20 vibrant neon color palettes for eye catching designs

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Fashion is cyclical and tends to come back. This has happened to neon colors. Appeared forty years ago, they have become again an extremely popular design trend this year due to their brightness and ability to attract attention. Eye catching colors are used in branding, interior design and even fashion. However, choosing the right neon color codes can be a difficult task. To simplify this process, we have collected 20 vibrant neon color palettes for your next project.

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When to add a neon color palette

The neon color palette should be chosen when you want to attract attention and create a bright, memorable visual effect. This style is especially suitable for projects related to nightclubs, music festivals, sports or youth fashion. Neon colors work well in low light conditions, making them ideal for evening events or advertising intended to be viewed at night. The use of a neon palette is also appropriate for brands seeking to highlight their innovation and boldness, creating an energetic and dynamic image. Use hex code combinations to easily select and test different neon primary and secondary colors.

20 Neon color palettes for bold design

20 Neon color palettes for bold design

At the beginning, it can be quite challenging to combine such neon colors. You should go easy with them, otherwise your logo will look incompatible with neon hues. To make the creation process easy, let us have a look at our vibrant neon selections.

1. Neon Pink and Purple

Neon Pink and Purple
Adam 🍩

This scheme is for youth fashion logo designs. It includes two bright warm shades that complement each other perfectly. Neon pink adds softness, while purple adds elegance. This combination always wins.

2. Neon Green and Electric Blue

Neon Green and Electric Blue

There is another one at our top. They match each other perfectly as they belong to the same part of the spectrum. Vivid green creates a sense of nature, while electric blue adds coolness. If your business is connected with nature, be sure to take this palette.

3. Neon Orange and Yellow

Neon Orange and Yellow

For a vibrant summer feel, consider the third combination. Dynamism and brightness are the notions you get from orange and yellow. Logo images inspired by these two colors can be perfectly used on T-shirts.

4. Neon Red and Blue

 Neon Red and Blue

If you need to show some strong contrast, take this classic color combination as an example. Passion and strength dictated by the red color contradicts the calmness and peace of the blue one. It is good for retro designs and works well on packaging.

5. Neon Pink and Light Blue

Neon Pink and Light Blue

This soft and delicate combination is seen as a “baby-doll” palette and is a real combo for the beauty industry. Pink gives tenderness, and blue adds lightness. When they are together, they look dreamy.

6. Neon Green and Orange

Neon Green and Orange

This bright and energetic palette is ideal for projects related to summer. This palette is well-suited for striking designs in a creative industry like architecture and design.

7. Golden Yellow and Neon Purple

Golden Yellow and Neon Purple

This bright and unusual combo is ideal for projects related to creativity and innovation. The brightness of yellow, and the mystery of purple add a perfect accent to your logo.

8. Neon Red and Green

Neon Red and Green

This classic color combination overwhelms the senses. To make it softer, it will be a good idea to add calmer tones. Use these colors with either pink, yellow or grey to maximize the effect.

9. Neon Pink and Orange

Neon Pink and Orange
Yukus Haryanto

This soft and warm combination is perfect for projects related to femininity and summer. Pink gives tenderness, and orange adds warmth. When blended together, they add a dynamic stability for a beauty logo.

10. Neon blue and Yellow

Neon blue and Yellow

This fresh and bright combination is ideal for projects related to the sea and the sun. The combination of coolness, and brightness makes a light-hearted impression that looks great on packaging.

11. Neon Red and Hot Pink

Neon Red and Hot Pink

This unique color combination looks feminine. These warm colors are close to each other on the color wheel. That is why they create a sweet and playful effect when used in the beauty industry.

12. Neon Green and Bright Yellow

Neon Green and Bright Yellow

The unique vibe here is dynamic. This bright and energetic combination looks fresh and bright and is ideal for projects related to nature and summer.

13. Neon Orange and Purple

 Neon Orange and Purple
Silvia Hernández

When balanced with a third color, these colors are suitable for brands with a fun personality. This surreal combination is perfect for projects related to digital design as it has a contemporary look.

14. Neon Orange and Navy Blue

 Neon Orange and Navy Blue

This bright and energetic match is ideal for projects related to summer and the sea. This bold color combination works well for self-care branding and looks good on product branding.

15. Neon Pink and Olive Green

Neon Pink and Olive Green

This classic color pair may give you a supernatural feel as it is based on a strong contrast. These colors can be used with a third one to make a perfect accent for creative industries.

16. Powder Pink and Neon Orange

Powder Pink and Neon Orange
Jessica Molina

This soft and warm color scheme is perfect for projects related to femininity and beauty. The endless tenderness associated with muted tones of pale pink and neon orange adds strength to creative designs.

17. Soft Neon Gradients

Soft Neon Gradients
Coyote Skies

This soft and delicate combination can also be neon. It works well for the cosmetic industry and beauty brands. You may use hex codes to get the right tone for your color combination.

18. Neon Yellow Color Palette

Neon Yellow Color Palette
Luis Angeles ✪‌

These bright multiple yellow shades create a warm and sunny atmosphere. This is a fresh and energetic combination that is perfect for summer projects.

19. Royal Blue and Neon Mint

 Royal Blue and Neon Mint

These colors work well together to make a perfect combo. This palette is a great accent for creative industries and web design images.

20. Pastel Neon Color Codes

Pastel Neon Color Codes
Laura Barreiro

The entire palette can be used as a neon combination too. It is visually exciting and creates a never-to-be-forgotten impression.


Neon color combinations are multiple and versatile for various purposes. Using them can give your logo design a fresh and vibrant look. By applying neon shades in the right proportions, you will discover endless possibilities for your logo images. For more inspiration, visit the Turbologo logo maker website and explore its library of neon logos.

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