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If you are looking for recognition for your business and a means to boost sales, you should think about having your own logo. For any kind of business, creating logos is vital. It is the company’s face, the means that clients use when forming their first impression about any business. We are here to test seven company AI tools that you can use to create your custom logo files.

Create your own logo with Turbologo logo maker. It takes less than 5 minutes and no design skills needed.

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Why choose Turbologo AI logo generator to create logos?


Among all the other free AI logo generators, Turbologo AI logo designer stands out with its intuitively understandable interface, multiple logo templates, and reasonable package price. Above all, a free logo design process is included. There are even more positive sides to this AI logo generator that should be mentioned.

Enter Your Prompt & Generate Logo Ideas.

With the power of artificial intelligence, even non-designers can form professional-looking logos in just a few clicks. You enter a short prompt with your business name, sphere of operation, and a slogan if you have one, and you get your logo designs generated.

Customize Your AI Logo

The customization opportunities of the platform are extensive. You can try different styles for your perfect logo designs to see what corresponds to your business better. You have fonts suitable for any theme. The color scheme allows you to find those tones, shades, and color combinations that suit your company. So, if you need a special brand design, there are no limits for generating logos.

Download Your Logo

When you are ready with your AI logo files, you can download them. Among the three packages suggested, the Business paid plan offers the widest list of opportunities. A brand identity kit can be formed here. SVG and PNG file formats for your high-resolution vector files are required for branding print materials.

Tailor Brands Logo Maker

Tailor Brands logo maker

Tailor Brands AI generator gives you an opportunity to become a real guru in graphics. Tailor Brands is a tool that will help you build your brand identity. Notable key features include:

  • Your AI logos can be created as files with a transparent background, and you can download your logo for free. If you need high-resolution logos, they are available in all necessary formats.
  • Multiple versions of your AI logo are specially formed for social media networks, with 21 patterns available. You do not have to look for a program to change the file formats of your custom logo, saving you time.

Your best AI logo design ideas will come true. You just need to give Tailor Brands a chance.

Shopify’s logo creator

Shopify's logo creator

If you think that a slim budget means professional logos are not for you, you are wrong. They are closer than you expect. You can generate logos from scratch using this platform, which provides the following benefits:

  • Numerous patterns are available to customize. There are hundreds of icons and fonts to choose from, all dedicated to the final aim of creating a nice logo for your business;
  • Social media logo designs are available for free optimization. Hatchful AI generator can become your personal designer and social media promoter.

Looka Logo Design Software

looka logo maker

Here is another example of a logo generator that can help you form professional logos. Its strong points are:

  • A straighforward. Even if you have never had any design experience before, the AI logo generator gives you a chance to try. You type your company name and indicate your industry, and you are offered endless logo options.
  • Brand materials. Your perfect logo in a vector format can be used on office supplies, clothes, or billboards.

This generator is a good choice for those who need logo design templates in specific formats like EPS and PDF. The gap between your unique logo and your company is shorter than you think.

LogoAI: AI logo creator


Regular updates turn this best logo builder into a useful tool with multiple opportunities to create unique visual products. Its key features are:

  • Easy to use. You need to follow three steps to get your generated logos: select the logo design templates, edit various changes, and download your own logo source files.
  • More logos for marketing materials. Social media templates can be formed on the platform.  

The website AI logo generator is easy to deal with and will not take much time to master.

DesignEvo: new logo maker to try


This new but effective and creative generator is worth your attention. The pros of the website in logo creation are:

  • Professional logo templates. They change the whole process, making designing easier and more pleasant. It is a totally different experience to use artificial intelligence to generate logos. You just think about a nice logo, and in a second, the AI generator forms it and develops your icon. Everything is done to help the logo design specify your brand identity.
  • Multiple text options. The platform offers a surprising range of possibilities. Style, size, and orientation of the lettering can be changed to suit your taste.

The platform is a suitable choice for those generated logos you have always wanted.

Brandmark AI Logo Generator


The top list of AI logo website builders is incomplete without this tool. For a start, you need to complete a simple questionnaire about your business and industry. Once some business details have been set up, you start forming your own icons.

  • You will get your new layout perfectly sized for social media platforms;
  • There is no need for monthly payments. With this generator, you pay just once and then have unlimited access to all the branding templates.

This platform forms logo design files that are great for online business. You can use them not only for commercial purposes but also for personal needs. You can try it for free to form your own impression.


As a matter of fact, the AI logo design process can be straightforward if you understand your company’s ideas and messages and choose one of the AI tools for your final goal. Now you know that there are many possible logo generators like Turbologo or Tailor Brands. Consider the opportunities that an appropriate logo design, generated by one of the AI logo generators mentioned above, can open for you. Advertising and promoting your business is worth trying, and the satisfaction you will get from this challenging achievement will be a nice bonus for you.

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