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Nobody designs logos better than professional designers. But what should you do if there are none available, or if the salary professional graphic designers ask for is unaffordable? The answer lies on the surface: use a free online logo designer to create your own logo instead. Well, as it is normal to desire more, you need to find the best logo design software for your purposes. That is a rather difficult process, as your learning curve can be frustrating. You need to take many things into consideration. So, we are here to help you.

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Why Using Professional Logo Design Software Is Important

Being a part of complex marketing materials in an economic system with many interconnected parts, logos cannot be taken for granted. They play a major role in gaining popularity and efficiency. That makes logo designer software a thing you should try to find:

  • You do not settle for less and want your business to be on top. For that, your business logo should be worked out to the smallest details. Its graphic design becomes a real representative of the company.
  • Loyalty is not a simple sound. The more customers you have, the more profit you make. So, the connection is rather direct. Some surveys show that people are more likely to choose a logo design that resonates with their inner state. It is obvious that you should find these keys to other people’s souls. And with a high-quality logo, it will be easier to do.
  • Your business name can be strengthened by brand kits, as they help stand out from the crowd and leave all the competitors behind. Through the opportunities provided by graphic design software, it is possible to create relevant symbols of your brand identity. You turn it from a source of income into a source of self-actualization when your own company’s logo becomes a part of you.
  • You need to build a connection between your business and the people who work there, the equipment it works with, and the great values it shares or a message it transmits. Through the design elements in your great logo, you communicate with the public. And the more appreciated your designed logos are, the more feelings of affection for the company you will get back from your customers.

Use all these points, as they might change your business for the better. By means of graphic design software, positive metamorphoses in your business will definitely start.

How to Choose the Best Free Logo Design Software

Best Free Logo Design Software

There are things to draw your attention to that are seen as highly important. Any free logo design platform can be chosen from the list as it possesses some premium features. As the statistics show, among the main things are:

  • Application configurations. By means of design software, you might create the best free logo that expresses your particular business. Possibilities for photo editing or custom logos, adobe fonts, or color schemes are required.
  • A convenient drag-and-drop interface, as you should understand what is going on during your logo creation process. It should be understandable. Otherwise, you will have a steep learning curve, and your business will not be able to use free logo designers effectively.
  • Logo templates should be accessible. The wider this access is, the more unique logo designs you will get in the end. It turns out sometimes that the access is restricted, and you cannot use all the options. It is inconvenient and sometimes does not even give an opportunity to make up one’s mind about the logo design software.
  • A multiple format system of a software. As you go through designing logos, you may choose to save them in different formats. A logo as a part of a brand kit requires certain peculiarities. You need your logo to be created in a special vector graphics format to be used for your brand kit. This format will give you an opportunity to scale, rotate, and reshape vectors of your image myriad times without worsening its pixel quality.
  • The size of the payment. Very often, you use a free logo designer, but you have to pay for some extra options. For example, the right to download it in SVG high-quality or to use your logo creation commercially according to the needs you have.

As you see, the best free logo designers are rather difficult to find. All the features are to be considered, but we have done the complex analysis and are ready to share our results with you.

A comprehensive logo design platform for anybody: Turbologo


After deep analysis of the features outlined above, Turbologo appears to be this comprehensively developed free program among the best logo design software. It may turn out that hiring a professional logo designer is more beneficial. You have all the tools provided without any bugs and problems. Working in Turbologo seems to be prolific; the result of this activity, its logo designs, will be distinctive from one another. If you learn and understand some key features of this logo design software, you will be able to save a significant sum of money on paying a professional logo designer. Why is it so promising?

  • It is a great application for working with logos that saves your time. You follow three simple steps on the platform, and in just three minutes, AI technologies will create a logo for you.
  • It boasts a rich list of editing instruments. You state the name and the sphere of your business, which is just the beginning. Then, by using various design elements such as vector shapes and multiple icons, along with graphic design tools, you can achieve a professional design.
  • Brand kit addition is promoted here. This professional logo design software makes it possible to create a logo for a brand kit. After purchasing a Business pack, you will get vector files. Unfortunately, a basic logo package does not have such an option. They are not included in it.

All these features give definite reasons why the Turbologo is so distinguished and stands out from the crowd in the sphere of professional design software. That is why finding a way to design logos is not a problem anymore. There are lots of different graphic elements and design templates; all the editing tools and customization options are at hand. So, web design does not seem anymore as something hard to comprehend. It is up to you to decide to enjoy it or not.

What other free logo design software programs to note?

logo design software

It is clear that Turbologo is not the only noteworthy design software program. AI logo designers are numerous. Their list is long. Here are logo design studio pro, CorelDRAW graphics suite, and SoThink logo design platform. You may also pay attention to:

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator

This software is a certain golden standard for SVG files. It is an application for vector format graphics. One of its main free features is an opportunity to trace raster drawings. It means that you can convert your simple logo from a bitmap into a vector image. Such options as the shape builder, extensive library of fonts, and design elements allow users to create sophisticated logos suitable for large-scale transformations.



It is free software for working with photos and images online. It makes it possible to stock photos and to edit and enhance them quickly. A useful feature here is that there is a mobile application, a full version for desktop computers, and an online web app. With it, photo and logo editing become effortless. The AI image generator will give many fresh logo ideas for your logo and, together with a library of professional tools for editing, will create something unique. It can enhance details on your photo and remove background and unnecessary objects. Unfortunately, you have no ability to add text to your final logo. In all other cases, it could be your great choice for creating a one-of-a-kind logo.



It is an online logo design tool that can boast of its fast work and understandable interface. It has a rich library consisting of more than 65,000 logo templates that a user takes for customization to create their own images. This AI logo designer can be used as a tool for marketing elements. It includes social media posts, YouTube banners, and others. Moreover, there is a personal graphic designer attached to you if you’d like to develop your own logo further.

How to test the best logo design platforms

If you want to test these three custom logo designers, go ahead. Give them some pieces of information like your brand name, the sphere of your business, a slogan if there is one, and some keywords. Choose a template and color palette, and in a few minutes, you will obtain hundreds of generated logos. Analyze them for suitability and compare them with the professional logos from Turbologo. These logo designers are quite comprehensive and productive. But anyway, that is the way of trial and error. To learn what is better for you, it is necessary to try it.

Can I use graphic design software as a logo design tool?

For sure, you can. To create a modern logo, you need vector editing software. It is necessary because of the opportunity to scale them. Using such software, you have more customization options, but the quality of your logos stays untouched. Turbologo provides all logos in SVG format.

What is a good logo design?

After learning a lot about the usage of logo design software, their pluses and minuses, it is high time to identify what a good logo design is. What are we looking for, and what criteria value most? This is supposed to be brand recognition. It is one of the main aims of logos. When your possible customers see your logo, they should understand what kind of business you are and what you deal with every day. The logo vanishes all unnecessary explanations as you have already been recognized and associated with something.


Finally, to speak about the best logo software, what can it be? What online logo designer will be able to change everything upside down? It is hard to answer, but one thing is clear. AI-logo software has totally changed the way businesses and individuals develop their brand identities. Lots of logo templates, a variety of styles, and other features offered by logo generators like Turbologo are at your disposal. You should try them out, as the road will be mastered by walking. If anything is not for you, just choose another option. The more you do, the more you get.

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