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The problem of brand identity is vividly present in the modern business sphere. Any player in this market, if it wants to make a profit, needs to be noticed. In the marketing sphere, that means having its own logo. A professional logo will help your potential clients know about your business; it will become recognizable. For professional logo designers, turning logo design ideas into reality is a task they fulfill every day. But if you are a newbie and the logo design process is not your thing, there is still no need to worry. Let’s take a look at one noteworthy logo design website.

Create your own logo with Turbologo logo maker. It takes less than 5 minutes and no design skills needed.

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The Rundown on the Best Logo Design Software

Best Logo Design Software

Finding the right software for getting custom logos that suits all your needs can seem like a dull and challenging process. There are many websites where you can easily lose yourself searching. Turbologo, Looka Logo, or something similar may give you certain logo ideas. Keep in mind following important aspects while choosing the one for you:

  • Understandable interface. It should be clear what to do at each step of the process, and what commands a free logo designer must execute to end up with a unique logo. A clear understanding of what you can find and do on the website is essential. The logo design tips that software provides are important. Otherwise, using an online logo design tool will become a total waste of time.
  • Diverse Download Formats. Even if you have not thought about a possible brand kit yet, a website should provide it for you. For it, you will need to download your logo template as a high-resolution logo format that preserves its pixel quality while scaling, rotating, or working with shapes.
  • Configuration options. For constructing the best logo possible, the customization options should allow you to use editing tools to customize logos, change colors, and add a transparent background with just a few clicks.

As you see, these are some of the most important features that you may require for your logo files. Keep them in mind, and let’s move forward.

Do I need design experience to use an AI logo design website?

This question is likely the first one that may occur to you. You might think that if you cannot cooperate with professional designers or if you personally know nothing about this topic, it is a problem. But, even with a lack of design skills or specific knowledge in this artistic, productive field, you will still have an opportunity for your business logo. Just be patient, and logo designs that are worth being shown in logo design contests will be yours.

Turbologo: a brief guide


As for the key points it possesses, the Turbologo platform can be seen as the best logo application. If we were to hold a logo design contest for online AI logo designers, it could easily become our winner. So, just try and see.

Choose from hundreds of logo templates & styles

Logo ideas Turbologo

You will not have a single opportunity to lack ideas. The website provides you with an extensive logo template library, suggesting you work with thousands of logo designs. They vary in the spheres you may apply them to. It is really hard to choose just one, but having a perfect logo is worth it.

Personalize the layout, fonts & colors of your logo

Turbologo colors

It also offers an extensive list of editing tools. At the first step on the website, you type the name and the sphere of the business you are in. After that, you will be in the role of graphic designer, with all those design elements and logo options in your arsenal here. Logo colors can be changed, and various logo styles can be tried. To obtain custom logo designs, it is highly recommended to utilize all logo editor tools.

Complement the brand kit

Apart from designing a great logo, a well-developed brand kit can also be composed on the website. It is important to have your business name with the new logo on marketing materials, as you will advertise yourself in this way, showcasing your positive sides and presenting yourself as serious and significant. To obtain all these options, your logo files should be in special formats. As you know, they are SVG and PNG. The choice is dictated by the purpose of your DIY logo. The PNG format of your logo icon makes it high-resolution and looks great on various items like t-shirts, textbooks, and others.

Pay attention to a few moments after work is done

Logo maker

The process of designing a right logo online with Turbologo is smoother than it might seem. You can easily enjoy it. However, be mindful as some pitfalls may complicate the process.

Choose the logo package accurately. After completing the logo design process, you will need to download your logo. To gain access to your files, you will be asked to make a payment. The list of logo packages includes three options: Lite, Standard, and Business.

Consider where you will use your company name and branded assets: This consideration will help you make the right choice, as the packages differ. The Standard pack, being the most popular choice among users, provides you with SVG files and a logo on a transparent background. However, if you plan to use your company logo as a favicon or on business cards, the Business pack would be your go-to option.

Decide whether a three-month or twelve-month period will suit your needs.


It’s easy to see the convenience of working on a design website to form your logo online. You take on the challenge of a professional designer. Your logo reflects your company’s message, its values and there is no room for error. That’s why making an informed choice of a platform is crucial. We hope our analysis helps you sidestep potential difficulties and ensures confidence in your chosen website.

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