5 custom AI tools for logo making to try in 2024

5 custom AI tools for logo making to try in 2024

The question of how to make your business more prominent may lead you to consider developing your own logo. If you think logo making is hard and time-consuming, you are mistaken. Modern technologies have changed the way you achieve a consistent brand identity. We have prepared a top five list of custom AI tools for logo making to try in 2024. They differ in key features, so you will definitely find the one you like more.

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Are AI Logo Generators right for your business?

Not so long ago, to get an appropriate quality logo, companies would hire a specialist in the graphic design sphere. That used to be a key factor of success. But nowadays, they have been replaced by AI-powered tools, which have become a popular alternative due to the great number of benefits they offer to their users. They save a significant amount of time and money since hiring a professional is not necessary. You can generate business logos and build a strong brand identity yourself with just a few clicks.

Some drawbacks are also possible here, including limited features in some customization options for your business brand, such as the choice of alphabets or color palettes. However, these drawbacks are not significant enough to justify not using them. Here are our top 5 website editors that will help to form your brand’s identity.

Turbologo – the Best Free Logo Maker


This AI logo maker can be called one of the best professional logo makers because of the key features it possesses. Brand logos formed with its help look really captivating due to its options. So, everyone can make a unique logo themselves. What is the difference?

  • A user-friendly interface makes it possible even for a newbie in this sphere to form professional logos. All you need is to follow the tips the website gives you on the way to your brand kits.
  • The logo maker offers a range of AI-powered tools to build a branding kit. To make a basic logo, you can work with pre-made templates, multiple color palettes, and other effects. You can change these according to your taste, resulting in great personalized logos.
  • The AI logo maker packages differ in their offerings. Just one AI-powered logo that you can download is included in a Lite package. A Standard one includes high-resolution logo files, print-ready files, and SVG format. There is also a comprehensive Business pack. It includes materials for creating a brand kit, such as watermarks and social media favicons to express your brand’s personality. Together with your professional logo, you have all the instruments to complement your visual identity.

One thing to mention here is the subscription period. For your convenience, the logo editor Turbologo gives its users the option to choose between a three-month and a twelve-month period. These subscription options can help you manage costs effectively. The main advantage is that the process of making your own logo is absolutely free!

Tailor Brands Logo Maker for Complete Branding Suite

Tailor Brands logo maker

When you need to create a logo AI based, Tailor Brands logo editor is there for you to work with. Some key features distinguish it from other logo AI makers:

  • It specializes in social media profile logos. Numerous logo templates for a basic logo are in a logo data store. It gives users an opportunity to prepare posts for publishing in advance. What is more, special analytics features of the website builder are available to examine the post’s quality and its popularity.
  • Even if you do not find anything you like among all those unique logo mockups on the platform, you will be able to upload your own image to fulfill your logo ideas.

But keep in mind that non-Latin symbols are not accommodated on the platform, and it works by subscription only. If these features do not disturb you, you are welcome to use it. If not, choose something different.

DesignEvo: The Cutting-Edge Tool to Test Your Logos


This is another AI logo maker that draws our attention. It has some basic features that we like better. Being multilingual, it gives you an opportunity to work not only in English but also in Japanese and other languages.

Impressive options for text customization are free for your use. It is not only about font size or its style, but also about outlines, text shadow effects, and text color palettes. Obtain custom logo files, personalize your branding tools and make your business brand look unique, all these things will be highly necessary for you.

This flexibility, along with the variety of customization options, makes it a worthy choice for firms looking to establish a distinct and culturally sensitive brand presence throughout the world.

Logo AI: Quickly Make a Custom Logo


It is a very straightforward AI logo maker to use, and the list of key features it offers to make an AI-powered logo makes you want to try it. It gives businesses an opportunity to generate professional logos for brand promotion. Major traits to note:

  • Various ideas in the form of quality logo templates are accessible on the platform. You can adjust colors, fonts, and other elements by customizing them according to your needs and ideas.
  • Logos for stationery, such as patterns for social media profile logos, can be formed with its help.

Thus, this logo maker is both versatile and user-friendly, ideal for businesses looking to enhance their brand identity efficiently and effectively.

Brandmark: the most advanced AI logo design tool


Brandmark logo maker is convenient to deal with as it has a long list of adapted options. Its basic features are:

An opportunity to change your logo. You can do it no matter how many times on your way to creating business logos as you imagine them. Once you have bought the package, you may customize styles, shapes, and other alternatives to form an ideal logo. The AI logo maker can be used with various packages, each offering different features, tailored to specific needs and price points.

SVG and PNG, EPS and PDF, all these formats are there to meet your needs. These high-resolution files are ready to apply to your logos.

Summing up

The tools mentioned are just a few examples, but they are not the only options available. You can extend the list with some other website builders such as Wix logo maker, for instance. But even those we have mentioned above can fulfill the most ambitious ideas. The benefits of your company shown through personalized logos are the way to gain popularity and brand recognition.

Using these tools is a cost-effective and practical solution for companies looking to quickly create logos. You will have unlimited logo ideas and can make a logo that will represent your brand everywhere. Try platforms like Turbologo and see that they are really worth dealing with.

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