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Fashion trends come and go, but logos stay the same. In the ever-changing fashion industry, it is important for a brand to keep its logo relevant. Famous clothing brands have been using their logos for years and decades, while remaining modern.

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The logos of famous clothing brands

Consider the logos of famous clothing brands to understand the secret of their popularity.


Nike logo

Nike’s trademark is the famous Swoosh (smooth tick). The design of the mark was invented by chance – Caroline Davidson when developing the logo for Nike put a blot on the paper, which reminded the author of the tick. The company uses this type of logo since 1995.


Adidas logo

The Adidas logo is represented by three oblique lines. However, the company uses a different logo design for individual clothing categories. The lines on the logo reflect the desire to win, strength and endurance. The logo was created in 1991 and is still in use today.


Burberry logo

Burberry is a fashion house that produces clothing with a distinctive cellular design. The company logo contains an image of a knight with a shield on horseback. The design of the mark reflects honor, protection and nobility, and the black color represents strength, style and durability. This type of logo exists since 1901.


Gucci logo

The Gucci logo is one of the greatest marks in the fashion industry. The logo is represented by two G letters turned to each other. The design reflects the elegance and style that the company’s products possess. The logo is used by the brand since 1993.


Lacoste logo

The Lacoste logo with the alligator depicted on it is known all over the world. The choice of this image is due to a funny story. The brand’s founder had a nickname “Crocodile” and once he won a crocodile suitcase in a bet. This prompted him to choose this reptile as the basis of the mark. The design was developed in 2011.


Fendi logo

Fendi is a famous clothing brand that has existed since 1925. Its logo is represented by a monogram consisting of the double letter F. The brand mark looks stylish, understated and at the same time interesting due to the unusually designed monogram.


Versace logo

The logo of the fashion house Versace reflects its founder’s love for Greek mythology. The sign depicts the head of Medusa Gorgon placed in an ornamental circle. The design of the logo reflects the beauty, power and charm possessed by the chosen mythical creature. The mark is used by the brand since 2008.


Chanel logo

The creator of the famous intertwined “CC” logo was Coco Chanel herself. During the existence of the company, the mark has not undergone any changes. The design and color of the logo conveys luxury, wealth and classics. The logo is still relevant even after 96 years (created in 1925).

Dolce Gabbana

Dolce Gabbana logo

The “DG” logo features the initials of the two founders of Dolce and Gabbana. The logo is presented in a minimalist style, in black. The design reflects restraint and timeless classics. The logo was designed in 1985.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton logo

Louis Vuitton is one of the most famous fashion houses in the world. As with the Gucci logo, the mark features a monogram made up of the first letters of the name and surname of the founder of the brand. The style of the logo reflects luxury, value and prestige. The design of the sign has not changed since 1896.


ZARA logo

The Zara logo is a bold design decision: the letters of the name merge with each other. In appearance, the text resembles the style of the Vogue logo, which is great for the brand’s target audience. This version of the mark is used by the company since 2019.


Hermès logo

The logo of the French Hermes brand depicts a horse and a ducal carriage. The choice of these images stems from the company’s history: previously it was engaged in the manufacture of saddles for horses. The brand logo can be found in two colors: black and orange. The design of the mark reflects strength and creativity, as well as respect for the company’s history. The logo has been around since the 1950s.


Givenchy logo

Givenchy is a famous French fashion house. The brand logo is a quadruple letter “G” forming a square. The design is reminiscent of Celtic motifs. The logo is used by the brand for 65 years (since 1956).

Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen logo

Alexander McQueen is the brand of a British designer. The logo features the founder’s first and last name, but it’s not as simple as that. The letter C is located inside the letter Q, which was a variation of the mark used on the company’s products. The logo has been around since 1992.


Bulgari logo

The logo has an interesting history behind it. The founder of the brand was a Greek refugee and changed his name from Sotiris Boulgaris to Sotirio Bulgari. He made the new name into the name of his company. The font was also chosen for a reason: its style has ancient Greek and Roman features, reflecting the heritage of the founder’s homeland.


Levi's logo

Levi’s is a clothing brand known around the world. Its logo is in red and white, which in itself is a bold decision. The design of the mark reflects modernity, brightness and individuality. In use since 2003.


Balenciaga logo

The Balenciaga trademark is an example of a simple yet stylish logo. The font features bold lines that reflect the brand’s modernity. This version of the mark has been used by the company since 2017.

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein logo

The Calvin Klein fashion brand logo consists of a monogram containing the first letters of the founder’s first and last name. The white color reflects the brand’s charm and purity, while the black color reflects its sophistication and elegance. The logo was created in 2017.


GAP logo

The Gap logo consists of a lettering on a blue background. It is one of the most prominent logos in the apparel industry. Its distinguishing features are simplicity, readability and versatility. The mark has been used by the brand since 2016.


Prada logo

Like the brand’s clothing, the Prada logo is understated and elegant. This minimalist sign reflects the spirit of the iconic fashion company. The logo was designed in 1919.

Under Armour

Under Armour logo

Under Armour is a young brand that quickly gained popularity through the production of fashionable clothing. The company logo is a monogram consisting of the first letters of the brand name. The design of the mark reflects progress and modern style, remaining relevant for 16 years (designed in 2005).


A logo is a business card of a brand, reflecting its peculiarities and formation history. The signs of famous companies are a confirmation of this.

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