Dynamic Logos – When and How to Use Them

Dynamic Logos

Dynamic logos truly are a source of ado these days. They say nobody is interested in guessing the true meaning of a logo. They fear that business will descend into chaos if logo placed on a product will be slightly different from one in ad. However, we stated in some previous articles that a logo isn’t necessarily clear and depicts what is being sold.

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Is Lacoste actually a crocodile farm? Ask your friends to draw the Lacoste logo. You are sure to get different logos. Nevertheless, the goal is reached, as people associate a logo with a product. What we are trying to say is that people memorize an image, not the way it has been drawn. A dynamic logo, in turn, helps to design that image.

What is a dynamic logo

Basically, you will have not one, but a variety of standard logo designs, for every occasion, so to speak. It’s an adaptive move and it’s just what’s needed today. Let’s resort to psychology to get the gist of it all. Humans are naturally exposed to rhythmic influences.

Some might say that rhythm is about music, not drawing or design. And the idea of making “sounding images” is just a joke. However, there is a way of doing so, and our ancestors were quite familiar with it. It is an ornament and it’s the oldest way of depicting rhythm. Polygonal and smooth lines of various shapes and colors merge together, following a certain algorithm, and all of it ultimately turns into a “sounding” ornament. And the dynamic logo is based upon the same principle.

So, the idea is far from being fresh or original. You have seen dynamic logos many times in your childhood. Do you still remember MTV? You surely have remembered big letters, glowing various colors. It even was animated, and you still remember it! The thing is that only mass media could afford it, as the logo was on TV 24/7. And we have the internet nowadays, so animated logos are far more welcome.

How to make dynamic logo?

The main point of dynamic identity is to design at least a few logo and style variations and adjust your marketing strategy to apply those variations. The process is no different from ordinary rebranding. And don’t forget that a proper rhythm is comprised of many themes. In terms of graphics, it takes a unified structure, strict rules and a fixed amount of repeating elements. Thus, it enables you to single out immutable details of your dynamic logo.

And here is a company with thousands of dynamic logos. It is Google and its Google Doodle. Extreme variability is compensated with a “Google” inscription in every variation and the site we all visit every day.

In case you are confused and not quite sure how to make a dynamic logo, just use an online maker to create the best dynamic identity. Experts will be glad to help you with that as it’s more important to design a recognizable logo and only then alter it!

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