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Nowadays, obtaining a simple logo online is not a big deal. Just go to Google to look for a number of specialized logo generators. However, some of them, even those higher in the search results, may not be able to provide a sufficient number of required tools and elements like thematic icons. In some topics narrower than food, clothing, or industry, sometimes there is no choice at all. This is where the Turbologo AI logo generator can offer something that even a graphics specialist would find handy.

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Turbologo: A Brief Introduction


Turbologo is a logo generator that utilizes artificial intelligence. The website is a leader in post-Soviet countries, as well as a fast-growing international company. With Turbologo’s user-friendly interface, anyone can generate distinctive logos for their needs online.

The website encompasses a very impressive integrated database of the most diverse icons and writing styles among its competitors. Users get a comprehensive branding solution along with a diverse collection of ready-made layouts for many types of activities (clothing, restaurants, services, and more).

On top of that, the AI logo generator offers a lot of customization options to change styles and color schemes to suit your ideas, which vary in higher-priced plans. There are high-resolution downloads of any custom logo, making it visually appealing. Hundreds of thousands of small businesses and individuals have already obtained their professional logos on the site.

Unique and Professional Logos Are Within Arm’s Reach

Turbologo logo maker

Today, it is difficult to name an industry where AI logo generators have not been engaged. Many argue that over time, the use of artificial intelligence will successfully replace not only programmers but also other specialists, particularly those who work in the field of brand kits and logos, devising unique brand identities.

If we take Turbologo as an example, at first glance, the capabilities of the generator are comprehensively developed. The user just writes a business name, specifies its area, primary colors, and up to 3 thematic icons, and waits for a great number of suitable layouts to appear.

Logo generators such as Turbologo are a trouble-free assistant that can handle routine operations better than a human, and most importantly – much faster. In a matter of a few seconds, the program will present a good hundred customizable logo options based on the data entered by a person, with different fonts, gradients, background shades, in a three-dimensional and intuitive interface. A person would pore over such work for several weeks.

What’s more, users get a variety of logo options, each optimized for smooth integration across a variety of digital environments and touchpoints. You can download the high-resolution files in various formats such as PNG, PDF, and SVG.

Easy Generation Process

In most other services, the generation process is almost impossible to manage. That is, usually, the users simply select a topic, and that’s it: they get a lot of logos with different graphic elements, from which they begin to look for something more or less suitable.

Turbologo took a completely different path: first, users visually set the elements they like, and then unique logos are generated based on them.

This is much more convenient and saves a lot of time. After all, it is much easier to first determine your priorities and preferences and then minimally adjust the obtained result than to look through hundreds of logos in the hope of finding something that will “catch your eye”.

Choosing a Niche

Choosing a Niche Turbologo

Enter the business name and slogan, as it could add originality to your brand, but don’t make it too long. Then, select your field of activity. This information is necessary for the logo generator to determine the appropriate logo style and elements for your business area. Very few competitor sites can boast such a range of niche options.

Setting Colors

Turbologo colors

Set the initial color scheme in which you will generate and choose your logo options. Colors should be selected carefully so that the future logo matches the overall stylistic concept of the brand personality. You can skip this step altogether; you can change the colors at any time later.

Icon Selection

Turbologo icons

This is the most important step before generating logos. Based on the chosen topic, you will be offered different icons for the logo. Choose the thematic pictures from a vast collection that will be placed on the logo immediately. If you skip the icon step, the system will perfectly select those that are more appropriate for your company’s name or chosen niche. In addition, do not dismiss the search: you can simply type what you need as if in a search form, and it will refine the proposed list.

Additional Logo Elements and Customization Tools

Turbologo shapes

Don’t worry if you liked everything except, for example, the suggested font or icon size. This can be easily changed on the editor page. Optionally, add icons, frames, or different figures to give a basic logo a complete look. In the “Text” section, you can find a wide selection of fonts to replace the default one. If you need to adapt something in the text that is already on the logo, just click on it in the frame.

Choose a suitable background fill and add it to the main field. Don’t forget that the shades on the logo should be compatible with each other and not differ from the brand’s identity. Customization features also include alignment. The custom logo should be harmonious and balanced. When adding additional shapes and elements, use proportions to create a sense of balance and symmetry.


Preview Turbologo

Evaluate how the finished logo will look on various elements, for example, a street banner, a branded T-shirt, or printed products. A look at these mockups will help you evaluate the AI-logos as close to reality as possible and make changes if necessary.

Check Out Some Pre-designed Templates

Templates Turbologo

Turbologo proposes many logo ideas to users thanks to its expanded library of stylish ready-made templates. These templates are compatible with any of your goals: personal or business for your brand’s identity. The library is updated frequently to reflect current design trends. This means users can seize the opportunity to possess professional logos that look contemporary and relevant. So, you will probably begin the logo creation process by taking one of those templates as a starting point. This will significantly save time and effort.

What Other Surprising Pros Can You Expect When Using Turbologo?

Full control over the process: The algorithms built on your specified data are guaranteed to provide relevant output. AI is able to create diverse and high-quality logos. It is not limited to certain styles or archetypes but provides a maximum number of options with customization features. This data-driven approach results in an aesthetically enjoyable experience that leads to impact and retention for the target audience.

Is Turbologo Free?

Yes, the whole development process is absolutely free. You can generate an unlimited number of AI-generated logos without paying for them. You can also edit the logo using our totally free logo generator application: change colors, fonts, and the location of any elements to attain a unique brand identity. You only pay for the logo if you like it. To download the generated logos without watermarks, click the “Download” button to receive your logo in universal formats. The logo files can be downloaded in raster (PNG) and vector (SVG) formats.

Select a paid plan well-suited for your needs. For a business owner, it is better to pay attention to the Business tariff as it provides a full brand kit based on the new logo. If you just need a logo without additional items like a business card or favicon, there is the Standard package. While the subscription is on, modify and download high-resolution files as much as you want. This is convenient if changes need to be made to the branding kit. It is suggested to select an editing period of 3 months or a year.

It’s worth mentioning that working on the site will cost much less than hiring a specialist. Startups and small businesses will especially appreciate such favorable conditions.

Once you purchase a logo, you will have full commercial rights, even if the editing or subscription time has expired. Turbologo fonts are available for commercial use. You can get font names if you choose to subscribe to the Standard or Business options.

Testing Turbologo: Summary

Previously, such a responsible task as logo development was entrusted only to professionals. Nowadays, with the help of elaborate software like Turbologo, you can get the logo you want regardless of your experience. If you don’t want to waste time testing several AI logo generators, Turbologo is a tried-and-true option. With its user-friendly interface, you can concentrate on improving your company’s image and quickly develop your own logo based on user preferences.

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