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If an inanimate object can describe your business, what will it be? Some might think about a brand kit or something from the business sphere in which the organization operates. Others let their imagination fly further and suggest objects that reflect the emotional state associated with the things they deal with. But, no matter what answer you give, a professional logo is the thing you describe in all cases. Achieving a truly unique logo is often challenging.

You should cooperate with a professional graphic designer for whom the logo design process is as easy as ABC. Hiring a professional logo designer is the best idea if you want the work done well. But if you are short on time or have a limited budget, there is no need to be discouraged. A professional logo maker is closer than you expect. You can learn how to create a perfect logo yourself by using AI logo generators. To paraphrase a famous quote from a popular movie by George Lucas: “May the patience be with you”. Let’s take a closer look at the best AI logo generators.

Create your own logo with Turbologo logo maker. It takes less than 5 minutes and no design skills needed.

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Apparently, this platform provides the best tools for logo creation. In comparison to working with a professional logo designer, the results from using an AI-generated logo platform can be similar. After using it for some time, a business may consider a professional designer unnecessary in their scheme. The basic logo maker can generate high-resolution logos of various styles, which is convenient if you have no initial ideas. After getting AI-generated logos, you can give full swing to your creativity in the built-in editor. With the help of awesome logos and logo customization options, it helps to form your brand identity.

Distinctive traits:

  • The logo creator has a user-friendly interface that is easy to understand, even for an amateur. The logo design process is also well-organized into stages.
  • PNG and SVG are available as popular and useful file formats, which you receive after purchasing. There are three variants available: Lite, Standard, and Business. The Business pack is the most comprehensive, including design elements of a brand kit.
  • All of these features make the logo maker quite versatile. Professional logo design is no longer the prerogative of narrow specialists.



If you have very little time to create a custom logo or need your logo right here, right now, it is not a problem anymore. This website builder has many logo maker tools to create custom logo designs, which you will appreciate.


  • Ease of use is an important characteristic of a logo creation process;
  • Customization options for logo designs are available in the free version and are extensive. What is more, logo templates are also available on the same conditions;
  • As soon as you have perfected your AI-generated logo, you can purchase the rights to your logo files. It is a single payment that you make once. After that, your AI-powered logo can be used commercially as needed.

Thanks to the affordable pricing of the packages, Logomaster’s free logo maker shortens the distance between you and your own logo.



Being among the best logo makers, Logo AI helps to create custom logos. It is a must-have for countless organizations and businesses that you cannot even imagine their number. AI logo generator creates a basic logo and items such as cups or textbooks for your brand’s identity. What else should be stressed is that LogoAI’s options can deal with social network content.

Key features:

  • The opportunity to generate logos of high-quality is provided due to wide customization options;
  • Uploading clients’ own fonts and the possibility to do with them what they want is an option here. It is necessary for those who appreciate personal style;
  • If you encounter any troubles or are lacking logo ideas, logo designers may help you create and personalize logos;
  • The efficiency of the website is rather high. It works without any bugs. So, generating your professional logos becomes a pleasant process;
  • Social media content on behalf of a company name is typical for LogoAI as it deals with them. Icons for social networks like Facebook or Instagram are available to work with.

If your sphere of concern lies more online than offline and you need something for your representation, LogoAI is the right choice for you.

Wix logo maker

Wix logo maker

An AI-powered logo maker makes a perfect match with a website builder under the same keyword. Their collaboration allows you to obtain the most from both.

Key cornerstones:

  • The multilingualism of an online logo maker is its strong point. It promotes the growth of its popularity and makes it stand out. Many languages are available for you. It is possible to customize logos due to the accommodation with Latin and Cyrillic alphabets;
  • With this free AI logo generator, six logo generator tools are available for you, and you can personalize them according to your needs: fonts, emblems, files to upload, figures, color scheme, and baseline. These items can be shifted, twisted, or copied. The addition of shadows and a transparent background is also available for your choice. All these options are there to give you the possibility to generate logo ideas;
  • A wide system of technical support is offered on the Wix platform. All ways are open for you: a library of technical advice, an online chatbot, and a real callback from a techno specialist. All are accessible to you;
  • For commercial use, you need to purchase ownership of your logo files. The Basic and Advanced logo packages are available for you to decide. Their content is different. They accommodate 8 PNG and 50 PNG files, respectively. However, only in the second profile are SVG images and supplementary alternatives for developing a brand’s identity provided.

All free logo makers are really beneficial, but this one is particularly so. If you need your optimized materials for public networks, you are welcome to use it.



What makes this AI logo generator differ from other AI logo makers? It dispenses great adapted options for its customers. Create logos just after following a questionnaire.


  • The list of file types that can be chosen for images is extensive. There are not only SVG and PNG ones that other logo builders also suggest as their options, but EPS and PDF ones are present here for clients’ needs;
  • The client can make an unlimited number of changes. This is a free option and is given after purchasing;
  • Different packages are provided on the platform. Their scope depends on your needs and is reflected in the price.

It is rather hard to be disillusioned by this best AI logo generator. There is a great diversity in the ways you can use it. So, all you need is to take into consideration your aim, and you will not be disappointed.


To cut a long story short, AI-logo creators have revolutionized the way businesses and individuals create their brand identities. Logo generators like Turbologo offer lots of logo styles, logo templates, and other features that are used to build a consistent brand identity. A wide variety of logo styles, and other resources are at your disposal. All in all, AI-powered logo generators have taken the lion’s share in logo design this year. Choose a preferable company logo maker, and you will be able to create your best logo.

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