Ways to Use ChatGPT in Business


ChatGPT is an innovative, unique chatbot powered by artificial intelligence. It can be used for various purposes, one of which is business development and optimization.

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What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is based on the GPT-3.5 neural network model (latest version). The developer of this chatbot is OpenAI, which created it together with Microsoft.

Microsoft has integrated the created neural network into its Bing browser. At the end of 2022, the developer opened access to this chatbot for everyone.

This program was trained mainly on English-language texts, but it is capable of conducting dialogues in other languages.

After this chatbot became publicly available, many users are actively exploring its capabilities. Research has become widely known, during which a chatbot was asked to provide answers to questions used to evaluate the qualifications of representatives of various professions.


The chatbot was able to pass the exam for admission to medical and lawyer practice, as well as successfully pass business tests that allow one to obtain an MBA degree. Therefore, it is not surprising that ChatGPT successfully copes with simpler tasks.

The chatbot goes through various interviews, generates dissertations, creates student essays, masterfully plays chess, writes songs, writes program codes and makes changes to them.

It can also be used to optimize various business processes, make the company more successful and prosperous, and improve its position in the market.

Use cases for ChatGPT for business development


With ChatGPT, you can more actively develop and optimize your business strategy, using AI to successfully solve the following problems:

  • creating content for the company’s online resource;
  • writing program code;
  • generating email texts;
  • SEO analysts of competitors;
  • creating ideas;
  • writing texts for social networks;
  • using a chatbot in support work, etc.

AI is also capable of adding product descriptions on a website, translating texts, drawing up technical specifications and performing many other things that allow you to quickly and effectively optimize business processes in a company.

Help with writing code


Using this model of innovative artificial intelligence, you can create website code. Before this, you should prepare the input data – the program will use it for a generation.

For this purpose, you can use existing code that needs improvement or addition, or text that describes the programming task posed by the user. Having prepared the input data, you can begin generating a program, which can later be supplemented and improved manually.

Using ChatGPT in code creation can become a useful and convenient tool for developers. Using this technology, you can significantly speed up development.

However, we must not forget about the possible problems and limitations that are associated with the use of ChatGPT. This technology should be used carefully and combined with manual checking and optimization of the generated strings.

Marketing materials

ChatGPT is gradually being introduced into the field of digital marketing. In this area, it can be found in several applications. Here are the most useful examples of searching for marketing materials.

Writing letter texts

letter texts

ChatGPT is able to create template responses to emails and texts of letters for email distribution. It takes a long time to write unique letter texts manually, and template letters that have no practical use have not worked for a long time.

Using ChatGPT, you can quickly create personalized emails and send unique messages to your company’s customers.

This will make it possible to optimize the process of interaction with the consumer audience, and timely convey to them the necessary information with minimal financial and labor costs.

Marketing analysis of the target audience

Marketing analysis

Marketing analysis, identifying the main segments of the target audience, finding needs and objections – this is the very first thing where work on the marketing part of a new project begins.

As it turns out, ChatGPT can help with this too. But there is an important nuance! Chat will not be able to conduct a deep analysis of the target audience, find insights and formulate an idea that will explode the market.

From experience, ChatGPT provides a few basic ideas that you can build on before diving into the jungle of your audience’s needs.

Request wording:

  • We describe what we want to receive (for example, “conduct a marketing analysis of the target audience”).
  • Data entry about the product you are selling and its essence.
  • We describe the target audience itself, customer inquiries. You can mention their needs and interests.
  • We clarify the task. We write what exactly we want to get in the end (for example, “write three needs or three objections of the audience”).

SEO analytics of competitors

SEO analytics

Using ChatGPT allows you to obtain primary data for further SEO analysis of competitors. Using this system optimizes the process of studying competitors, allowing you to minimize the costs of this research and save time.

Offers, headings and subheadings for advertising creatives

Usually, it is difficult to come up with a good offer for products without a unique selling proposition. Many simply copy competitors’ offers.

Chatgpt can help here too. At a minimum, it will give you interesting ideas from which you can build on and come up with something new.

Request wording:

  • We write what exactly we need (for example, “make five marketing offers”).
  • We describe what the offer should consist of (for example, “the offer should have a title and subtitle”).
  • We talk about the product you are selling and its essence.
  • We describe the target audience itself. You can mention her needs and interests.
  • We describe the needs and possible objections of the target audience.

Long selling texts based on formulas

Long texts are a weak point for many marketers. Few people like to write them. However, they do work. Often, company employees simply rewrite competitors’ texts in their own way. But you can do it even simpler.

Artificial intelligence can not only generate natural language text, but also use various formulas such as AIDA or PPPP.

Request wording:

  1. We write what we want to receive (for example, “marketing selling text”).
  2. We indicate which formula should be used (for example, “use the PPPP formula”).
  3. We talk about the product you are selling and its essence.
  4. We describe the target audience itself. You can mention her needs and interests.
  5. We describe the needs and possible objections of the target audience.
  6. If necessary, indicate the amount of text.

Identifying target audience segments that will be interested in your product

target audience

Very often we think about which segments may be interested in our product. Sometimes this can take hours. However, everything can be simplified here too with the help of GPT chat.

Request wording:

  1. We write what we want to receive (for example, “write 7 segments of the target audience who may be interested in this product”).
  2. We talk about the product you are selling and its essence.
  3. Add additional information that we want to obtain (for example, “add three audience needs and a reason why this product might be interesting”).

Advertising banners

In some cases, it can be difficult to decide what exactly needs to be placed on an advertising banner for big and small businesses. The chat will again come to the rescue, throwing up some interesting ideas.

Request wording:

  1. We write what we want to receive (for example, “give me seven ideas for advertising banners”).
  2. We indicate what the chat should describe (for example, “describe what exactly should be depicted on the banners”).
  3. We talk about the product you are selling and its essence.

Creating ideas


Another way to use the ChatGPT system is to generate different content ideas. AI is capable of generating tips on any topic natural language processing. Diversity of ideas allows you to create more useful content for readers, which brings more traffic in search engines, increases sales and advertising revenues.

Ideas for a content plan

Now this is one of the most popular ways to use neural networks for small businesses. With their help, good and “working” content plans for social networks are obtained.

Request wording:

  1. We clearly state what exactly we want to receive (for example, “make a content plan for 10 social media posts. Describe the topic of the post. Also rate the post according to the complexity of creation from 1 to 5, depending on the topic”).
  2. We talk about the product being sold and its essence.
  3. We describe the target audience, its needs and possible objections.

Ideas for setting yourself apart from competitors

The settlement from competitors is your advantage that distinguish you from your neighbors in the market. These are the benefits you focus on in your marketing. This allows you to stand out from your competitors, so the consumer understands why they should choose your product.

Request wording:

  1. We clearly state what exactly we want to get (for example, “list five things that can help our product stand out among competitors”).
  2. We talk about the product being sold and its essence.
  3. We describe the target audience, its needs and possible objections.

Data analysis

Data analysis

ChatGPT can do many of the same things that a data analyst can do.

Here are the main examples of data analysis:

Data collection: AI can help you collect and organize data from a variety of sources, including databases, spreadsheets, and APIs.

Data Cleaning and Preparation: AI can clean and prepare data for analysis by removing missing or irrelevant values, handling outliers, and transforming variables as needed.

Exploratory data analysis: Artificial intelligence performs initial exploration of data to identify patterns, trends, and relationships using techniques such as summary statistics, visualization, and hypothesis testing.

Predictive Modeling: Artificial intelligence is capable of creating predictive models to predict future outcomes based on past data analysis, using techniques such as regression analysis, time series analysis and machine learning algorithms.

Data visualization: Artificial intelligence can create visual representations of data, such as charts, graphs, and maps, to help you understand and communicate the ideas it has learned from the data.

Communicate results: AI can communicate the results of my analysis in a clear and concise manner, either through reports, presentations, or interactive dashboards, depending on your needs.

Writing texts for social media posts

social media posts

Using ChatGPT you can generate texts for various social networks. It is quite convenient to use it to create similar, low-content texts. For example, some people have difficulty starting an article because they don’t know where to start.

To solve this problem, you can also use ChatGPT by asking artificial intelligence to formulate the main idea of ​​a future article.

Based on the received material, it will be easier for the copywriter to create his own text. Also, with the help of AI, it is convenient to develop the structure of a future article, write a conclusion, and draw conclusions.

ChatGPT can generate new topics for articles and posts on social networks, develop content plans for social networks, and create posts of various formats.

Market research

Market research

ChatGPT will also be useful in market research. Here are some useful examples. Attention! Overall, using ChatGPT in market research can be beneficial for companies that want to quickly obtain quality data, save resources, improve customer service and conduct market research in different countries.

However, it must be remembered that ChatGPT is still an automated tool and may require additional analysis and verification of the results obtained.

Surveys and feedback

Leverage ChatGPT to conduct surveys to explore the opinions and preferences of potential customers. Thanks to its ability to generate text, the model can ask questions and receive answers from survey participants. This allows companies to gain valuable insight into market reaction to a new product, service or marketing campaign.

Analysis of reviews and comments

With ChatGPT, you can analyze customer reviews and comments about products or services on various platforms, such as social networks, forums, blogs, etc. The model is capable of processing large volumes of valuable insights, identifying the most frequently occurring topics and customer behavior.

This allows business owners to understand their strengths and weaknesses and take steps to improve the quality of their products and services.

Implementation of customer service platform

customer service

One popular use of ChatGPT is to implement it into a help desk as a chatbot. Using them, you will provide effective, fast customer support by answering questions and solving problems online.

Artificial intelligence can instantly generate answers to customer questions, which makes it possible to automate the work of the support service. By using AI instead of a human operator, the company saves money and makes customer service more efficient.

ChatGPT is able to maintain a dialogue with users, give detailed answers to their questions, and even argue. However, there are still some disadvantages in using it instead of real operators. The chatbot does not know how to ask clients leading questions; it lacks empathy.

Additionally, some AI responses may be erroneous and overly verbose, which may turn off some customers.

Identifying trends and forecasting demand

Chat GPT can be used to analyze industry trends and forecast demand for certain products or services. The model is capable of processing data from various sources such as news articles, blogs, social networks and others. This allows companies to gain up-to-date information about customer needs and behavior, which will help them make more informed production, marketing and sales decisions.

Development of marketing strategies

ChatGPT can be used to develop marketing strategies and plan marketing campaigns. The model can analyze data about competitors, target audiences, customer interactions, and more. This allows companies to identify effective marketing channels, create more accurate customer personas, and develop marketing messages that most effectively attract the attention of target audiences.

Competitive environment research

Using ChatGPT, you can conduct research on the competitive environment, and analyze the actions of competitors and their strategies. The model is capable of processing data from public sources such as company websites, reports, news and others. This allows companies to understand the competitive advantage of their rivals and develop strategies that will help them differentiate themselves in the market.

All these features of ChatGPT make it a powerful tool for conducting market research. However, it must be taken into account that the model may be limited by its knowledge and experience, so the results of the study should always be checked and analyzed in conjunction with other sources of information.


ChatGPT is an innovative, highly promising system that provides great business opportunities. Its use will allow you to significantly speed up many business processes in your company, reduce the cost of paying employees, and optimize the conduct of your business.

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