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In today’s world, there is no company without a logo. What does “logo” mean? In fact, everything is quite simple. A logo is a small symbol that represents a company and briefly describes its products and services. Previously, only professional designers and artists created logos, because this is a very important task. However, nowadays you don’t have to spend a lot of money to pay for the artist’s work because you can create a logo yourself. And our article will tell you how to handle it.

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Why do you need a logo and what it is

A logo is a small but very important graphic image that represents the whole company. The logo is placed on the company’s products. Also, the logo is placed on business cards, websites, advertising posters and other materials. First, the logo is always recognizable. When a customer first uses the company’s products, he should pay attention to the company’s logo and then get to know it in the future. Therefore, the logo tends to be simple. Secondly, as mentioned above, every modern company has a logo, so you have to spend a lot of effort to create something new, original and unique. It will be difficult, but not impossible.

The logos can be used in various areas. Sometimes companies create a separate logo for each field of activity (for a website, advertising materials and billboards), but usually, this is not the right way. You’d better use the same logo for all products. You should know that the more often a consumer sees your logo, the sooner he will remember it. Many people think that the logo must contain text information, for example, the name of the company. But this is not necessary, because even without a text, it can get into the heads of buyers. It is important that the logo is well made and thought out, otherwise, it is unable to respond to all the demands placed upon it. We will talk about those demands below.

What is the logo capable of?

Of course, you can not immediately design a logo. It just wouldn’t be any good. First, you better learn the functions that a logo can perform. Then you need to understand exactly what functions your company needs, and then get back to business.

The main objectives of the logo include:

  • The logo helps to make products more memorable, creating a positive image of the company and the growing widespread of its products on the market.
  • This is good support in the struggle for customer attention in the market with a huge number of competitors. Any logo helps to stand out, especially for products on the shelves in supermarkets or malls, as well as in commercials and brochures.
  • The logo is a legal guarantee of the uniqueness of products. This is a confirmation of the originality and quality of the goods. The logo is the main visual component of the product. You should know that any person prefers visual information, and the logo helps a person to love your company’s products. There are many more features, but the main ones are these four. All functions must be performed. And not only one, but all four at the same time.

What type of logo to choose

Now we will explain the appearance of the logo, its main component. Here you can learn about the main types of logos, and there we consider only the main 3 types. These three types are distinguished by a different appearance, as well as text or graphics. As you might guess, the first type is an icon logo containing only a graphic image. The second is textual, and such logos contain only the company’s name. The third is a combination of the first and second types, and it must be admitted that it is the most widespread on the market today.

Let’s look at every type in detail.

Graphic, or symbolic (icon) logo

symbolic logos
As already mentioned, such logos contain only a small image and do not include text. These logos are considered the most difficult to create, so if you decide to design a symbolic logo, then you most likely need the help of a true professional. The icon logo should fully reveal the company’s nature by just one image. However, you should know that companies with a graphic logo are among the most widespread in the market. Apple’s bitten apple alone is enough to mention, like the Mercedes and Mitsubishi logos. Such emblems are completely unpopular in today’s market, perhaps because of their complexity. Only five percent of companies decide to have such logos.

Text (font) logo

text logos

This type takes second place in widespread among companies. More than 30 percent of companies use the website logo, where the company name is written using an unusual stylized font. The font is developed from scratch most often, but it is possible to use the standard one. We recommend using an abbreviation if the company name is too long or consists of several words. And do not forget about the lettering color scheme.

Combined logo

Combined logo

The most widespread type in the modern market. About seventy percent of modern companies use such logos because of their simplicity. There are two options for self-expression: the text and the graphic image. The only difficulty that may arise during creation is the harmonious combination of text and image. If a bright text and a highly saturated picture are combined, then it will be unpleasant for the client’s eyes, which is not good. It is not necessary to determine the type of your future logo immediately, you can try different options. But first, let’s learn some secrets and features.

What makes a nice logo?

The first thing you need to do before you start creating a website logo is to decide on the design and style. There are certain rules that must be followed, but there are also nuances that help to stand out among competitors. This section of our article describes exactly what will help you to create the highest quality logo.

General characteristics of a nice logo


This is Originality/Uniqueness/Soleness. These three words should describe your new logo. You should not copy the logo of other companies, it will not lead to anything good. It is not forbidden, of course, to look at them as an example. However, when you first start creating, it is better to distance yourself from other people’s ideas and create on your own. It is difficult, but the profit and customer trust depends on it, so you have to try. And if you succeed, then widespread will very quickly come to your products.

We want to use Apple as an example again because this logo has truly become a breakthrough. And sometimes the products of this company are bought precisely because of the glowing apple. This is a success!

Simplicity. Many widespread logos comply with this rule. You do not need to overload your brand with a huge amount of details. The simpler is it, the easier it is to remember. As an example, you can look at the TV channels’ logos, which are usually visible in the left or upper right corner of the television screen.

Intelligibility. This applies mainly to combined logos. Text and image should not be mixed and distract attention from each other. The text should be easy to read, and the picture should be clear and understandable. If we are talking about lettering, then it is worth mentioning that it is better not to use super trendy, italic and poorly readable fonts. The logo is not a puzzle, and the client does not want to make any effort to decrypt it.

Adaptability. As we already understood, the logo is used everywhere. That is why it must be adaptive. The logo should look nice both on a mobile device and on a computer, on business cards, as well as on the product itself.

The Coca-Cola company has found an original solution for such cases. This company has several different logos in the same style. Sometimes they write the phrase “Coca-Cola Coke” on bottles and use the short phrase “Coke” on their mobile website. It is important that the logo must be well scaled and adaptive. When you design a website logo, you should know that it should be displayed equally well on any device, both on the website and in the mobile application.

Durability. Any entrepreneur expects long-term work, so the logo must be durable. It is recommended not to blindly follow new fashion trends. You’d better move away from them, then the logo will remain up-to-date for a long time. Of course, you can change your logo in the future. But more frequently the logo does not change, because it has already been remembered by clients and only the color scheme is changing. However, these are not all the details worth considering. There are many more characteristics, each of them is very important. And further, we will explain these characteristics.

It’s time to talk about geometry and color

It is hard to believe, but there are companies that make statistical analysis about the widespread companies logos.

This is the conclusion they came to: the most widespread are the dark colors, namely black, deep blue and shades of gray. And for good reason, because these colors are associated with stability and reliability. Bright colors are suitable for companies manufacturing entertainment products.

Next, the researchers concluded that it is better to use three colors in the logo, two of which will set the basic tone and mood, and the third only complements them. The fourth color can be the background color, but, as a rule, it is better to use a calm and neutral light shade. It does not strain the eyes and does not overload the overall composition.

The geometric shape can be different. The geometric shape may be different. But according to analytics, two thirds of companies use a polygon shape (triangle, rectangle, etc.), and the rest use a circle shape. Remember that geometry also affects the human subconscious.

Do you remember movies based on Dan Brown’s books, where there were so many problems because of symbols and forms?

Logo font

The font is the only thing that can make the text unusual and unique. Therefore, you need to pay special attention to the choice of a suitable font.

First, you better not combine different fonts. You have a one-in-100 chance to get a really good result. However, It’ll take a lot longer than a day.

Secondly, lettering must be readable from different distances, and on any device. You can ask one of your familiar children to evaluate the result. If the child is able to read the letters, then you have found a great option.

Third, the font may depend on the field of activity. If you make a technique, you should use an engineering font. And if your company sells flowers, then it is better to use beautiful calligraphic lettering, which is associated with tenderness. A strict gothic font with thick massive letters is absolutely not suitable for a company that produces balloons for celebrations. Fourth, the font should be in harmony with the image. They should not be in competition, but they should complement each other.

Website logo in a few clicks?

logo maker turbologo

Today you have many options for creating logos for your website. The easiest way to do this is to use graphic software such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. However, you need to have special skills to use these programs. If you yourself are not able to use these programs, then there are many freelancers on the Internet who know how to do this and have licensed software. But freelancers need to pay for work. Not everyone is willing to pay for a job and not everyone trusts freelancers. Fortunately, there are special online programs that help create a logo without special skills. Such online logo makers are easy to use, you do not need specialized knowledge.

The Turbologo is a prime example of online logo makers. You can look at ready-made logo ideas, and then create your own, inspired by the idea. We have a large selection of fonts, images and more.

Buying a logo is much cheaper than paying for a freelancer

So, we briefly reviewed the logo creation process and highlighted the main steps. We think you have once again seen that the well-managed logo is necessary for your company and it can play a significant role. You can evaluate the finished website logo by conducting a survey among your customers or friends, then take their comments into account and correct mistakes for free.

It is very easy to do with the help of modern services on the Internet. Do not be afraid and act decisively! Good luck, everyone!

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