Best free T-shirt logo maker in 2024


T-shirts with logos are a great way to attract attention and create a unique company style. Overall, a logo for a clothing brand is an integral part of its marketing strategy and helps it achieve success in the market. In this article we will talk about the best logo makers for creating custom logo designs.

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Tips to create a smooth logo for visual style 

Define your brand identity and message. What do you want to convey and what kind of atmosphere do you want to create?

  1. Research your target audience and determine what logo style they prefer. This will help you create a logo that is attractive and understandable to your audience.
  2. Consider different logo maker tools, including shapes, gradients and fonts that reflect your brand. You can hire a professional designer or use free logo makers.
  3. Use a neat and memorable design. It is better to have a simple logo rather than overload it with meanings.

Selecting essentials elements for T-shirt logo

Selecting essentials elements for t shirt logo

Creating a logo involves the use of several required design elements.

  • Icon

Must be suitable for the chosen topic. For example, if you sell only men’s or women’s clothing, it would be logical to place the corresponding silhouette on the logo. But for a children’s brand, images of animals or fairy-tale characters are more suitable. As for text accompaniment, it is recommended choosing one or more words

And one more tip: be sure to leave empty space between the text and the icon image – then even if the size is reduced, they will be distinguishable. In addition, you can make one element of the logo a little larger than the other – this will give it a twist.

  • Color scheme

In a creation process, it is important to choose the right colors – this will help attract a large number of new customers. In one brand name you can combine no more than 4 tones that harmonize well with each other. For women’s T-shirts, it is better to use bright colors such as pink or red. If your target audience is men, then you should choose dark colors, such as black or blue.

  • Font

Logo makers offer numerous fonts, contributing to better memorability of the brand name. When choosing the optimal font, focus on readability, compatibility with corporate style. If you’re selling children’s T-shirts, you can use playful and colorful fonts. If you specialize in selling polo shirts, then you should choose more strict and serious fonts.

  • Style

As for the idea for a logo, it is chosen based on the characteristics of the products being sold and features, as well as the preferences and nature of the target audience. The logo styles should match the overall style of your company. In case of casual clothing, a logo should be informal and free. If your company specializes in business clothing, then the logo should be more strict and formal.

Worthwhile logo makers to consider in 2024

Creating a unique and professional logo requires not only creativity, but also certain design skills and knowledge. This is why many entrepreneurs and professional graphic designers turn to T-shirt logo maker.



Probably the best logo maker in terms of provided tools. Turbologo offers many logo ideas completely free. Choose from a few logo templates and customize your logo design to suit your needs. With the logo editor, it’s easier than ever to enjoy unmatched quality and design capabilities. If you don’t like anything from the layouts, create your own logo concept from scratch.

Free online logo maker give you plenty of options to choose from and a lot of freedom to edit, but you need to have a little design experience to understand what’s right. For a one-time payment, it’s worth it. In addition to the logo, personalized business card and a social media brand kit can be made. 

Logo Garden

Free logo maker Logo Garden lets you create logos for free using a simple drag and drop intuitive interface. The design process is based on editing premade templates from various categories. Users can customize selected layout as they like, adding some effects and symbol shield, changing color, size and more. As a bonus there is alignment mode. After finishing, vector graphics logos are ready for download in high-resolution.

Wix logo maker

Wix logo maker

Wix graphic design software uses AI to guide you to the right design by asking relevant questions, such as your style preference: “fun” or “stylish,” for example. This leads to several design suggestions.

The great thing about Wix is ​​the customization features. The side editing bar has a user-friendly interface and offers plenty of options for adjusting color, opacity, shape, and more. You can also visualize how your design will look on mobile device, different backgrounds and adjust it accordingly. You can download a small, low-resolution version for free before you decide to acquire the best logo.

Tailor brands

Tailor brands logo maker

Another AI-powered logo generator through which you can get a logo quickly. All you have to do is answer a few questions such as: what type of logo do you want to have (icon or text), and what typography styles do you like.

Tailor Brands is a platform to design logos online  in three easy steps:

  1. Enter your business name and choose the styles and fonts you like best. The design software algorithm will suggest some styles, icons, fonts and colors.
  2. Review all the logos that are automatically generated and choose the one you like the most. Thanks to customization options you can adapt it to what you have in mind.
  3. When you have the final result, download as many files as you need (PNG and vector files).

The difference with the other tools on this list is that it does not work with logo templates. Each logo is uniquely designed to match each brand’s company and personality.


In conclusion, made custom logos should be unique and memorable. It should reflect the style, quality and personality of your company, attract the attention of potential customers and inspire confidence in them. Logo makers open up new horizons in the field of design and make it accessible to obtain the best logo upon small efforts.

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