Turbologo Review: A Tool to Create Professional Business Logos for Free


Turbologo is an online logo maker that uses machine learning algorithms. With its help, even without design skills, users can create their unique logo for a brand identity for up to ten minutes. At the same time, a personal or business logo with a slogan will cost several times less than hiring a graphic designer. Thus, the logo design service will significantly save not only time but also money.

Create your own logo with Turbologo logo maker. It takes less than 5 minutes and no design skills needed.

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Advantages of Turbologo’s logo maker


The logo maker has gained popularity by providing everyone with the opportunity to create a logo for free, as well as benefits that optimize labor costs for working in the program.

Turbologo’s capabilities, unlike other logo design services, meet all modern requirements; with the help of the online logo creator with just a few clicks you can develop:

  • business card;
  • logo style;
  • letterhead;
  • favicon for the site;
  • graphic design for social media kits (avatars, miscellaneous covers, high-resolution image for Instagram, and YouTube channel).

The logo creator guarantees free editing of the personal logo after purchase: you can correct and download your logo updated version without additional payment.

Main features of Turbologo

Each custom logo maker has distinctive features that set it apart from similar services.

A special feature of Turbologo is the ability to select the high-resolution fonts, icons and colors of the future logo. The online logo maker tool will prepare layouts based on your picked logo options. 

In similar programs to make a logo faster, they offer to enter only a company name, producing a variety of association pictures, without a semantic component and not corresponding to the generally accepted concept. Construction is not always about houses and bricks, and a car dealership is not always about cars and mechanisms.

First, the service will offer to select color variations, then graphic symbols, and only after that options for choosing a logo become available.

The second distinctive feature of the designer is that access to custom logo editing is provided before and after purchase. Changing the color, thickness of images, frames and other elements is available to clients in the section with selected logos.

The third component of popularity is a blog with useful information. Information is presented in detail on what to pay attention to when creating logo designs, how they differ and what symbols are used for what to stand out from the flow and attract customers. 

Step-by-step instructions, practical tips and brand guidelines are available to every user of the site who wants to develop a perfect logo in the logo maker for a quick and free way.

Logo creation process

Before starting work, if you need to develop a business logo for a company, its name and area, set the parameters and look at the various logos created before. Don’t be afraid to experiment – combinations are made for free, unlimited changes are granted.

  • Step one – “Entering logo parameters”
Turbologo logo maker

On the website you need to click the “Create logos” button. The function is available without registration.

In the new window, be sure to enter the company name and indicate the field of activity. After entering the data, the online logo creator will offer to choose one of 9 color schemes. If you wish, skip a step entirely or make a choice later.

The new window presents a huge collection of more than 250 icons that are associated with the name or like the image. To confirm your choice, click on the picture you like.

The selected samples will be presented in the upper right corner. The maximum number for 1 iteration is 5 pictures. Choose icons based on their meaning—those that are associated with the store’s assortment or abstract images.

  • Step two – “Select the option you like”
Turbologo logos

Put the “Like” sign on the option or several you like by clicking on the heart that appears when you hover over it with the mouse. Today, logos are distinguished by conciseness, readable font names and the absence of small details. The selected templates are saved in the “My Logos” section.

Further editing a logo in the logo maker app

If you want to edit logo, click on the “Edit” text that appears on the picture.

For example, there was a need to add another image. Click on the “Icons” sign and select from the list provided or look at the quality logo templates in other tabs of the item: flowers, circle, etc. Change the background, fonts, logo color – whatever you want to create custom logo designs.

During design process in Turbologo’s logo maker, it is recommended to be guided by the following principles:

Simplicity and uniqueness. The logo should be simple and memorable. Avoid overly complex shapes and details so that it is clear and easy to understand at any size.

Compliance with your activities. The logo should reflect the essence of your company and be related to your products or services. Discard custom logo design ideas that are not relevant to your activities.

Turbologo service prices

Turbologo price

The service has 3 tariffs that complement the functionality of each previous one:

  • light – 1 high-resolution picture;
  • standard – light + vector format, editing possible within a month after purchase;
  • business – standard + creation of a complete brand kit and icons for social networks.

Purchased files are available for download in high resolution. The presence of a vector format allows you to change the size without losing quality, and since you may have to print ready vector files of the logo on labels, T-shirts or advertising banners, the standard rate is considered optimal.

Payment by credit card or via PayPal.


Turbologo is a personal graphic designer that will help you easily create an online logo, allowing for many details and the requirements. Several options proposed by the program based on the entered data will generate an idea of ​​the future logo, combine cool designs and get a high resolution image downloading. 

The site is an easy to use editor, there is no need for additional software installations, and a right logo style will be available for instant download.

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