Website Design Trends 2021

web design trends 2021

Trends in website design change frequently. Those companies that follow trends manage to maintain their relevance over the years. So what website design trends will be waiting for us in 2021? Find out about it in this article.

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Borrowing from social networks

Site design similar to Instagram

Recently, the sites of many well-known online stores have begun to resemble the design of social networks. Often you can see “Featured Stories”, as in Instagram. They post promotions and offers of the store. And the feed is filled with the most popular products or new products.

The choice of this design option is due to the convenience and attractiveness. Many companies have long presented their products on Instagram. Why not bring the best solutions of the social network to the corporate website?

In this case, this trend has touched not only online stores. Often you can see such site design in online schools, courses and informational blogs. For example, a similar similarity with Instagram is observed at the site of the online school SkyEng.


Asymmetric website design

Gradually online stores are moving away from the standard templates. More and more often you can find asymmetrical, unusual layout. In times of abundance of sites it is important to be able to stand out and be remembered. To this end, use creative solutions: from the non-standard placement of sections to the use of unusual images.

This kind of site design can not only attract attention and cause interest, but also create the right impression of the visitors about the company and the product. In addition, asymmetric layout allows for a more compact layout and easier perception of the information on the site.

Use of AI

Artificial Intelligence Site

The use of artificial intelligence is becoming more and more common in today’s companies. Going to a Web site, you probably come across it. AI products are now actively used by brands. By 2021, however, their proliferation will increase. For example, more and more sites and services are expected to be equipped with voice search.

3D images and characters

3D icons site

The trend to simplify gradually replaced by the fashion for elaboration and realism. This is especially true of icon design. Also in the volumetric form can present third-party images on the pages of the site. This solution is only gaining popularity and in 2021 will be actively used in the design.

Minimalist design

Minimalist site

Minimalism remains a popular style in many design trends. A restrained and neat design is liked by many users. Such a site looks easy and relaxed. Therefore, more and more Web resources are presented in this style.

Minimalist site design is aimed at “light” and the accurate delivery of information to users. The developers face a difficult task – to tell about the products without using an abundance of elements. And looking at modern sites, we can say that this task is done.

The combination of photos and graphics

Combination of photos and graphics

Ordinary photos go out of fashion. In their place comes a combination of photos and graphics. It looks original and non-trivial. In addition, such a solution effectively draws attention to the product. Not a bad idea: to depict a person in a graphic, and clothes/shoes on it – leave as a photo.

Icons of one style


In 2021, the use of icons of similar design will be in trend. Images denoting categories on one site should look harmonious. This technique has long been used in Instagram accounts of online stores. In this way, you can create the impression of the integrity of the style of the brand.

Unique 2D illustrations

2D illustrations

Along with volumetric pictures, interesting graphic images will be fashionable in 2021. Their main feature is uniqueness. This is not just standard drawings, but a real creative act. With the help of such 2D images can interest the visitor to the site and cause a positive attitude towards the brand. For some viewers, such illustrations may seem absurd, but that’s their beauty.


Create a modern and unique website design is not easy, but available to many. To do this, do not forget about the user experience and follow fashion trends. It is not necessary to use all the trends in website design at once: it is better to choose those that will enhance the image of your brand.

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