How to Use AI to Make Art for Free

How to Use AI to Make Art for Free

Currently, artificial intelligence is still somewhat distant from the human brain and cannot handle highly innovative challenges. However, AI models perform best in collaboration with a specialist. In this situation, AI art algorithms augment and complement human creativity. Next, we’ll look at what these AI art generation processes are and how they function.

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Where Do Artistic Vision and AI-Generated Images Intersect?

AI as a source of references. People can use artificial intelligence to analyze various forms of data, such as photographs, texts, or music, to find sources of inspiration for their works. Under tight deadlines for a task, even an experienced artist can spend an hour searching for relevant visual content. The neural network will take a few seconds to retrieve the necessary unique images from its gigantic neural style transfer dataset.

No more spending hours on Pinterest searching for abstract art styles to draw in Adobe Photoshop. Previously, you had to register the necessary requests yourself; now you can select suggested options from a list of AI-generated images.

Development of a unique art style. AI can help artists in the process of developing and refining their unique style. Machine learning art algorithms can study and analyze an artist’s creative process, identify its characteristic features, and then help automatically generate AI images in accordance with that style.

Using AI Models in Design

AI image generation models have also found wide application in graphic design. Task automation is one of the most significant contributions of AI in this context. Designers can now automate basic processes like resizing photographs and selecting colors, freeing up their time to focus on creative freedom of their job.

Moreover, AI tools can generate images from scratch, leading to novel and unique approaches in graphic design. AI algorithms study the user’s preferences and recommend typefaces and color palettes based on their previous work.

The absence of the human factor can be a plus in some cases – when you need to do something that is not very exciting (for example, rendering a sketch). The AI algorithms will not procrastinate and scroll through social networks but will do everything as quickly as possible.

How to Generate Artwork in an Area Such as Logo Design

How to Generate Artwork in an Area Such as Logo Design

Using an AI-based image generator like Turbologo can speed up and streamline a brand’s design process, but it also requires users to adapt to new technologies and develop new skills.

Unlike live designers, these services generate new logos instantly and provide convenient tools for customizing fonts, vibrant colors, and composition. Here’s a general plan of how this can be done using various methods and other tools:

  • Gathering Information and Understanding the Brand: Before you begin making a logo, it is important to understand your brand’s values, mission, and style. This will help determine the main characteristics that should be represented in the logo.
  • Using Generative AI tools: Just enter the company name and its area of business. There are many online platforms that provide multiple layouts and form unique designs with basic text prompts.
  • Choosing from different artistic styles and design elements: You will need to determine the main design elements for the AI-generated image, such as colors, icons, and fonts.
  • Editing tools: Many websites provide the ability to customize the designed logo. You can change colors, fonts, sizes, and placement of elements to achieve the look you want.
  • Testing and Selecting the Best Option: After generating several logo options, test them to determine which one best suits your brand and its goals. You can use surveys among your audience or consult a professional designer.
  • Finalization and Saving: Once you select the right logo, save it in high resolution and in various formats (PNG, SVG, etc.) so that it can be used in various environments.

Be aware of copyright: When using generative tools, ensure that the resulting logo will be yours alone with commercial use available.

Benefits of Using Turbologo as an AI Image Generator


One of such free AI art generators is Turbologo. This powerful tool has become a real assistant for entrepreneurs, startups, and those who value their time. Let’s emphasize the main advantages of this free AI art generator:

  • Speed and efficiency. Often, the in-depth process of designing a logo from scratch takes days or even weeks, given the possibility of revisions. Advanced AI capabilities facilitate the work by generating top-notch new images of different styles in minutes. Once you sign up for a free account, all you need to do is provide basic information without creative prompts and select the main design elements.
  • Saving money. Hiring a professional logo designer is not affordable for everyone, especially for aspiring entrepreneurs and startups. Turbologo is an affordable alternative, because for a reasonable fee the client receives a comprehensive AI-generated art solution and the ability to change their logo for free online at any time.
  • Customization. Even though logos are generated automatically, they can be fully customized to meet your needs. Users can change various styles and add intricate details: from color to composition shapes, so that the final design matches the visual identity of the brand. Even a complete beginner can easily navigate the entire process.
  • Scalability. Whether a client needs a single logo or a comprehensive brand kit (such as a favicon or printed materials), Turbologo meets a variety of needs.

The future of AI generated content

As AI art generation technology advances, the opportunities for creativity in logo design become nearly unlimited. Future versions of AI art generators may contain dynamic aspects such as a text prompt for animation and interaction, which will increase the visual impact of brand identifiers.

Moreover, AI-based design platforms have the potential to produce a wider range of design solutions in various fields. This may include not only logos but also other branding elements such as product packaging, marketing materials, and web design. Moreover, with the development of deep machine learning technologies, AI systems will be able to adapt to the individual preferences and custom styles of users with even greater accuracy.


The development of new forms of art, as well as the interplay between man and machine, can result in one-of-a-kind and fascinating creations that would be impossible to envision without artificial intelligence. With AI as an ally, our creative journey becomes not only faster but also more rewarding. The future appears exciting, and we should be thrilled to let our imagination run wild in the AI art generator app.

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