More fun with Turbologo: can it design a T-shirt?

Design t-shirt

Being different, outstanding and unique has become very important recently. All types of business, no matter whether it is large or minor, need to indicate their identity. This notion is important as with it companies get loyalty, the unity of their specialists, the feeling that they stand for the same things. To show this unity in corporate business spheres, different kinds of professional logo designs can be used. 

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Logo creation features

The extreme necessity of having a professional logo if you have a certain business of any kind in the modern world is obvious. As it helps its users to create conditions to obtain recognition, makes you distinguished from other partners or rivalries and gives your clients some additional information about you. In this case, a unique, eye-catching, original company logo is what you need.

To create a perfect logo even some years ago you should have done many things: to find a professional designer or certain logo makers, learn yourself much about a design process and provide your specialists with this information, choose images of your logos and much other additional work. But still the result might have been unexpected. 

Nowadays everything has changed and become much easier. You may create stunning logos in just a few minutes. Just a few clicks are necessary to have as many logos as you want with the help of a free logo maker tool on the Internet. 

And among all other online logo generators, the one that is obviously worth trying is Turbologo. And if you have questions of how to have more fun with turbologo can it design a t shirt? The answer is definitely “yes”. Let’s have a closer look at this online logo creator.

Steps as easy as ABC that you need to follow to create a logo T-shirt


You should not be afraid of the process as you may use an online logo maker Turbologo to create a high quality logo. This free logo generator has an easy to use interface which makes the creation process easy and understandable. It does not require any special design skills. 

Modern technologies connected with the use of artificial intelligence help you generate logos. You may choose and try different options from a wide list of different logo templates, fonts, icons, icons, various formats, shapes and logo colors to build your own creative and unique professional logo. 

A vast embedded library of various useful and stunning design elements in combination with using certain artificial intelligence technology help you express your personal creativity. 

They give you an opportunity to feel like one of those graphic designers who create masterpieces out of nothing. You need just to follow some certain steps to create professional logos on your t shirts. Keep in mind to:

  • indicate the company name or the name of your business. It is very important to specify the field of your company’s activity as it will make the AI powered program to classify relevant depictions. The more explicit and precise your statements are, the less fallacies will be done and the more accurate results you will have at the end;
  • use different logo ideas. Be creative and do not use only a custom logo. A logo maker tool can help you to instantly create hundreds of logos from customizable templates. The range of the options provided is numerous. So, it is really difficult to choose only one;
  • choose a background color. Your logo design on T-shirts can have your company’s colors used in other pieces of clothes or uniforms, for instance. Or state some additional meanings with the help of certain colors that will be used to reflect the mood and atmosphere of your business. Take red, for example. It will show that you are energetic, ambitious and self-confident;
  • custom logo designs. Turbologo is the best logo maker as there is a wide range of provided customization options. A variety of editor functions is completely free.

Make the design elaborate 

While working on Turbologo website you can see the projects of your logo, the examples of how it will appear on different things like a notebook, a t shirt or a signboard. It makes Turbologo better than other logo creators as you may try the tools and see the results of your logo quickly. 

Customize your T-shirt design by adding interesting text, strange shapes, unique icons, or uploading your own images. Try to experiment with different colors, fonts, and styles to make your design look marvelous and outstanding.

Preview your design to see how it looks on a T-shirt and if you are satisfied with its form, color and text and you do not want to change anything in it, just download the final option. You may choose from suggested formats for it. You are available to have a pdf and png format. Mind your aim while choosing it. A high resolution png file will be suitable for many purposes.

The necessity of extended packages while working with an online tool Turbologo

Turbologo t-shirt

If your aim is just to create a logo to see what it will be like, for example, or to learn how to design a logo, it will be enough to use simple free options and customization tools of T-shirt logo maker Turbologo. The options of online logo usage will be enough. But if you are a serious businessman or a stable company that wants to create its own brand. 

If you are going to download and use the design elements and logos created on the website, you will definitely need to make a purchase of a ‘Standard’ or ‘Business’ access to the website for that. These packages provide you with a high resolution png format memorable logo. In comparison with a free access to a custom logo, «Standard» or a «Business» one makes it possible to download your new logo and try some extra options. You can:

  • make any design changes countless times in a three-month time period. So you may change your company name, style, colors, graphics, and other things like that to make a fully different variant of your unique logo;
  • have professional vector files. They are more suitable for use in printing, because their pixel size can be changed without losing the image quality. Such a logo has a high-resolution image. This logo format is necessary to print a brand kit;
  • get a logo variant with a transparent background. Such a logo is great for different kinds of printing. For instant, it can be necessary for using on t shirts or stamps;
  • ask a supporting team of professionals for any help. Do not know how to use this or that tool while creating logos or have problems with downloading the result of your creativity, let a professional help you. Any your difficulty or a hard problem will be quickly solved;
  • get full copyright ownership on the logo files you have created. You should be definitely calm as no other company can ever take your logo as a template and use it without your permission.

All these advantages you get with working with a «Standard» or a «Business» kind of access. 

Advantages given by vector files of logo design software

Vector files

Professional vector logo images are important things to have if you want to have your logo on a t-shirt. Without a high-resolution vector file, you will not have a high-quality logo design suitable for printing. This format has certain advantages.

  • Vector file images usually have respectively low file weight. It is important for logos especially large in size;
  • You can easily extend, rotate or even twist your logo image without any loss in its quality;
  • You may change the format of your vector file logo into a simple bitmap variant.
  • The editing process is simple and easy. You may do it online and you need just a few minutes for that;
  • Vector files give wide possibilities for next surface application (printing, silkscreen printing, engraving, embossing, foiling, cutting and others).

To get access and to experience all these benefits of logos created in a vector format, you need to pay for a ‘Standard’ or a ‘Business’ package. They give its users a wider range of useful options that are necessary to create professional logos.

Stunning Logos on T-shirts are a necessary part of a corporate culture

Stunning Logos on T-shirts

Logo designs help build a business name and create brand identity. A logo generator like Turbologo provides a possibility to create and then download brand assets for your company and a business card is not the only one. 

A high resolution png file is used to form many logo examples. A logo image can be necessary on different things from your company’s brand kit. It can be seen as a separate sign or badge or be used on all kinds of surfaces like:

  • glass – if you want to have your own logo on a cup, a mug or a vase;
  • paper – your great logo can be printed on business cards, company’s notebooks, be used as a heading on stickers);
  • metal – a logo is used on pens or USB flash drives;
  • textile – a perfectional logo is used on shoppers, scarfs or t shirts.

All in all, logo t-shirts will make you and your colleagues look like a team. T-shirts with your logo icon can be worn for a special occasion like a sports competition, an informal meeting or a leisure pastime event dedicated to team-building activities. So, wearing them in such cases is extremely necessary as it shows that you are not only specialists but you are a team, a group of individuals who share common goals and values. 


Having a t-shirt with a professional logo design makes you feel important as a member of the system if you are a team worker. If you are a manager or the owner of the company, having t-shirts in your brand kit shows a serious attitude towards your company and an ability to think about the subtle things that help to build a good reputation.

Someone may say «Where there’s a will, there’s a way». Try all the advantages and benefits that using Turbologo’s Logo Maker provides you with and your personalized brand kit will never be the same. Wearing a logo t shirt will make your team stand out from the crowd. Just try it, create a professional logo T-shirt and change the company you’re into for the better.

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