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Nowadays having professional logos is essential for any official who wants to have a decent standing. A unique logo is interconnected with the icon that customers, clients and opponents constantly correspond with your brand. It is obvious that an own logo should be qualitative, subjective and well designed. 

But not all companies or organizations can afford to employ an experienced professional designer to develop a signature logo. In this case logo generators come in handy. They are taken according to the features they possess that are necessary in a logo design process to draw a logo design of your own. 

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The main ones are customization options, a convenient interface, an access to templates of the platform, a possibility to export creating logos in different formats and the size of the payment for the use of the tool. We have made a rating list according to our taste, where each of a signature logo generator shows its benefits and drawbacks. Look through them and choose your own right logo maker.

Wix logo maker

Wix logo maker

Wix logo maker yields you a fine opportunity to create an ai logo without design skills. Apart from promoting a convenient and easy-to-use website builder company offers a drag-and-drop editor with multiple logo variations. Mind that you need to pass through an easy registration before the beginning of your work on the platform.

Wix ai logo generator platform has certain advantages:

  • The design features. There are some characteristics for your future perfect logo. You need to tailor six design elements: font styles, symbols, uploads, shapes, colors and background. You work with them shifting, dropping and coping, changing the color, adding shadows, transparent background that seems as an unlimited logo generation. So, image-editing software is really great. 
  • The opportunity to have the help of a professional graphic designer. On a Wix market place you may leave an advertisement and hire a specialist. No doubt, you should pay for that and it will be more expensive than to create a custom logo yourself. But the option itself is useful.  
  • Technical support online. The library of technical advice, a chatbot and a callback are in your access. 

A weak side of the ai logo maker is that if you want to have an ownership for commercial use you should choose between two offers: Basic and Advanced. The first one is rather limited. It gives you only 8 high-resolution logo files (PNG). The second offer contains 50 vector logo files (SVG) and optional 40 renderings for a brand’s visual identity.

Canva logo maker

canva logo maker

The renowned design platform also contains a rich variety of templates as well as signature-style logos. Being one of the best ai logo generators, among its pros can be distinguished the following:

  • Canva’s logo design software is its user-oriented interface, which makes it understandable and convenient to both newbies and proficient designers. A professional logo can be formed in just a few clicks;
  • Canva users can work with a huge number of design tools and features. They are suited for making high quality graphics for social media, presentations, flyers and things like that. An immense quantity of templates, icons, and fonts that help build their distinctive brand identity;
  • Eventually, the Pro addition of Canva logo creator, has followers among such companies as HubSpot, GoDaddy, and Entrepreneur Magazine. This fact shows more loyalty to the generator.

The main cons of Canva free ai logo generator are connected with the design process.

  • The options provided by the logo maker tool are not advanced enough. As a result, they can look the same with logos generated for other companies.
  • A high level of automatization led to a lack of possibility to create logos that can grab all your attention.

Fiverr logo maker


Fiver is a platform that some time ago was used as a digital marketplace for services of any kind. Once a user had to pay five dollars for everything that he could find there. Here is what its name means. The prices have disappeared, but you still may find a design specialist for your logo creation if you do not have any prior graphic design knowledge. If it does not suit you, you may use a so-called logo maker. What makes it different?

  • Besides common steps you make at the beginning of a logo creation, you are asked to describe the individuality of your brand. Sliders help you do it, suggesting the double choice option. The idea is that the fuller information you will provide, the more accurate results you will be given back. This option is really a good idea.
  • All in all, the logo maker itself works quickly and its interface is clear and understandable. So, in just a few minutes you can get a fine signature logo according to your needs.

The impression of the free logo maker has been spoilt by:

  • impossibility to upload custom logos;
  • incapacity to save drafts of your logo creation process: as soon as you start working on a new project, your ex-progress disappears;
  • you can’t edit your logos after you have bought the rights to them. 

Turbologo basic logo maker


It is an excellent logo maker with extensive customization options. In combination with artificial intelligence technologies it helps you generate unique logos. What makes it be among the best ai logo generator popular among the users?

  • An understandable front end with lots of tips that follow you on the way to your signature logo; 
  • You have full free access to all the logo concepts while working on the platform. You will pay only to download the result of your creativity;
  • You have an opportunity to make all possible changes of your finished logo within a 3 months after buying the logo ownership;
  • The icons can be got in high resolution formats. There are two available possibilities: PNG and SVG (here are vector files) that are suitable for a formation of branding assets.

Beside site tools users can look over the blog regarding design trends and a massive ready-made templates library.



Placeit is a holistic logo maker online that contains a signature logo generator. A large-scale selection of fonts, and colors inspires you to make a distinctive signature logo. Among its strengths can be distinguished:

  • a substantial choice of design options that become available to the customer after a subscription;
  • The drag-and-drop function helps to save time while making a logo brand kit.

Here are also some weaknesses that include:

  • insipid editing tools alternatives;
  • lack of artificial intelligence customization.

As a whole, the signature logo maker is nice. But it is possible to take something more diverse to challenge your creativity.

Adobe express logo maker

adobe express logo maker

This logo generator is included into the Adobe Creative Cloud Express pack which contemplates certain graphic design tool to its users. Apart from having a simple and understandable interface, its pros are numerous. Among them:

  • an extensive list of customization options – color, font, and icon;
  • companies have full ownership over their logo templates;
  • The customers can take advantage of free images to integrate into their logo designs.

The most irreconcilable cons are that you are to have an Adobe account to download your free logos. And you have no logos as vector files. 

Tailor Brands logo creator

Tailor brands logo maker

Tailor Brands logo design operations are based on artificial intelligence. It is rather convenient to use. Tailor Brands signature logo maker has many similar features with other logo generators. But some of them make it stand out from the crowd:

  • you type the keywords for your business logo description. It is a good idea as you make AI to analyze them and, in your turn, you start thinking about your business features. As a result, at the end you will have a cohesive and polished company name logo; 
  • you may upload your own images to use them in a design process;
  • tailor bands try to keep up with the times and pay much attention to social media. It has more that a thousand pre-made templates, provides the users with an opportunity to create posts in advance and to analyze their growth with the help of special media analytics tools.

The flaws of Tailor Brands are unambiguous. The ones that may become cornerstones of the usage are:

  • the price of the premium package. It is high enough in comparison with all the features that the opponents provide;
  • This generator works only by subscription. It does not have an option of one-time payment; 
  • there is no accommodation with non-Latin symbols, so for each business name it simply can’t be used.

All in all, while choosing this logo generator you should thing about your aim. In this case you will not be disillusioned with the results.



This signature ai logo maker combines ai logo technology and human design proficiency to design slapping signature logos. It offers an unpretentious and unassuming interface which lets its users configure their professional looking logos with ease.

The major advantages are:

  • the price rises according to your needs. You may choose what is necessary and important for you and spend your money only on these options;
  • you are given a free-trial period to analyze the program before paying for the access to it.

The drawbacks of Looka are common for many free logo generators. They are

  • low customize options. So, it will may become a problem to create something really unique;
  • slow speed of generation;
  • very limited list of functions available on a free plan. For instance, you can’t save your logo progress or share it with your partners.

Look through the list of pros and cons and if you are ready to never see some of its disadvantages, you will be satisfied. 


To cut a long story short, it is necessary to point out that all these signature logo generators are very useful for those who deal with logo design. They suggest different logo templates, features and options. Someone may choose a logo generator following an idea «The simpler, the better». The others will take a tool that provides you with a wider range of options. This list has both. Try them and you will obviously find what meets your needs.

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