How to generate a business logo in 4 different ways using Turbologo

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In the competitive business sphere, lacking distinct advantages can lead your venture to fail. A strong business identity is crucial. It distinguishes your personal brand from the large number of others. You cannot represent your company name personally everywhere, but a simple logo can do this. So, if you want to know how to generate a business logo in four different ways using Turbologo, read the article, and you will have all the tools in your hands.

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If you have always dreamed about feeling like one of those well-known graphic professionals, now is your time. Make yourself a challenge and form a new business logo that is worth being called a professional one. It will take some time and patience, but with the help of the Turbologo online tool, the creation process becomes more manageable. Here are the steps:

  1. Start by naming your business, which will be central to your logo design.
  2. Decide what color palette represents the idea of your brand better. You may use some associations or color meanings. Also, you may read about Pantone color palettes to make your organization stay in tune with fashion processes.
  3. Choose an icon if you want to make your logo look more graphical and attractive, or choose a font to look succinct and concise.

No matter what you take finally, the most important thing is to make something that you personally appreciate. If it appeals to you, it will likely be liked by your target audience.

Starting from Templates

Logo ideas Turbologo

If you lack initial design ideas, Turbologo provides a variety of ready-made logo templates. Each example is worth the effort. Here is a guide through the process.

  1. Template Selection. Turbologo has an extensive online store of pre-designed templates that you can use according to the vision you have for your logo. This point makes the generator special, as your choice influences the final result.
  2. Logo Customization. Open your mind and switch on your creativity to customize the logo template online that you have just chosen. Here you have a list of possible logo options. You can change the text font, colors, icons, and other graphics, logo style, and layout, use signatures and monograms to suit your brand in the most perfect way ever.
  3. Checking and Adding Corrections. The possibility of using various mockups in the preview phase is a great option. It helps you understand the real look of your logo more easily than in your imagination. You edit it in a form as close to reality as possible. Choose to print your logo on a t-shirt, a business card, or an advertisement on a big board, and you will see lifelike pictures that will help you decide whether you need this variant or not. You will see the difference. At this step, you can still make all possible adjustments.
  4. Downloading. After all changes and corrections have been made, you finally come to the point. Although all customization options are available for free, you will be asked to purchase the ownership rights before downloading your professional logo.

Using AI Suggestions

AI logo maker

Living in a technologically advanced world, AI tools are present in all areas of life. You might be surprised by the wide range of opportunities offered by Turbologo. The website allows its potential customers to generate logo designs using AI. To use this feature, no intensive study or special skills are required, and you don’t need to worry about specifying basic information. Instead, the AI generator on Turbologo’s website handles everything for you.

  • AI generation: Simply enter your company name to begin. You do not even need to set a suitable icon selection associated with your industry. Constantly updated algorithms will generate relevant output without additional data.
  • Choose among AI-Generated Styles: The AI service considers all the current trends in your industry to create a logo. If they meet your approval, you can select from various styles suggested by the AI.
  • Polish AI Results: Do not forget that although you work with the AI generator, it is you who rules over the process. After all the AI suggestions have been made, you can fine-tune the background colors, try different fonts, shapes, sizes and other elements. The AI Turbologo builder can generate logos for various purposes, for example, a favicon for an internet website page.
  • Finalize and Download: After making all your adjustments and checking the way your new logo looks on different surfaces and objects, you come to the next stage. Finalize the brand design and press the download button to have your company logo.

The AI Turbologo suggestions may help broaden the horizons of users so much that you will get the perfect logo in the end.

Additional Tips

Logo design tips

Beyond these methods, consider these additional tips to further enhance your logo designing experience with Turbologo. First of all, if you have no idea what your future logo should look like, study the site’s blog. There are a lot of different tips on styles and methods of logo crafting.

The logo you choose influences the format required for your needs. If you want your logo with complex graphics to look great on the Internet, you have to choose the PNG variant. This raster image format will preserve the image quality even at high compression. But for scaling and shaping your logo for various needs, choose the SVG format.

Be attentive when choosing the format to download your logos, as you will be prompted to select one of the packages and make a payment. Lite, Standard, and Business options are available. It is obvious that the widest list of features is given by the last one. High-resolution files, color and clear backgrounds, different image formats, brand kit materials, and the modification rights are included in it. So, think everything over and choose the one you need the most.


As you see, the logo generator Turbologo is a time-saving and cost-effective solution for your logo needs. It eliminates the need to interact with designers directly, saves you from spending on unnecessary design tools, and provides valuable design experience. The power is in your hands.

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