Top 23 Famous Animal Logos

Animal symbolism has been used throughout human history to describe nearly everything. You’ve heard the expressions “strong as an ox”, “tall as a giraffe”, “big as a bear”, or “quick as a cat” many times.

As old as time, people have been able to attribute animal-like characteristics to them. To describe an individual’s personality and appearance, the Native American Indians gave them animal names.

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Many of the Top 100 Most Famous Logos in the World use animals. Here are 23 logos that feature animal imagery. You will be able to recognize many of these logos if you don’t mind some. Consider the name of the animal in the design. Compare the results.


Crocs logo

Crocs are super cute and were originally made for boating.


Playboy Logo

Playboy’s founder wanted it to be called “Stag Party” when it was first created. Its logo was a buck.


Twitter bird logo

If you didn’t know, vertebrates are animals that have backbones (vertebrates). They include mammals, birds and reptiles as well as fish and amphibians. Remember Crocs?


mozilla firefox logo 2019

The original name Firefox was “Phoenix” It’s no wonder that the tail of the Fox looks to us like a set of fireflies.


Jaguar logo

Jaguar logos are available in a variety of colors, including black, gold and white, as well as metallic grey. White and black are synonymous with elegance and high performance. Silver and metallic grey stand for sophistication and perfection.

Red Bull

Red Bull Logo

The most popular energy drink in the world. This controversial and well-known energy drink now has an official website where you can post any questions.

Ralph Lauren Polo

Ralph Lauren Polo logo

Why was Polo named Polo? Polo player Ralph Lauren was its founder.

Penguin Books

penguin books logo

Penguin Books and Random House merged to create the orange background. Penguin’s logo designer spent hours at Penguin’s zoo to draw and observe them in every position.


mickey mouse disney logo

Mickey, your beloved, was created to replace Oswald, the lucky rabbit who used to be Disney’s star.


batman logo

Did you know that the Batman logo has seen its appearance change over the years due to its small ears and flaps?


lamborghini logo

Because Taurus was the founder of this brand, it was decided that Taurus or Bull would be its logo.


Puma logo

The only similarity between the Jaguar logo and the Puma logo are that both animals were designed in pouncing positions. Cheatsheet: You won’t see any color fill in Jaguar’s logo. In Puma’s logo, you will find color-filled.


lacoste logo

You can check the logo of a fake Lacoste to see if it is distorted. Also, the original logo uses numbers to indicate its product size, not ‘S,’ ‘M’ or “L”.


nbc logo

National Broadcasting Company (NBC), has changed its logos periodically, but the most well-known is The Peacock logo.


nestle logo

It had one bird on the nest at the beginning. The Swiss founder’s name means “nest” in German.

World Wildlife Found

WWF logo

Have you ever wondered why Panda was chosen as the logo for Panda? The creators believed that endangered pandas were loved by many people all over the world, so they chose Panda as their logo. The logo was also printed in black and white to reduce printing costs.


Camel Logo

As more countries require manufacturers to make plain packaging, cigarettes branding could be in danger. The world might be healthier, but some of us will still miss iconic branding like this logo, which was centered around a majestic and serene dromedary.


swarovski logo

The swan is associated with royalty for a long time. The Austrian crystal manufacturer’s logo uses the bird extensively to communicate a sense of sophistication, elegance, and class.

Black Panthers

Black panter logo

Logos don’t always have to be about making money. The Black Panther Party, which was founded at the time when civil rights movements in America were underway, made the eponymous cat a powerful symbol for its organized resistance to white oppression.


Bacardi logo

What is the significance of the bat? Because the founder’s first distillery rafters were a house filled with bats.


evernote logo

Elephants are known for their strong memory, which is why we love them so much when it comes time to keeping our notes safe. A note-like image could be seen in the elephant’s flapped ears.

Jurassic Parks

jurassic park logo

Chip Kidd designed the iconic logo, which was illustrated in the original novel by a T-Rex skeleton.

Leo The Lion

Leo the lion logo

If you’re a Tom and Jerry fan, you should be thinking about Leo the Lion. He is the mascot for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Production House.


The use of animals in design can be a powerful way to describe the core attributes of a company or product. Branding and storytelling will continue to be enhanced by animal imagery. Future Man will continue to use animal imagery to show his environment in the same way that Neanderthal Man did.

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