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Logo Sizes

We often stress in our articles that a business logo mustn’t be detailed. But just when enough is enough? Sometimes designers draw a huge media print in which you can distinguish even the tiniest detail. And we think such a design is alright. However, in order to check if the logo truly retains laconism, you’ll have to standardize a logo. But what size can be considered a standard one? Well, keep reading and we’ll tell you everything about it.

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What to begin with?

We won’t surprise anyone by stating that you don’t really have to follow some strict rules or resort to some kind of designing code. There are no such things as of yet. It is the product you are dealing with that is supposed to give you clues. Let’s imply you possess a movie company and your logo glows and glitters at the beginning of a movie like Warner brothers’ does. A full logo version must be highly detailed of course. But if your company manufactures some tiny items as Pandora does, you don’t need all those features. And don’t forget that are going to need both a dynamic and responsive logo. So, just what size should a logo be? The answer is that you should design logos of different scales.

Pay attention to sides ratio. Sometimes it’s better to use designed to be shaped in square or a rectangle logo. Don’t forget that there are programs which can help you alter a logo that way. The thing is that you may ruin your logo by simply drawing it or avoiding digital processing.

Something to follow when designing various logo versions

First, you need to know what a version will be used for. Things are quite standardized in the case of social media. Standard for Facebook is 1200×630px resolution. However, Instagram has adopted another standard, and it is 1080×1080px. As you can see, each social network requires a new logo variation.

As for a standard size of logo design, it is recommended to create two inch images. The size fits brand printing purposes perfectly.

Many companies order huge ad banners, sometimes in the size of a house wall. You also want to do so; you are going to need a vector image. It is also required to be printed on your products of course. Vector images have to the standard size of logo design as we know it. That means you can alter the size of the image with quality loss.

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