History of the Google logo design – evolution and meaning

Google logo history

Most people on our planet are part of global culture. Cultural borders became transparent thanks to the Internet in the first place. This world of pop-culture is governed by mega-corporations which began as very simple ideas. In some cases, like Star Wars, which we can easily ignore them, and that means we are free to choose. But sometimes we have no choice at all. In case with Google, we, quite literally, can’t imagine our life without it, and it’s unlikely to change in the upcoming future. Of course we have changed in last 17 years, but so has Google. It’s available services have altered and visual style too. To better understand occurred shifts we need to delve deeper into the past and start with the beginning of it all.

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Old Google logo

Google first logo, 1997

The history of original google logo creation begins with misspelling of Google. The idea was to name a company as “Googol”, and the word itself means 10 raised to the 100th power. As we can see in millions of search results, the name describes the company just fine. And so, misspelled word has become a point of the company.

As it turned out, the first logo design was designed by founders of the company for free. It looked awful to say the least, devoid of meaning and style.

Thanks goodness this fail variation didn’t last long. Larry Page and Sergei Brin asked Ruth Kedar, a design teacher, who invented a new Google logo. It truly was a brainstorm! Ruth came up with options, trying to define the idea, but all of them were rejected. Maybe Ruth’s problem was that she tried to endow the logo with too much senses. The options were ranging from a pointblank to magnifier, but no option was good enough. The solution, however, was quite obvious. Font for Google logo was based upon Catull – an old font of serif type. The type is known for being vintage and possessing a story behind itself, and that manifested it as intergenerational search engine. And once Ruth added color to the font – all the previous options became obsolete. This Google logo, with suitable colors and symbolic implication, reflects well the company’s core ideals and a comfort brought by search technologies.

History of Google Doodle

Google logo doodles

In contrast to most companies, who seldom change their logo, Google is always ready to try something new. How come? It is all thanks to company’s unique ability. The logo is always the  first thing to see when you run your browser, every morning and evening. So, Google doesn’t have to care about rebranding adverts. They just change their logo and the whole world is aware of it the next moment. Given the situation, you can alter your logo in any manner you see fit!

The thing was noticed when Burning Man fest logo had been added up to Google’s in 1998. Users and officials liked the idea and little by little became an institution. These witty Doodles started to appear more frequently, and finally they were given a funny animation. Goggle today is even ready to alter its logo for every single user! Such a super-individual approach it is! If you have your personal Google account filled, and you visit Google on your birthday – you’ll get your personal Doodle. One might consider a petty picture insignificant, but for many others it’s a good reason to like the company.

Google logo doodles 2

History of Google logo

Google logo, 1998 Google logo, 1999 Google logo, 2013

Google logo was altered a bit in the upcoming years. Though main ideas still were there. A simple inscription became even simpler. First, shadows under the letters were removed, and then letter volume disappeared, dictating flat-design trends. However, overall lightness of the logo and its vividness and allurement were preserved. A rainbow color combination was quite original, provided it ignored the color circle rules, as rules as such exist only to be skillfully broken.

Google logo, 2015

It is worth mentioning that virtual logo, in contrast to printed on bags or boxes, has many advantages. First of all it can be animated. For example, using Google helper, you might notice logo bursting into dots, imitating voice equalizer. All these small things are not to be neglected, as in the world of modern techs you simply can’t afford ignoring trends!

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