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Nowadays the problem of distinctiveness and identity is highly prominent and vital. A business sphere is highly overfilled. There are so many companies, entrepreneurs, big and small business that it is extremely necessary to have some visual identity that will make you stand out from the crowd. For that you need to have a perfect logo. As to say «So many men, so many minds». For some people an ideal logo is a small pretty icon that shows the sphere of business where the organization works. 

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For others – it can be a pretty favicon of an owner of the company. But if you are inspired and creative enough, think about something different. Your personal creativity will lead you to an idea that only the name can highlight the business. In this case for your great logo you might decide to create indecipherable initials logo style. A AI logo maker Turbologo will definitely make your unconventional ideas come true.

Choosing initials for a logo is a good idea

initials logo generator

Having a logo in our computerized fast world is like having an accurate face. It is not an ordinary, mere image, but a symbol that tells others your story. It is crucially important for any kind of business as it:

  • forms the right image of a company;
  • helps identify the brand’s personality;
  • build the first impression about it;
  • protects the goods of the brand from counterfeiting;
  • represents company’s ideals and values;
  • creates positive thoughts and associations among customers;
  • increases the loyalty of the audience and captivates it.

And having your initials for a logo designs strengthens all these features and adds one more, that should even have been stated first. Using your own indecipherable initials reveals your personal interest and involvement into the issues of the organization. It shows your personal, intimate connection with the whole team of your company and makes other brands stand apart.

Types of initial logos

initial logos

While dealing with a logo maker Turbologo you may operate with a great number of professional logo design ideas for creating an initial logo. Your task is to customize one of the logo templates on the website to get a personalized logo according to your needs at the end. For a convenient usage we divided initial logo templates into three groups according to their typography and the main idea they suggest. 

Minimalist logos

For these logos, using one letter or just a couple of letters is typical. But it does not mean that the design is simple and boring. Here you can add some beautiful thin lines, curls or dots to make it look more attractive. This kind of logos is good for companies that value actions more than words and want to show it to the public. Due to their minimalistic logo design without any severe design elements, they will look great on t shirts or shoppers.

Signature logos

These logos usually use not only some initial letters, but also have a full business name stated on them. Turbologo provides you with access to an expanded store of design features for free. Together with artificial intelligence technology, these tools show your personal uniqueness, give you an opportunity to develop your own talent and a chance to challenge your design skills. 

You have a thorough roster of various logo fonts of Latin and Cyrillic alphabet, additional icons, shapes, symbols and logo colors that you may need to create your own monogram logo. This logo type is perfect for using in such spheres as beauty, photography and fashion.

Abstract logos

Such logos seem extremely extraordinary. You take your initials for the logo, seemingly inscrutable at first glance, and the online logo maker transforms them into stunning visual finest achievements. Viewed like an abstraction, your logo echoes the values your company wants to share. An abstract logo combines the letters of a name or a company in a creative and unique way that conveys a sense of identity and professionalism. 

Their combinations with abstract shapes or symbols give unusual depth in meaning. Such abstract initial logos can represent concepts or attributes associated with the brand, creating a stronger visual connection with viewers and raise interest to the logo design. This logo type is universal and suits clothes, textbooks and other items in a brand kit perfectly.

The creation of initial logos: opportunities given by Turbologo

The creation of initial logos

Lots of templates, different options and an easy-to-use interface are for customers’ pleasure. All is done to create outstanding brand initial logos just in a few clicks within minutes. The work on initial logos is just a little different from the work with a logo of any other kind. 

  • First, you start the layout not with stating the full name of your company, but typing just your initials. Then you indicate the sphere of your business. It will not be printed on the logo, but it is necessary for the platform to list appropriate sketches. It is advisable to be exact and accurate on this step, in order to avoid possible mistakes at the end.
  • Then you choose a background color that will be used in your initial logo. Choose it to your taste or to show the mood and atmosphere of your business. 
  • One very important option while creating letter logos is to find proper fonts for them. It may be seen as a key to success. There is an immense diversity of editor functions and services that you use for free to design something extraordinary. Turbologo has a vast number of different logo fonts of Latin and Cyrillic alphabet. You can choose the one that matches your brand better and helps to recognize the style of your company. 

Select a certain font style that you like most of all and work with it. Users have an ability to change the thickness and thinness of letters, their size and tilt, make them bold or transparent and use additional elements like dots or lines. Using all possible graphics on the web site of the generator you change your initial logo from sleek and minimalistic to bold, abstract and extravagant. 

The creation of initial logos - 1

You become a real designer who is able to create real personal branding. It is a good idea to use this font to create the whole social media branding kit. So just use your inspiration, imagination and creativity.

Finally, after a preview, if you are satisfied with your logo, you can choose to purchase the license to use it commercially and download it in high-quality graphics formats.

Initial logo

The online logo generator gives you an opportunity to get a high-quality result in PNG, JPEG, SVG and DOCX formats. Also, on the web page of Turbologo you can create a favicon for your site, add watermarks with your initials and develop your business cards with your unique initial logo. 


As a matter of fact, these features make Turbologo’s initials logo generator such a beneficial and favored generator comparison with opponents. Make it your gateway to indecipherable custom logo. Who knows maybe your initials evolved into logo symbols will leave a mark in somebody’s life and change it for the better.

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