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Recently, AI logo makers have significantly simplified the process and reduced the cost of creating logos. With AI software, you can easily create a visual brand identity yourself using a neural network-based logo maker. You can get your new AI logo in just a couple of clicks and become the owner of a unique image with a slogan to promote a business name. So, the best brand logo maker AI is revealed: read and choose!

Create your own logo with Turbologo logo maker. It takes less than 5 minutes and no design skills needed.

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The list begins with a comprehensive and capable AI logo maker that offers a free process for developing high-quality logos.

Turbologo should be selected according to the following criteria:

  1. No specific skills needed;
  2. Pricing for online logo creation is more competitive than that of other providers;
  3. The possibility of obtaining high-quality logos without involving a professional graphic specialist.

The AI-powered logo software offers a smooth creation of professional logos, implementation of perfect logo styles for any brand on ready-made layouts, fonts, and numerous icons. To make professional logos, the program has to collect basic info about your case. A brief questionnaire is required to get started.

What kind of info is required:

  • Brand guidelines, starting with just a business name;
  • The slogan, if there is one;
  • The type of activity of the company.

Once the text form is filled out, try to take the first step — set the color palette and pick several thematically related icons. Then, professional logo templates will be displayed. The second step is registration, after which the program will provide a logo with watermarks. Here comes an elaborate built-in editor, so you can be sure to customize as many logo options as you want. In the end, you will have to pay for the finished AI-made stunning logo.

There are three types of payment: one-time (Lite), a Standard paid package, and a Business package for large companies, which involves brand kit development. Payment for professionally made logos is possible for 3 months and 1 year. In general, this is a useful and convenient platform, rightfully leading the rating.



Second place in the rankings is occupied by an online logo maker that features several interesting capabilities. It’s worth noting right away — this is not a free AI logo service. Furthermore, using LogoAI may seem relatively expensive. However, this software quickly provides AI brand logo options in perfect quality and welcomes any ideas.

Another key feature is the simplification of the data submission process. Here you can make a custom logo without filling out a questionnaire. The AI-powered logo maker asks you to enter only the company name for which the image is being created. At the start of the process, however, you must select from various options such as logo colors, font styles, and slogans.

Ultimately, you can download logo variations in high resolution after making a payment. Moreover, downloading is available in various formats, including SVG for high logo quality.



Visitors praise the neural network platform for its diverse offerings that facilitate the implementation of logo ideas.

An interesting feature: the AI logo maker not only converts text into pictures but also allows for the creation of custom logo styles through logo template versions. What’s more, once you have paid for the service according to the selected tariff plan, you can make unlimited edits and add your notes to the finished product.

Potential drawback: it may appear to be a free logo maker; however, saving the AI logo files requires a payment. Registration is free, but to access the logo variations, you must opt for one of three paid services. The simplest option allows for a one-time download of a PNG logo, while other options offer more complex features, such as diverse logo styles suitable for large-scale business projects. In essence, the free version is only a trial and functional logos cannot be obtained without making a payment.



This is a straightforward and fairly simple AI logo maker that does not need to be paid for. Playground is built on two neural networks — DALL-E 2 and Diffusion.

What users usually point out are the benefits: the ability to quickly adapt to user preferences. The tailored logo maker initially acted as an editor for images, and after updates, it began to make layouts and branded images. Obviously, you should not expect super abilities from a free service. However, you still can make a good brand and a stylish logo.

The AI logo maker, Playground, is user-friendly: simply enter your brand name and slogan, wait for the processing to complete, and then edit the resulting unique logos. A huge plus: all options on the website are free.



This simplified AI logo maker is used to make beautiful pictures. The AI-powered platform has an intuitive interface that allows users without design experience to easily customize and modify logos — for example, through a bot in which you will need to input key logo details.

One thing to note is that the site seems to be free, but the custom logo making can unpleasantly surprise you with its limits. That is, you can make a few pictures without paying, but with limited options. For example, you can make a few works, each consisting of 4 ready-made pictures with inscriptions. At the same time, the logos and social media graphics that you create will be of very low quality.

Recommendation: To improve the quality of your custom logos, you can buy additional credits on the website. Alternatively, you could try to reduce the number of your own logo options and opt for higher quality instead. In other words, you can either pay for the service or make a limited number of low-quality images.



The most important thing to note: this online tool is completely free. That is, the AI logo maker is open to creativity, imagination, and inspiration to get started.

The most interesting thing is that a person without experience can use this tool to make a logo on their own, and the result is formed based on neural network algorithms. Autodraw is part of the AI Experiments pilot project. By working with Autodraw, you help developers enhance the database and improve the final outcome by AI.

It is logical and expected: complex logo files and projects with unique designs cannot be created here yet. But you must agree, a free neural network tool deserves to be considered one of the best AI logo makers.

Adobe Firefly

Adobe Firefly

Another AI logo maker is the successful brainchild of the Firefly Image Model 2 neural network, which is perfectly suitable for the development of custom logos.

The main and most interesting point: this is a full-fledged, free AI logo maker, which will be noticeable when downloading personal logos in decent quality and high resolution. The logo maker will be able to draw an unusual and even abstract new logo of high quality, allowing you to choose preferred logo styles and other details.

A minor drawback: this business logo maker does not include a text option in initial logo concepts. That is, its functioning is based on processing words into a picture. You will get a layout without labels, and you will have to add the text using the built-in editor. However, you must spend time on the inscription to get splendid business logos created for free.

Final Recommendations for AI Logo Makers

Are you in need of personalized logos, eager to make a custom logo style in a complete brand kit format, and thinking about developing a unique brand identity yourself? The solution is obvious: you need a free logo maker to get started on complex projects. For example, choose from the best websites like Turbologo, and work on ready-made logo templates with low prices for your brand’s identity.

These online platforms offer suitable options for everyone — working with the online logo design services presented here is effective. Flexible and user-friendly AI logo makers can produce logos of any type, form, and preference.

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