every day.

  • is the most extensive site for inspiration, and on the main page, it says “Find Fresh Ideas” in plain text. This platform offers not only iconic logos but also other images of common design elements and much more. Small business owners will find it useful.
  • Dribbble is a platform where every specialist in graphics can share their own personal logo resources and sets. Therefore, the number of fresh logo ideas is sufficient, and new art is published daily. There is a search bar on the main page. Enter a query to get images on your topic and select a keyword: Branding, Animation, or Illustration. Finding free logo inspiration is just a few clicks away.
  • Try drawing sketches. Before you start working in a logo generator, look at stock websites for ideas, then take a pencil and start drawing some sketches. This will help you decide on the initial logo style.
  • Use Turbologo Free Logo Generator.

Decide on an associative connection and begin the generation process with Turbologo


Consider fonts, graphics, color psychology, composition — all this is crucial to getting a logo for a personal brand. But the idea is even more important. If a logo is not tied to branded assets, it will remain just a useless picture. That is why personal brand symbols must have an associative connection with the direction of the company’s activities, business characteristics, and product properties.

Think about how your brand, product or service could be described. Make an association word map. This will help develop the overall concept of the company logo. However, the best ideas come when you fly by the seat of your pants. Just start the generation process in Turbologo, which consists of just three simple steps. Enter the brand name, set a color scheme from 3 options, then select suitable logo symbols(icons) from literally thousands of them. Within just a few seconds, logo ideas will appear. Hundreds of thematic layouts are at your service. To make a perfect logo, use all the tools of the built-in logo editor.

Explore customization tools in the Turbologo logo generator

Each job has its own subtleties. Here are some tips that will be helpful during editing.

  • What a great logo should look like — rules and brand compliance

After you select a well-suited layout, the customization tools unfold. You can edit the initial result by changing, for example, the logo colors and typography to a sans-serif font to stand out from the competitors. You will have to carefully work out the style to make the logo easily recognizable and memorable. If you look at any major personal brand logo, you’ll notice a straightforward style without complex shapes, etc. This is done so that the logo looks good on all digital devices and websites and can be printed without any problems. Try to adhere to this principle while customizing your own logo.

  • Add geometric, regular shapes.

It is recommended to incorporate basic shapes, such as circles, rectangles, and frames with a transparent background, into custom logos. All of these are available in Turbologo’s built-in editor. Also, don’t forget the principles of the golden ratio, where you create a series of circles of various sizes and assemble a shape from them.

Try Various Logo Options in the Turbologo Generator

Turbologo logos

Once you’re done editing, you can check how the resulting logo looks on different surfaces, from a t-shirt to a banner. Take advantage of supplementing your renewed visual style with a brand kit: business cards, a website favicon, letterheads, email signatures, and much more will be available for download instantly with an adapted vector logo. Choose the Business tariff to gain benefits: create new versions of the logo and obtain full commercial rights to them. Easily resize your logo to fit it on main social media channels like YouTube and Instagram. After just a few minutes, a quality personal logo is ready for your branded merchandise.

In summary

Thanks to the advanced capabilities of Turbologo’s helpful tools, transforming a personal logo from an idea to implementation is significantly easier. You can count on the fact that the search for ideas, their modification, or rebranding will be completed in a significantly reduced timeframe. Seize the opportunity to generate dozens of professional logos without needing any special skills.

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