White Logos: Meaning and Best Logo Examples

white color logos

Your company’s branding colors and overall content palette have a huge impact on your business. Marketing professionals and designers spend a lot of time researching and spending money to understand their target audience and decide which colors will best represent their brand.

A logo can be bold and elegant or simple and elegant. The most important aspect of a logo’s design is its color. You should choose carefully which colors you use to enhance the overall appearance of your logo. Black and white is the classic way to make your logo relatable and accessible.

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White color psychology

white color psychology

It is fascinating to learn about color psychology. For decades, psychologists have studied colors. Although personal preference (we all have favorites) is important, there are some generalizations and patterns that can be used to help us understand the meaning of colors. While personal preference (we all have our favorites) plays a role in how we feel about certain colors, there are generalizations that can be drawn and patterns that have been identified in the responses to these colors. Not only does color stimulate the brain but it can also trigger certain emotions or reactions.

We are can help you think about colors to create a new logo, or if you are considering rebranding and thinking about the color white.

White is associated with purity and cleanliness, which is why white wedding dresses are so popular. Although this may be an old tradition, it can also signify values such as purity and chastity. White can signify innocence, goodness, and safety. White is not associated with negative emotions like many other colors.

Why black is great pair to white

black and white logos

Flashy logo colors can be great when used with care, but the best logos are those that use only black and white. They are often the most memorable and successful logos. They are also the most versatile and cost-efficient.

It is much cheaper to print anything in black and white than it is to print in color. A black and white logo will be the best option for a brand just starting out, or looking to update its branding.

It’s important to think about all possible places your logo could end up. Your logo could be displayed on a wall, featured on a banner, or featured on a car’s window. It could be printed on a T-shirt, sticker, or Instagram profile. Black and white are the best options for a logo that can look great almost anywhere. It’s flattering and always looks good.

Famous black and white logos


Apple logo


Gucci logo


nike logo


mini logo


burberry logo

Black and white logo design inspiration

Here are some white logo ideas to explore.

Classic Black White Logo
Black Text Logo
Black White Camera Logo
Repair Tools Logo
Cute Panda Logo
Classical Geometric Logo
Rectangular Flower Logo
Black Circle Modern Logo
Camera Line Art Logo
Abstract Cute Cat Logo

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Minimalist logos

Let’s now look at some other ways to approach logo design. Let’s start with minimalism. It seems obvious, right? A simple black-and-white logo is clean and straightforward. Your brand identity does not need to be extravagant with glitter or holographic confetti. It just needs a simple font, clean shapes, and perhaps a line or two that is visually pleasing. It is black and white (see what? It is.

white minimlist logos

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Geometric logos

A black and white logo has the interesting advantage of being able to take on any shape you want and still look great doing so. Geometric designs are a popular choice. Think sharp angles, faceted effects, and strategic spacing. This option makes the logo more than just a shape and some letters. It’s art. Let the logo reflect your creativity and avant-garde side.

white logos geometric

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Luxe logos

It doesn’t need to be boring for a monochromatic Logo. It can actually be a great approach for brands that need to appear sophisticated at all times. You can think of luxury labels such as boutique hotels, high-end retail outlets and destination realtors. These brands thrive on bold, black and white logos with metallic trim. If your brand is fancy, show it. There’s no stopping you.

luxy white logos

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How to design a white logo

White can be tricky in design because it is impossible to use alone. To be fully visible, a white logo needs a background color or complement. You will need to choose a background color if you are considering a white logo.

If you need your logo to be used on a white background, it’s a good idea also to plan for a black version. A simple, black or white logo can be perceived as elegant, sophisticated, stylish, and dignified.

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