8 Proven Methods to Make Money with Instagram (2023)

Stories of Instagrammers making a fortune from the photos they share every day are common. Perhaps you’ve looked at your own large following and thought, “Maybe that I can do it full-time too.”

Instagrammers, just like YouTubers and bloggers, have influence and reach figured out. This is something that many companies struggle to do.

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Instagram creators have the chance to combine reach and influence to discover multiple streams of revenue. This is whether they are looking to build an empire, or simply make extra money.

How many Instagram followers are you required to make money on Instagram?

You may be wondering how many followers are needed to bring in real revenue. The short answer is not as many as you think.

The long answer is dependent on factors that include:

  • How easy it is to tie your niche to a product category (fashion and beauty are the most popular niches based on top hashtags).
  • How engaged are your followers (100K fake following won’t add up)
  • What revenue streams are you interested in?

The more engaged followers you have the better. 

Top Instagrammers can make thousands of dollars per posting, but even small and engaged followers of 1,000 can start to make money.

How to make money on Instagram

money on instagram

Selling products that are well-photographed is easy with Instagram.

You’ll be able to use the platform’s photography skills to your advantage. If you are a professional photographer and can add some life to your product photography, bonus points. You don’t need a camera to take great photos. Our product photography course will teach you how to capture stunning photos using your smartphone. You can make money with the app’s photo and video sharing.

These are 8 business models that can make money on Instagram.

1. You can become an influencer to make money through sponsored posts

sponsored posts

You can promote products from many brands if you reach the coveted influencer status.

An influencer is someone who shares regularly on social media. They are able to influence their followers to buy products and jump on trends.

Because they have spent so much time building trust with their audience, they are able to tap into this power.

Sponsored posts are sponsored posts where brands partner with influencers. You need to increase your Instagram following and regularly create posts that generate strong engagement among your followers.

Influencers who are top earning thousands of dollars for each sponsored post. It takes talent and hard work to reach this level. Although it is possible, you need to be realistic about your expectations.

It is essential to get to know your audience as an influencer. It is important to know who these people are, their values, wants, and interests.

You can then identify the best brands for them. You can also use the Instagram Insights feature to explore your audience statistics if you have an Instagram business account.

You have a great online presence and big brands are likely to reach out to your brand. You’ll also discover brands that best reflect your values and personality as you build.

To negotiate a deal, reach out directly to them (via Instagram or their websites). To increase your chances of being discovered by major brands, you can also list yourself on the influencer market.

You should also be mindful not to lose your audience’s trust when making money with sponsored posts. An Instagram hashtag (such as #sponsored or #ad) that informs followers it is a sponsored post is a great idea.

2. Promote Affiliate Offers

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is similar to being paid for sponsored posts. You only get paid if someone buys the product or service that you are promoting, not for your posts.

This can have both positive and negative effects depending on who you are promoting. Sponsored posts can guarantee income but you can make more by promoting the right offer. You could also make much less.

It’s a lot more difficult to become an Instagram affiliate than running ads for your website. You will need a launch audience. Instagram also prohibits clickable links from being placed anywhere but your bio. Promo codes are the only way to promote an offer, and ensure you get the affiliate income that you deserve. These codes are easily trackable and can be easily added to any story or post. You’ll still need to encourage your followers and friends to visit the affiliate site.

3. Create an Instagram shop

Instagram shop

An Instagram Shop allows you to integrate your eCommerce store with your Instagram account. This is the only way to promote your products directly through Instagram followers via your posts, Stories and Explore tabs.

E-commerce store owners that wanted to sell via Instagram used to face a lot more friction. Instagram Shopping removes all friction by allowing customers to easily view products and then go directly to your store with a click.

Let’s suppose you own a clothing shop and want to promote an outfit. You can upload a photo of your model wearing the outfit and Instagram will allow you to tag up five products per post. (You can tag up 20 products per carousel). Stories and videos can also be used to promote products.

Use your imagination to come up with an intriguing angle that will excite people and make them want to invest in you brand.

While it is obvious that this takes a lot of time, the rewards can be huge if you are able to build a loyal and large audience. You have many options to monetize your brand in the future.

4. Be a virtual assistant to an influencer

virtual assistant to an influencer

You might be interested in working behind the scenes as an assistant for an Instagram influencer.

Many influencers need assistance with things like filtering sponsorship requests, running ads and identifying fake followers. You could offer your services as a VA and charge per hour.

You will be responsible for many things as an Instagram influencer VA. This includes managing DMs and scheduling posts. You may also be asked by the influencer to contribute content ideas to help grow their brand.

This is the place to begin if you want to improve your Instagram marketing skills and not be the center of attention.

5. Selling Instagram caption services

Instagram caption

Small business owners often use Instagram to market their products and services. However, not all of them have the skills or resources to create compelling captions. These companies will be interested in your creative captions. Remember that they will judge you on your ability to create engaging, short-form copy.

Write captions to get the attention of business owners. Include the captions that get the most engagement in the portfolio. You can bet that if you are hired by a company to create their Instagram copy, they will want to see examples of your work. Make sure they have examples of your work to look at.

What price should you charge for Instagram captions You can charge whatever price you think you are worth. You could charge $600 for 10 captions or $1,000 for 20 captions. It is important to charge for your knowledge and not your time or content.

6. You can become an Instagram coach or consultant

Instagram consultant

If you’re a pro on Instagram with a huge following and are thriving, why not teach others how to do the same?

Many people want to learn how to grow an Instagram following and monetize it. That’s why I wrote this article. You can make a lot if you are able to do it and have done it yourself.

Launching a course can be very profitable for travel bloggers, food bloggers, and marketing consultants if you are actively involved in your niche.

7. You can sell posters and other virtual products

virtual products instagram

Instagram is all about visuals. Beautiful products and photos are more likely to sell.

Poster photos, paintings and drawings, as well as animations and videos can be sold. Include a caption for each post and direct readers to the link in your bio. This is another way people make money with Instagram.

There are opportunities to get paid if you believe you can take great photos. To get the most from your photos, you can use one of the best photo editing tools for smartphones. When taking photos, be creative, original, and have fun. These will attract more attention than boring pictures.

Instagram can be used to promote your photography portfolio by using relevant hashtags.

8. Sell dropshipped products

dropshipping instagram

Dropshipping allows you to manage your store without having to keep any inventory.

Your supplier will ship your products directly to your customer once you have made a sale. Your products will be shipped directly from your supplier’s warehouse, so you don’t have to worry about packaging or shipping. It’s that simple.

Similar to the previous idea of using Instagram to sell products to make money, this works similarly. You won’t have to keep any inventory. Dropshipping allows you to experiment with niche products and find those that will sell well without having to spend startup capital.

Tips on how to make money on Instagram

money instagram

These tips can help you make money, no matter where you are in the creator economy.

Find your niche

Instagram is the place where multi-hyphenate people can connect, from senior fashion experts to goth vegan influencers, to senior citizen fashion designers,

Define your angle. Share your perspective, regardless of whether it is shaped by passions, ethics, professionalism, or all of these.

Authenticity is the key

“Branded Content is the economic engine behind the creator ecosystem in many ways but it doesn’t work unless you really feel right,” stated Mosseri, Instagram’s head in a recent Instagram live session with Zuckerberg.

Learn how you can advocate for yourself

It can seem daunting to negotiate with large brands and agencies. It’s crucial to demand fair rates in order to maintain your career and avoid burnout.

Transparency builds trust

Be sure to follow the ad regulations. Any sponsored content that violates these regulations could be removed from the site or punished. It also affects the trust that your audience places in your recommendations.

Advertising disclosures can, on the other hand, increase credibility. Australasian Marketing Journal’s 2020 study found that brand advocates who declare their brand partnerships are more likely to be enthusiastic about brands than those who do not.

Provide good customer service

Social media has raised the expectations of customers. The personal nature of the relationship is a key factor for influencers.

Your followers and audience should engage with you. Answer questions and comments quickly. Use Instagram Live to shout out your opinions.

If necessary, use comment filters and controls to set limits, take time off or communicate directly with your audience.

This applies to clients too. Missing deadlines and disregarding contracts are the fastest ways to destroy relationships as an influencer. also demands free stuff from. You should aim to create long-term relationships with other people and partners.

Promote your work on other platforms

To expand your content marketing, create a blog or YouTube channel. This will allow you to give the information prospective buyers need to make informed buying decisions.

You can also use other social media platforms to expand your reach. Email newsletters allow you to notify your audience about new content without being subject to the Instagram algorithm.

Keep an eye on competitors and trends

Social media monitoring (and listening ) is a great way to keep up with the conversation in your industry and your competition.

Keep an eye on your Instagram stats too. Find your sweet spot by tracking what is working for your audience and what isn’t.


Instagram has been one of the most well-known social media platforms since its inception. It continues to release new features and is a popular choice for many. It’s worth your time and money to use the platform.

There are many ways to make money with Instagram if you can build a following and establish trust. Instagram offers many business opportunities that can help you make money.

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