Best AI tools for logo design

Best AI tools for logo design

One of the significant benefits of contemporary online services is the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) into the design process. AI-powered logo generation process is seamless, providing users with personalized outcomes and automating certain aspects of design. This allows even users with no initial logo ideas or experience in graphics to create professional-looking logos. In this article, we will analyze the most popular tools.

Create your own logo with Turbologo logo maker. It takes less than 5 minutes and no design skills needed.

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Turbologo: a complete branding solution


We begin our list with Turbologo, an online service for creating logos based on AI technology. This free AI logo generator offers users the ability to create logos for their projects in minutes. This is achieved through a simple and intuitive interface with a smooth logo creation process: enter the company name, slogan, select your field of activity, choose a color palette and a few icons you like in accordance with the specific needs of the business.

A lack of choice is not a concern with Turbologo. The program generates hundreds of logo styles. All of them can be edited and changed to achieve custom logo designs.

Editing and branding services

The visual editor is powerful, you can:

  • switch icons;
  • add shapes from an extensive library (frames, monograms, effects, lines, geometric shapes);
  • add backgrounds from the palette;
  • work with fonts.

The editor supports layers, allowing changes to letter spacing, line height, color, size of elements, and rotation, among other features.

Turbologo provides the creation of vector logo files, which allows you to scale the logo without losing quality. This is especially important for obtaining a high-resolution logo in various contexts such as print, web design and outdoor advertising.

Don’t miss the opportunity to create a brand kit with a new logo in the Turbologo service as you work on updating or creating your brand. A brand kit is a set of key brand identity elements that helps maintain consistency and brand image across different platforms. Incorporating a professionally designed logo into your corporate identity elements will allow you to confidently build communication with your audience, increasing their loyalty and trust. In addition, you can change the logo for branding purposes for up to a year.

Overall, the platform provides a comprehensive package of branded merchandise for digital and print media, available in both standard and vector file formats.

Tailor Brands logo maker

Tailor Brands logo maker

Tailor Brands is a versatile online logo maker for generating professional and unique logos, business cards, branded logo templates for social media platforms, as well as complex brand kits, short animated videos, etc. The AI-powered logo maker leverages neural network technology to assist in creating presentations, avatars, greeting cards, business names, and even websites. To create custom logos, you need to follow the standard steps: specify the company name, slogan and choose a style. At the end you will be offered a large number of logo options, simply select the one that best suits your needs.

All created logos are stored in your personal account. There is also a built-in online editor with a large number of graphics customization options. If you choose a low resolution image, the logo can be downloaded absolutely free (it can only be used for non-commercial purposes).

Wix logo maker

Wix logo maker

This AI logo creator is one of the most popular and versatile tools for design, including logo creation. Wix offers a variety of templates. Here you can download the finished logo in high resolution, and if you are not comfortable working on a computer, use the mobile application. Thanks to the scratch AI image generation option, users can easily create and adapt a design that suits their requirements and preferences.

The ability to download a finished logo in high resolution for a small amount makes Wix especially attractive to a wide range of users, from individual entrepreneurs to large companies. The mobile application expands the availability of the service, allowing you to work on your design anytime and anywhere.

Looka logo maker

looka logo maker

Looka is a universal AI logo generator in all respects. It allows you to obtain a complete set of logo AI files. The procedure for creating a professional logo is simple: enter the name of the company, select a logo category between personal branding, product or startup, and business related to the sale of goods or services.

Next, you need to choose from several standard logos the three that you like the most. This is followed by choosing a color palette and a slogan if you need one. The next and final step is choosing an icon. You can take several, there is a keyword search. Based on the entered information, the system will generate logos of fairly good quality. Select one of them and refine it in the editor, if necessary.


Let’s summarize how to choose a user-friendly platform for creating a perfect logo: among AI logo generators, you should pay attention to the overall level of quality of the generated sketches, the convenience of the editor, and the availability of versions with a transparent background on all plans. Turbologo meets all these requirements and will allow you to create unique logos without design skills with just a few clicks.

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