Lacoste Logo Design – History, Meaning and Evolution

Lacoste tshirt

Many famous people explain their achievements by just having fun. And it’s actually the truth. What they fail to mention is that any achievement takes a huge effort, lots of money and labor.

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All of the above holds true for René Lacoste. He enjoyed playing tennis. But his parents gave him no credit in that field. Moreover, Rene was too far from being fit for sports and too old either. Rene’s parents also made him prove his ambitions. It was either you become best of the best or quit that sport for good. What do you think was his choice? Let’s find out!

Lacoste logo History

Fortunately, Rene didn’t give up after his first defeats. He was training hard and became world number one at the age of 22! Now that’s dedication! The thing is that Rene was crazy about tennis and everything related to it. And he was dreaming to improve it too. Tennis uniforms used to be extremely uncomfortable in the 20s. Woolen sweaters are used to restrain movements to great extent. Rene Lacoste decided to use something more suitable. It was he who introduced polo shirts, which would be endowed with the Lacoste logo in a few years.

So, the Lacoste logotype was introduced in 1944, it was a depiction of a crocodile with opened mouth.

Lacoste logo history

Lacoste logo meaning

However, there were some players who refused the new uniform. The thing is that it was simply bizarre those days. But most people appreciated all the advantages of the new clothes, invented by Lacoste. And what has a crocodile to do with Lacoste? Why is it in his logo? It is there due to Rene’s nickname. He had never had enough skills in tennis, so he used to achieve victories through power and energy. Thanks to his aggressive playing manner, Rene’s friends started to call him a crocodile. That’s why he endowed his shirts with the crocodile depiction. And this is where Lacoste logo history originates from.

Other people say that the Lacoste logo’s meaning is deeper. Brand’s history is linked to the dispute between tennis star Rene Lacoste and the French Davis Cup captain. They had a bet on a suitcase from crocodile leather, which the tennis player couldn’t afford then, so he made a bet: if Lacoste won, he would get a suitcase from the captain.

Lacoste logo evolution – New development vector

When Rene grew tired of his career, he concentrated on what he loved about tennis most. He initiated the manufacturing of casual tennis clothing. Rene was among the first ones who have placed their logo in the most noticeable place. All the must-haves have been printed on tallies in order to be well hidden.

Lacoste logo

The company kept producing high-quality clothing for years. Has the logo changed? Well, once designed, the logo hasn’t been changed much. The crocodile, drawn by one of Rene’s friends, has been being used from 1933 to 1984. And it has been transformed into something we all know and love afterward. The new Lacoste logo has adopted but a few minor changes since then.

Lacoste Logo font

The company’s production is dressed in a unique and trim font. Its quality is actually the reason why it hasn’t been altered or redesigned. Lacoste logo font isn’t just another lettering or an ordinary inscription. It’s called Lacoste Sans and the company has reserved all the rights.

What is the Lacoste logo?

Lacoste or as many say Lacoste is a brand that produces clothes, shoes, perfume, watches, glasses and various leather products. The logo of this company looks very original – it is a crocodile with an open mouth and a raised tail.

Why is the Lacoste logo a crocodile?

One day Rene Lacoste was walking with the captain of the tennis team Allan Moore, in which he was a member. And he was looking at the shop windows, when in one of the shops he saw a bag made of crocodile skin. And then Rene asked the captain that if he won the upcoming game, he would give him this bag. Unfortunately, that game was lost then, but it was printed in the newspapers that Lacoste fought like a real crocodile in a fight. After a while, a friend of the athlete drew a cartoon of a crocodile with its tail raised and mouth open, Lacoste appreciated this drawing and asked to embroider the same on his outerwear. But when the athlete finished his sports career and started practicing once.

What animal is the Lacoste logo?

In addition to the familiar crocodile, other animals will appear on the logo – saola, Sumantran tiger, black nomascus, Burmese roofing turtle and northern thin-bodied lemurs.

What side is the Lacoste logo on?

The emblem in the form of a crocodile should be located just above the level of the seam of the collar fastener. The crocodile should be bright green, smooth, proportionally, with smoothly rounded ends. In the original, the crocodile is sewn on top of the fabric, using threads and fishing line.

Why a Lacoste silver logo?

In 2003, Christophe Lemar joined the Lacoste design team, and he decided to change the color of the crocodile to silver, although the logo in this form is present only on designer things. But in his opinion, soon there will be such a logo on all things, since this particular color was relevant at that time.

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