How to make a graphic design logo

How to make a graphic design logo

Creating a well-designed logo is an important stage in the development of a company’s brand recognition. Having your own logo is the business card of the company and helps to stand out from the competition. A logo can not only convey the spirit of your business, but it can make a lasting impression and make you look different from your competitors. The list of tools available for free on the Internet is impressive. Let’s find the best logo tool to help you create a graphic design logo that tells your brand’s story.

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Choosing the Right Elements for Your Logo Design

Designing your logo is always a challenging and crucial task. The logo design process should be iterative. Start with sketching out ideas and refining them through feedback. Work with multiple logo customizable templates. Along the way to the final design, it is essential to consider various logo design tips.

Selecting Colors that Resonate with Your Brand

Logo design
Logo by Artem

It is common to want your perfect logo to evoke emotions. For that, just think about a color palette. Brand colors are associated with meanings and feelings. The psychological impact of logo colors matters. It will help you build your design and strengthen the values. Designing a logo with bright colors enhances the emotional impact and helps the font stand out even more from other design elements.

Picking the Perfect Typography

When choosing logo fonts, think about your business message to the target audience.

  • If your company needs a modern look, consider using clear, stylish sans serif fonts.
  • Serif fonts and decorative fonts will add a more traditional feel to your professional logo.
  • Use script fonts that can add a handwritten touch, contributing to the brand story.
  • Organic shapes and geometric forms allow for versatility in the final logo design process.

However, avoid overusing bold typography and bright colors to ensure the wordmark logo remains readable and not overly intrusive.

Deciding on Shapes and Symbols

Logo design example
Logo by Deividas Bielskis

If you want to add some meaning and interest to your logo design, use some abstract logo symbols. However, they should be used thoughtfully according to the following criteria:

  • Recognizable: so that anyone can understand common logo shapes;
  • Meaningful: it should reflect an aspect of your business or industry for better relevance.
  • Simple: as complex or detailed logo designs and vertical lines may not scale well.

Stick to trendy logo options

Modern graphic design trends are not only artistic but also powerful tools for communication and influence. Here’s what’s popular right now.

Wordmark logo

Logo by Dalius Stuoka | logo designer
Logo by Dalius Stuoka | logo designer

Design a logo with hand-drawn company name brings a “human” element to design. This style is based on the idea that handcrafted elements convey warmth and contribute to a friendly, approachable image. Recently, more and more brands and corporations are using this style to build their image.

Eco Style

Logo by Jerin
Logo by Jerin

Sustainability in graphic design goes beyond simply using environmentally friendly materials. This is a peculiar feeling of harmony with nature, which is reflected in the design in 2024. This trend attracts with natural shapes and colors, creating a feeling of harmony and permanence characteristic of nature. Designers are increasingly inspired by organic imagery, creating visuals that reflect calmness and naturalness.

Logo Design Journey in Minimalism

Logo by Joynal Abedin
Logo by Joynal Abedin

This trend not only emphasizes a sense of elegance and simplicity but also promotes effective communication. With a moderate color palette and an emphasis on typography, minimalism allows us to clearly convey a message. Its adaptability to a variety of media, from websites to brand attributes, makes it a well-suited logo option.

Digitalizing Your Custom Logo Symbols

Logo Symbols

To turn your company logo template from a dream into a digital sign, your abstract logo mark should be created on the right platform. The one that has a number of templates, many features to custom a brand identity design, and an interface where even a child can form a brand’s personality image is the Turbologo logo maker.

Choosing the Right Software

Choosing a website logo maker is a responsible thing. Here you may find good logo ideas if you lack your own. You can decide what logo templates you want to see as a result of your new logo process. Start a logo with Turbologo to fulfill your logo dreams and you will get your design just in few clicks.

Creating Vector Graphics

You can be sure it will be versatile. This means your effective logo look good no matter the logo’s size and contexts, both in color and black-and-white versions, or on a transparent background.

Refining and Revising Your Logo Brand Identity

Logo by Shihab Ahmad
Logo by Shihab Ahmad

Before diving into the design process with Turbologo, think about your business and its aim in the world. What legacy do you want to leave behind? What are your brand’s values. What is your principle message? Is your logo serious or playful, traditional or modern, luxurious or budget-friendly? This understanding will make your work on the free logo platform easier and more pleasant.

Making Necessary Adjustments in the editor

The company logo maker gives you an opportunity to make changes to your final design that you think are necessary. This is a very useful feature as trends come and go. It is important your timeless logo should remain relevant.  It can incorporate modern elements to avoid appearing outdated.

Testing Your Logo in Various Styles and Contexts

A great logo often incorporates a mix of elements such as abstract logo marks, monogram logos, combination marks, or pictorial marks. A combination mark, for instance, merges text and imagery to create a memorable logo, while abstract logo marks can bring out the essence of a brand in an artistic way. Iconic logos and timeless logos often use simple and minimal details yet capture the brand print materials.

Integrating Your Logo into Your Branding Materials

Your icon is more than your picture on an actual board. It is a silent representative that does everything possible to make your company famous. Turbologo provides you the right to test all the images of your logo on surfaces from office supplies to printed images on clothes to ensure it maintains its integrity.


Choosing the right helper for your graphic brand new logo design is necessary as it facilitates the creation process and saves your most important resources like time and money. A logo type created with Turbologo not only looks professional. It also links back to the brand values, offering a cohesive visual identity that stands the test of time. The platform is what you need on your way to enhance your visibility and to level up your success.

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