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The question of having a visual identity is becoming more and more important nowadays. This is because of the large number of organizations that exist in various spheres. The sphere of religion is not an exception due to the vast number of registered churches. Considering this,” for clarity and conciseness, you understand that it is high time to learn how to design church logo.

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Why do churches need a logo?

Logo by Megan Nixon

A church logo is not an ordinary picture. A church logo design may become a guiding light for those who are seeking the right path. The church logo design becomes a visual representation. It serves as a visual summary of valuable ideas like what the church offers, what mission statement it stands for, and what a congregation can expect from it. Churches need their own logo because:

  • It is a source of connection with its followers. With the help of church logos, churchgoers can find their parish when they are, for example, away from their home church but need to be close to God for some reason. Or, following a certain church’s identity, they can find a church to visit on a regular basis. So, if you have a logo, it may guide people to you.
  • Religious organizations are run by professionals. Having a professional-looking logo is part of the job, as besides the notions the church stands for, it expresses values and the church’s message.
  • Although the church does not have rivals, as a kind of organization with business features, it needs to have some differences from other churches. It needs to be unique.

A church logo is also connected with the idea of church branding. When churchgoers like the website of the church, its blog, and logo design, they express more passion and devotion to their parish.

What elements make a good church logo?

A good church logo draws much attention to elements that make it look attractive to its target audience. The logo becomes an instrument for establishing communication between the church and its supporters and new members. So, what are these elements?

  • Warm colors are used to show the positive vibes a church sends.
  • If your logo style is seen as traditional, choose more classic typography for your final logo. It can have soft shades and no sharp edges.
  • If you are a modern church, Christian music may play an important role in the organization of your religious service. Looking over logo templates with music images might be what you are seeking for your modern congregation.

The visual representations of the church should look good no matter where they are used. Logo designs should adapt to a tablet or a billboard size in the same way and remain effective and clear.

Tips for designing a church logo

Logo by Elif Kameşoğlu

Designing your church logo is manageable when you clearly understand the message you wish to convey and the goals of your church. You should keep in mind certain key elements to have a well-designed logo.

  • Once seen as an organization, a church may have definite images in your logo project. They can be connected with the priest, the celebrant, or the parson figure, or the local community, for example. Or they can be some inanimate objects closely connected with the parish.
  • The church’s mission is what obviously should be expressed with a logo. Think about your objective associations with peace, prosperity, or trust and use them for your memorable logo.
  • Religious symbols may evoke a great emotional response from the believers. There can be some universal traditional symbols like a dove or cross symbols, or unique ones that show your church’s history. It can be something that indicates the church’s vision for your congregation. In any case, they constitute a memorable visual representation of the parish and convey the essence of your faith community.

All these design elements can be used to brainstorm ideas and to draw inspiration on the way to creating your perfect logo.

How do I make a church logo with Turbologo?

Logo by Nurul Islam Arif

The online logo designer Turbologo is a useful tool for an effective and unique logo design process. To obtain a new church logo, users simply follow a few quick steps, from entering the organization’s name to selecting design elements. Then, they can choose from a great number of church logo designs and customize a layout if needed. For inspiration, check other logos in the website’s template library.

The main advantages of using the software to highlight:

  1. The number of structural elements that you may customize for your church logo on the platform is striking. Numerous fonts, figures, thematic icons, and color choices can be used to create a logo to your taste. There is a great variety of editor functions that you may use for free to build a trustworthy identity and to create something special to stand out.
  2. Normally, you need a church logo to be created in different image formats to make the most of it. Turbologo provides them for your needs. PNG and SVG, as the most popular file formats, are accessible to you. If you want a church logo to be on T-shirts, you need the second format to be used. It is a vector format that allows you to scale the logo without losing its quality.
  3. Brand identity is something you need to form even if you are designing a logo with a church name for modern congregations. A complete brand kit is necessary to recognize your parish at first glance. Fortunately, it is possible to get a full pack, from letterheads to favicons, with the new logo on it. This way, you kill two birds with one stone: a new logo and marketing materials.

Turbologo is a great example of service versatility and a user-friendly interface. Obtaining a strong visual identity has never been so seamless.


To finish up, it is necessary to point out that a church logo can speak volumes. Don’t miss the opportunity to design it with little effort in Turbologo, especially if you lack specific skills. Ultimately, this is not only a matter of aesthetics but also an important element of identification and communication with parishioners.

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