Revolutionizing branding: the power of Turbologo automated logo maker

Turbologo is not just another logo creation service. The online service has a very impressive integrated database of graphic elements, icons and fonts, one of the largest among all analogs. A multiple selection of logos for narrowly focused organizations (clothing, catering, social projects) is especially appreciated among customers. It will take no more than one hour to create one visual project for marketing strategies.

Create your own logo with Turbologo logo maker. It takes less than 5 minutes and no design skills needed.

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The logo maker gives out many personalization options, different in composition and color schemes for design insights. It is accessible to export the logo and save it to your computer. Special mention is made of the efficiency of the clients support, which answers all questions in detail on any matter. 

Why is Turbologo good enough for branding?


To develop a creative and high-level visual product for branding, you do not need any special knowledge or skills in working with graphic editors. You just need to choose your preferred graphic elements for the logo and example of ready-made designs. And then the intelligent resources will generate logo options to suit your taste. 

Such an engaging consumer experience requires no extra effort. Moreover, the program never uses any pre-prepared options – an individual approach is applied to each logo, guaranteeing the originality of any future project. The more specific options you set in the app the more early adopters will value your elaborate outcome.

The service’s database contains more than three million ready-made icons and trend pictures drawn by designers from all over the world, and it is updated daily. There is also a huge selection of fonts, even for consumer who need Cyrillic.

You don’t have to wait to see the logo outcome: it is generated instantly. You can immediately evaluate in the preview how the brand name will look on a sign, box, T-shirt, documents, etc.

Turbologo differs from its analogues in its higher-quality logo design. A unique feature of the service is that it adds customer experience with forefront vector (SVG, PDF) images that are prepared for printing on any media and do not lose quality when scaled. You’ll also have access to bitmap (PNG) layouts, including transparent backgrounds.

The service guarantees free editing of the logo after purchase: you can correct and download its updated version throughout your career without additional payment. Using the online designer, you can make not only logos, but also focus on corporate identity media with your new logo: business cards, store sign, covers for social networks and much more. Advanced flexibility provides relevant settings to leverage brand features of any area.

Available options to customize logos

  • Choosing a Niche
Turbologo company name

Enter the name and short slogan of your company, choose your business area. This is necessary for the designer to determine the key specifics of your niche and set the right direction for creating a company logo.

  • Color selection
Turbologo colors

Select the color palettes in which you want to design your logo. Give preference to schemes that match the company’s corporate style so that the updated logo looks effectively in the overall design concept. Remember that the color can be changed later, when editing the result.

  • Icon selection
Turbologo icons

Select icons that will be located on the logo. Icons at this stage are displayed depending on the niche you have chosen. If you skip this step, the system itself will automatically expertise pictures that match the meaning.

  • Adding Shapes and text
Turbologo shapes

In the “Shapes” section, if desired, add lines, frames or monograms to create the finished look of the logo. In the “Text” section, choose the font you like. If you need to adapt text that is already on the logo, just click on it in the work field. 

Who can find it useful?

In today’s world, where brands identities become key to a successful presence in the marketing landscape, choosing the right logo can define the future of your business. Turbologo provides tools that combine high technologies and accessibility. Its innovations benefit the target audience from various businesses.

  • Startups: Young companies that have started their marketing campaigns recently and are looking for an affordable and high-quality solution for creating a brand logo.
  • Entrepreneurs: For businessmen who seek the ability to update their current logo and distinguish in a market for potential customers.
  • Bloggers and marketers: Those who want to point out brand’s recognition for partners on social networks.

Compared with the prices of design agencies, Turbologo offers affordable service packages, from which you can choose the best one for your budget and strategy. 


Using Turbolo is a contemporary way to simplify your life and automate work processes. Its developed technology is a great advantage in the field of design. Now you don’t need to look for a freelancer or an agency service like in the past. 

You can just go to the website and write your requirements, indicating all the details. In a few seconds, generated colorful options will be almost impossible to discern from accurate human work.

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